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Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 3rd 2019

They say train is the way to travel on Java. The 8 hour train journey through Central Java and east to Probolinggo was bliss compared to the buses. It consistently moved, it was comfortable, we had aircon, even the toilet was usable. The best part of the journey though was looking out of the window across rice paddies to smoking volcanoes. Pretty incredible and so typically Indonesia. We were headed to Probolinggo as it’s the staging post for visiting Mount Bromo. One of Indonesia’s top natural attractions it is another iconic Indonesian sight that is often said to be one of the most magnificent landscapes you will ever set eyes on. Mount Bromo is part of the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. With its top blown off, it is more crater than mountain but the smoke ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo August 11th 2018

Today really started at 11:00pm the prior day when our guide (Ahmad) and driver picked us up. Sunrise is the most popular time at Mount Bromo. The dawn skies over the volcanic range and moonscape terrain offer outstanding photo opportunities. The drive to Bromo took a little over three hours, which included an unexplained, extended rest stop at a roadside gas station. We rested in the back of our Toyota Avenza and tried to sleep. The final approach was a winding road up the alpine slopes of Mount Bromo. Ahmad had arranged for us to have a rest at a “home-stay” which was somebody’s house that had been converted into a short-term hostel. Other groups were stirring by the time we got there and appeared to have spent the night before summitting Bromo. We chilled on ... read more
Kristy and Brad Kissing at Madakaripura
Kristy and Brad Bromo Sunrise
Bromo Sunrise

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo May 8th 2018

Everyone knows I love a good volcano! We did the "typical" tour - aka, leaving the hotel before 4am, a slightly insane jeep ride to a viewpoint for sunset, and then driving down into the "sand sea" to park and hike to the top of the caldera.... read more
Random selection of colorful mosques on the road to Mt. Bromo
Random selection of colorful mosques on the road to Mt. Bromo
Random selection of colorful mosques on the road to Mt. Bromo

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo November 20th 2015

I caught an early morning train from Yogyakarta yo to Probolinggo which is the town closest to Mount Bromo. I was so happy to be in a train (and it was the regular economy train too - nothing fancy!) as opposed to another bus that I didn't even care when the Indinesian lady across from me put her bare dirty feet on the seat beside me. It was a 9-hour trip through small villages and rice paddies and I listened to the entire Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets book on audio book during the trip. It was very pleasant and I would certainly choose to ride the train over the buses here any day! I was picked up at the train station in Probolinggo with a couple from Poland and two girls from Singapore. ... read more
Mt Bromo at sunrise
The locals give tourists horseback rides up the crater at Mt Bromo
Mt Ijen crater and lake

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo August 15th 2014

We met the van in the morning and escaped from Kuta on the stupidly slow highway up the coast to Gilimanuk. This is where the ferry leaves from Bali to Banyuwangi on Java. The ferry ride is not much more than a puddle jump. There are a number of companies running back and forth with no obvious schedule or anything. The boats just get out into the harbour and jockey for position looking for an opportunity to get called into the dock. Once we got onto Java, the van rolled onto the city of Probolinggo before veering left into the hills towards the Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park. The higher the climb the cooler the climate and the landscape started to change. It was a sharp change as the road was not only rising in elevation ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo April 29th 2014

Much like the uneven craters of Mount Bromo, our 3 day tour of the volcanic east exposed an eruptive display of emotional ups and downs and my what a physical toll. We were picked up from Yogyakarta before 8am and loaded into an 'executive class' van, obviously air conditioned...This crammed van was quickly filled with cases and 9 other fresh faced travellers (including the most techno, modern Monk I have ever met) and low and behold the A/C was a mere fan in the front seats permanently pointed downwards. The first 6 hours were perhaps the ultimate worst, sweat filling the van like a waterfall. I found myself motivating everyone with the phrase, 'the worst is over'. Boy was I wrong! The next 6 hours were more bearable, after the quick cello-tape DIY fix on the ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo December 19th 2013

Mount Bromo, a Volcano steeped in history and legend. A volcano dug by a love struck ogre with nothing but a coconut shell. A land of hope for a Hindu people as the original wave of Islam broke across the Island. Indonesia's love for this awe inspiring area is so great that most of them have never even heard of Krakatoa or its perilous past. Set in the Sea of Sand, with the ever smoldering Mount Semuru in the background sits a large crater smoking ominously. Our first glimpse comes from above, as we stand on the terrifyingly high mountain Penanjakan. Dawn breaks and the sun casts light on the valley before us, showing a sea of fog and mist, from which the volcano rises eerily from. The scene is one, which despite all my previous ... read more
Light hits Bromo
Its true beauty is shown
One weary (and pissed off) traveller

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo July 13th 2013

Hello to all my followers, Today I had one of the best days and the coolest experience. I got to look in a volcano! Well it all started like this we rented a driver to take us to a volcano"Mt Bromo". It took us quite a bit of traveling to get there. Firstly a man took us in a 2 hour drive though the mountains to get to our destinaton which was a little village. We had a snack at the village and then we caught a jeep to Mt Bromo. We had a fair steep part to climb of the volcano and then we had to climb 250 stairs to the top to look inside of the volcano. It was pretty easy. Just before we went up the stairs we bought a bunch of flowers ... read more

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo June 21st 2013

Day 274 (Sat 8thJune) My minibus arrived at 9am and we headed away from Yogyakarta. There were I think 12 of us travelling on to Cewaro Lewang, a small town in the hills near Mount Bromo. The guide said this would be a 10 hour trip, so that being assumed we’d be there at 5pm. Luckily we had a large minibus and there was plenty of space although it doesn’t matter how much space there is, your ass still gets sore after constant sitting down and driving over speed bumps and potholes, off which Indonesia has plenty it seems, especially on some of the back roads we took. This method of getting there is awkward, one because you actually go sort of past where you need to go in the first place to turn back on ... read more
Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo
Mount Bromo

Asia » Indonesia » Java » Mount Bromo May 9th 2013

We have been on the road over 7 months now and we are tired. Not tired of travelling, as we love it, but always trying to do things independently, or the cheapest way, or the local way, whilst rewarding, gets tiring sometimes. With less than a month to go until we go home we didn’t have the energy (or the time really) to do this next part of our trip on our own, so we opted for the dreaded traveller sin – a tour. In saying that, this ‘tour’ actually worked out almost the same price as if we had done it ourselves, but without any hassle and it all went to plan, if not better. It was actually a highlight of our whole trip so far… Since before we left home when we were researching ... read more
Start of a new day
Mt Bromo and friends

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