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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo December 26th 2008

I heart traveling by rail in Indonesia. It’s so much faster than traveling by bus or minivan on the narrow roads in Indonesia. The journey from Surabaya to Probolingo by train took about 2 hours. I was lucky to purchase the one last remaining executive coach (Rp.110,000) to Probolingo. From Probolingo station, I paid the becak driver Rp.10,000 for a 7km ride to the bus station. But instead of taking me to the bus station, he brought me to a travel agent who then arranged a tour to Cemoro Lawang, trekking Bromo and a trip to Jogja. All for Rp.300,000. The 2 hour ride in the tiny minivan sandwiched by close to 20 people in a 12 seat minivan was unbearable. To make matters worst, I was spotted by a Malaysian Chinese man in the minivan ... read more
pine trees
With Tugio at Cemara Indah Cafe

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo November 14th 2008

What I failed to say in writing about Java is its unique geological make up making it an island festooned with volcaones. One in particular, Mount Merapi can still be seen spewing out its lava which makes for an awesome sight at night and it's not too far out of Yogyakarta either. Unfortunately, while I was whiling away my time not seeing the sights I lost out on this one and by the time I discovered its presence it was too late. The best time to see the beast is at night and when I was invited to go along it was my last night and the following morning I had booked passaged to Mount Bromo, another volcano. Mount Bromo is sitauated in the East of Java, the nearest village is Cemoro Lawang and the nearest ... read more
when the sun broke through
after the mist lifted
mount bromo

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo October 22nd 2008

Unfortunately most of our trip up to Bromo National Park from Probalingo was done by cover of night. By the amount of times we had to pop our ears we knew that we were high up and still climbing, that, and the fact that there seemed to be a sharp drop off the side of the road (*eek!*). Our driver did manage to wiggle us up the mountain in one piece though. We stayed at a place called "Cafe Lava Hostel" in Chumora Lewang which was, aside from the Manohara at Borobudur, the best room we've had! The room is cosy and the bed has wonderful thick covers (You really need them!), and as it was still low season, we got breakfast included (Rp135 000) We slept really well that night, and it was a good ... read more
Inside Mount Bromo
Just in time
Steaming away next to his dormant brother

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo October 3rd 2008

The ferry ride to Indonesia wasnt to bad though it was full to bursting and we had to get on a small ferry then in the middle on the ocean we all transfered (luggage and all) to a bigger ferry that was to big to go up the river, Saftey first and all that we jumped for out lives.......... When we arrived in Indonesia we tried to book a bus down south a little way but as it was Ramadam and almost the end so celebration time the chance of getting any bus was slim. We got a bus 5 hours south in the end but as we were to learn 5 hours was more like 10 and we arrived so late at night (midnight) there was no rooms in any hotels after looking and looking ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo September 23rd 2008

Gunung Means Volcano... big steaming sulphurous volcano... After a 10 hr minibus ride we took a quick nap, from 10pm to 3am, then up again to catch the sunsise over Bromo. We reached the top by 4x4 driven recklessly through narrow passes and steep switch backs! it was a race to the top as each tourist company runs the same trip offering the sunrise 4x4 package hoisitng trourists up the mountain to see sunrise each morning. When we got to the top we shared the views with about 200 other tourists! We met a German couple who said they got to the volcano around noon and they were the only ones there! But a sunrise is a great time for photos and Gunnar got some great shots... I held the lenses... and his leg as he ... read more
Photo 4
Photo 11
Photo 2

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo September 20th 2008

Hi Everyone, 4 days without internet!!! That's some kind of record for me I think. I set off from Ubud in Bali, heading for Java. Getting the public bus from Ubud to the bus station in Denpasar to travel onwards proved very hard - I found the bus, but couldn't find out when it left, or how much it was, and since I wanted to do a lot of travel in one day, I got a taxi for the first part. After that, I got a public mini-bus from Denpasar to Gillimanuk, which is the ferry port in Bali, going to Java. The scenery and the journey was fantastic. Most people take overnight tourist buses between bali and java, and don't get to see any of that. Every scene was as amazing as the last and ... read more
Sunrise from the Tengger Caldera
Across the sands to Bromo
Tengger Caldera

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo September 7th 2008

so: since my last entry: after returning from kalimantan to java, dean (the australian) and aurelian (the french guy) and i said goodbye to andrej and vlado (the slovakian guys) and took a train from semarang to surabaya. ramadan had just started, and on the comfortable train they played endless animated videos for 3 hours of a children's program of muslim children learning right from wrong, whilst intermittently joining together for some ramadan songs. complete with karaoke-style words on the screen that turn blue as they are sung. the songs were sweet and catchy, which i think is a better method of converting than the kumai idea of converting (kumai was the sleepy dirt-road town in kalimantan) which was to drive a car around town while shouting through a loudspeaker. once we were in surabaya, we ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 14th 2008

The most beautiful place that I have seen to date. ... read more
Mount Bromo
Cloud Falls
Sun Rise view from Mt Penanjakan

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo October 1st 2007

It took 12 hours to get to Mount Bromo from Yogyakarta. It was a long ride, with 2 long stops due to multiple flat tires...but we are pretty much immune to being annoyed by all of that stuff anymore. Delays just don't bother us one bit, we know we will get there...eventually. We were just happy that we didn't have to do the same, return trip, back to Yogyakarta the next day like all the other tourists in the van. Phew. The sceanary was great at times but for the most part the journey was spent driving in and out of the never ending urban sprawl that is Java. Mount Bromo is one of Javas biggest tourist attractions, truly one of the worlds most magnificent volcanic landscapes. And to see this landscape in all its glory ... read more
Finally, Mount Bromo
Could it get any better than this?
Oh, gets better

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo September 7th 2007

Getting to Mount Bromo promised to be a gruelling day's travel whichever way we did it so we opted for the least-hassle option, namely a minibus that would take us door to door. With all seats occupied, it was an uncomfortable 12 hour journey, with the aircon malfunctioning (and melting my chocolate supplies) and little in the way of interesting scenery. Progress was slow, courtesy of most roads only being 1 lane in each direction and the idea of town bypasses apparently not having caught on. Despite having been assured that the minibus would go straight to Mount Bromo with no stops or changes, we stopped at Probolinggo so that some of the other passengers could sort out their accommodation and then had to change to another minibus to get to Cemoro Lawang, the village nearest ... read more
LA Woman on the slopes of Mt Bromo
Mt Bromo
Cat heap

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