Away for 3 months


Away for 3 months!

Hi, we're a family of 5 undertaking our first long travel with kids out of Europe! We decided to travel 3 months to Malaysia and some parts of Indonesia. Since we're doing this with 3 young kids we'll have to adapt our plans to their needs but we don't expect any problems... ! We're really quite excited about this! Just hope that we want to make our way back to Belgium later on ...

Dad: Jesper
Mom: Stephanie
Liv ! 7 years
Skye ! 5 years
Ask ! 2 years
Chacha and Wolletje, our dog resp. cat stay home...

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roughly planned

This is the route we have more or less in mind. I'm already curious now in what way we will stick to it or not... The first stops are not changeable: Singapore and Perhentian Islands (north coast of Malaysia). This is supposed to be paradise, let's see if we get our way out of there...!

Europe » Belgium » Flemish Brabant July 29th 2012

Today is the LAST day of our long holiday... We've been back 2 weeks and the travel seems so far away already. It was very nice to come home, and to get all the things we had missed, all the toys were used in one day, we made our favorite dishes, sat down in a comfy sofa and had hot showers again!And after a week the shitty weather turned nice and warm. We also realize again why we wanted to travel in the first place, slowly stress of household with 3 kids comes kreeping in, but... we have new energy now and the travelling surely thaught us things to remember. Our blog still misses lots of stories and photos, in Malaysia we still have Penang and Langkawi to come, on Bali we also stayed a while ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo June 29th 2012

We checked out the hotel at Banyuwangi to cath the train to Probolinggo from where we would continu to see Mount Bromo and its crater. The morning train had already left, so we had to take the next train (economy) at noon, that was gonna take between 5 and 6 hours to bring us to Probolinggo. Still a few hours to go so we went back to the hotel to relax by the pool and left again later for a second time... great hej this kind of travelling, luckily we had plenty of time! We got on the train, a very slow train that stopped in every little station... It took more then 6 hours and we were all very tired by arrival. The train was like a true market place, at every stop hawkers got ... read more
life outside the train
some views

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Ijen Plateau June 25th 2012

Plans were made...transport sorted out. We arranged a private driver to bring us to Gilimanuk in the Nort-West of Bali where we would catch a ferry to Java. 10 am, no driver, 10h30, no driver, okay, I was getting very nervous and furious. Those guys they had been bothering us so much and when finally we agreed on a price (a lot higher then 1 month ago but it was high season now ) they take the piss on us. The driver shows up accidently, and for once Jesper let go of his anger... I made my conclusion fast, asked the hotel receptionist to arrange a taxi to the busstation north of Denpasar. This is what we've been wanting to do more, so here we go. We said goodbye to Sebastiaan and the taxi arrived 10 ... read more
tired and sweatie

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian June 21st 2012

Our visa got extended and we picked it up at a office in Jimbaran that helps a lot of foreign people :) . Then off to the same hotel as we arrived to do some planning... we knew we wanted to go to Java, but that was that! We enjoyed the pool, the food and Legian beach more then the first time. Skye and Jesper did some body boarding, great! Liv unfortunately broke a piece of her tooth in the pool. Stef didn't feel so well the day we were planning to go, so we stayed an extra day ! Here we met Sebastiaan, a 'Gentenaar' travelling around for the past 6 months and still heading to the Gili's. We had food together at the night market that we had been in search for previously, but ... read more
Little friend
enjoying sunset with a beer

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Canggu June 17th 2012

We had applied for a visa extesion and we had to wait for it to be approved, but we also wanted to move on... So we moved up, a little :) and rented a private house with...pool at the west coast. We also rented a car for trips around and the day the visa was ready, we could go and get it at once. Kerobokan was a fine departing point to visit a few interesting places. But besides that we didn't like the surroundings. Very busy, and.. how to say, no connections with the people around. Also far from the beach ( we had to take the car ), we were not crying when we left after 4 days... The house itself was nice, comfortable in all senses, the maid was a bit weird though, we ... read more
A big orang utan
Tanah Lot
Berawa beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Jimbaran June 12th 2012

After 2 months of travelling we had become a little tired, especially mentally; what's next, where to go now, how etc... The planning was always being pushed forward due to time lack but at a certain point you have to get going, again. Sometimes you wished it had all been planned ahead, but it wasn't !!! So, only thing to do was to find some hidden energy and move on. We still wanted to see some parts in the South of Bali, so we rented ourselves the ground floor of a private house (with pool) in Jimbaran. Here we were welcomed by Maddie ( Indonesian) and Paul (French) and their dogs! Here we could laze the days away by the pool; we had a kitchen to use, seperate bedrooms, equipped living room (televison etc, wifi). The ... read more
restaurants on the beach
another sunset
a little prince ...

Asia » Indonesia » Lombok » Gili Air June 2nd 2012

Today is Jespers birthday... He 's still not quite well but we have to celebrate tonight anyway. We arrive in Padangbai in the East with a shuttle bus around mid day, from here we'll catch a slow ferry, as they call it, to Lombok. We check in at Made's Homestay, right on the beach. We go for some very nice lunch; fresh grilled fish. The Mahi Mahi is really a fantastic fish... Later on we walk up the cliff to the right of the harbour and get to a very nice little beach: Bias Tugal. Very secluded and beautifull, but the current was too strong for the kids to swim. They had fun anyway throwing sand to each other... In the evening we go for pizza, we're a bit fed up with the local food, and ... read more
View on Bias Tugal from the hill
a dirty street...very common

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Ubud May 29th 2012

All the books praise Ubud a lot, so we thought we should see the capital of Balinese culture, art and entertainment. We booked a hotel in a hurry the evening before arrival; it was far out of town, but they provided a shuttle service to town and there was a nice pool. It was a strange place… it needed a bit of maintenance but it had something charming and for some kind of reason we got a royal suite, so I did not complain ( for now!). Anyway, first day Ubud ended up being a day in the water: I (stef) spent the entire afternoon with Skye driving from one hospital to the next one; his hand got stuck earlier that morning in the Jacuzzi ( the whole that sucks air to create the bubbles) and ... read more
at the pool

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Lovina May 24th 2012

After a couple of nice days in the South ( despite of the mass tourism ) we moved to the North, a small village called Anturan, part of Lovina beach. We hired a car with driver for IDR 350.000 and he stopped at a few nice places inland. First of all batik and silver craft shops.... then we tasted some nice coffees in the mountains. There lives a special cat-like beast here that eats the coffe beans and digest only the skin, men collect the beans again after secretion and burns it into apparently the best coffee around. The coffee is named after the animal: Luwak coffee. Unfortunately we didn't taste this coffee and we didn't buy any, price was a bit too exuberant ( for 50g +-€15 ). Of course this is also a tourist ... read more
Frangipani flower
Huge Marlin
Luwak beast

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Legian May 21st 2012

We had been excited about this one and here we are....! Yes, we talk about Bali, and for us it's another kind of Indonesia ( until now we can only compare with Sumatra ). People are more of the world here, especially the hawkers on the beach whom approach you to sell their stuff, no thank you no thank you no no no ! Lots of them speak a bit of English and luckily the nice thing is that they are still very friendly... Living standards are higher, we've seen some real poor villages driving through Sumatra. What really puts us in a good mood is the climate; so far temperatures have been really perfect and humidity has dropped so much compared to Sumatra and Malaysia, :) In Kota Bahru for example we just lost all ... read more
Legian beach
Discovering the beach with a drink
Hair broading

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