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Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida December 31st 2020

Call me travel crasher: not only I self-invited joining three friends on a their supposed to be pilates-trip in Bali, but I diverted their plans too! Thankfully, they agreed to the idea of going to Nusa Penida Island, South East of Bali. Nusa Penida is known among divers to spot Mola Mola or Sun Fish, which appeared usually in August, but its current tends to be strong. A few cruise offers day trip to Nusa Penida and its neighboring island, Nusa Lembongan and Nusa Ceningan. Of the three islands, Nusa Penida is the largest, with total population of 45,000. After making the travel arrangement the day before, four of us headed towards Sanur, where the plenty of boats were waiting. We didn't expect our boat would be full. It had 20 rows with 3 seats on ... read more
Kelingking Beach
White sand Angel Beach
Angel Beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida June 20th 2019

While I was still on Bali, I already started to make plans to go to the island Nusa Penida. I created a group on Couchsurfing, asking people to join me on this adventure. Several people reacted, but one girl (Corinna) and I started to make concrete plans together. We talked a few days before but only met in real life the same morning we took the boat. As soon as we arrived, we rented a scooter together and went to a guesthouse near the pier to book a room. During the boat trip, another guy (Philipp) posted in the group that he would like to join. We waited for him to arrive while we had breakfast at the guesthouse. Soon after he arrived we left because there were quite some places we wanted to visit and ... read more
There we go!
Broken Beach
Steep steps to Peguyangan waterfall

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida March 20th 2018

Après une journée tranquille à Sanur où nous avons alterné piscine, plage et massage (pour Flavien et moi), notre chauffeur de taxi Putu nous à emmené dans un marché nocturne pour dîner. C'était un tout petit marché mais nous avons pu y trouver du satay (brochettes). Shaun a pris un mie Goreng (nouilles sautées), j'ai pris un Nasi Goreng (poêlée de riz) et Flav a mangé un Cap Cay (poêlée de légumes). Nous avons pris le bateau pour Nusa Penida tôt le lendemain. Nous sommes allés à Crystal Bay, une jolie plage, où Shaun et Flavien se sont baignés (moi, j'avais oublié mon maillot de bains à Sanur et comme Nusa Penida n'est pas très touristique, il n'y a pas de boutique pour en acheter un nouveau!). Sur la route pour voir une autre plage, il ... read more
Kelingking beach

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida September 28th 2017

Niektóre źródła podają, że Agung spowodował wczoraj w okolicy Bali 800 wstrząsów w przeciągu 24 h (!). Przebywjąc na oddalonej o kilkadziesiąt km od Bali wyspie nie odczuwamy nic, lecz ciągle myślimy o tym co będzię jeśli nastąpi erupcja w przeciągu najlbliższych 2 dni. Jeśli się tak stanie, zamknięte zostanie lotnisko Denpasar i będziemy musieli zostać przetransportowani na jedno z 10 lotnisk zastępczych. Jednak nasze obawy są niczym wobec obaw ludzi, którzy na co dzień zamieszkują obszary wokół wulkanu. Zostawili oni tam swój dobytek, zwierzęta i zostali przesiedleni do wojskowych namiotów 20-30 km dalej. Wszyscy tu wciąż powtarzają, że ''mają nadzieję'', że ''się modlą'' jednak widać, że sytuacja z dnia na dzień robi się coraz poważniejsza. Gospodarz hotelu twierdzi, że im więcej wsrząsów tym lepiej bo góra wytraca na nie moc. Jednak zdrowy rozsądek podpowiada co ... read more
Angel's Beach.
Angel's Beach.
Miejscowi budują piękne schody do Anielskiej Plaży.

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida April 16th 2015

Nusa Penida is an island 18km South East of Bali and it might as well be a lifetime. Whilst every other person on Bali is a tourist on Nusa Penida there was only a handful. We had been told to wait four days for our visa extension by the Denpasar Immigration Office and decided to heed the advice of guesthouse owner: 'why don't you go to the islands'. We could have gone to Nusa Lembongan, Penida's smaller neighbour, and opted for Penida when we found out it was less developed. Just getting there was trial. Getting tickets was easy and we loaded up our stuff on to the high speed ferry over the stern outboards straight from the beach at 8am that morning. There was plenty of space at the front seats and we soon discovered ... read more
Gunung Agung in Bali from the beach on Nusa Penida
Delivering fish from the market in Bali
These two fish straight off the boat cost us 10,000INR

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida March 13th 2014

I boarded the fast ferry at Sanur to Nusa Penida, an island off Bali, upon the suggestion of a couple I met at my homestay in Ubud. They rented a villa there and thought we could spend time together. I had wanted to go to Nusa Penida and this was my big chance. The ferry is a fast, modern boat and takes 40 minutes to make the crossing, if the sea is calm. There is no pier at either end, so you roll up your pants, put your shoes in a big container, wade in and climb on the swim platform of the boat!!!! The island is green & lush, with tropical plants and flowers, white sand beaches and only one small inn, The Ring Sameton Inn, and bungalows near Crystal Bay. The Inn, where I ... read more
3 boys in a boat!
Fisherman collecting seaweed
lounge area at Ring Sameton Inn

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida February 10th 2014

We were having so much fun in East Bali that we almost canceled our plans and stayed there for the rest of the trip. In retrospect, I’m glad we didn’t. Amed was amazing. However, as a true compliment to Bali, so were all of the other places we visited. One of the definite highlights was Nusa Lembongan, a small island located just off the southern coast. To get there, we returned to Sanur and then took a rather pricy speedboat over to the island. Like many things in Bali, there is a local version and a tourist version, without much else in between. People had cautioned us about disreputable companies and overcrowding, so we chose the latter. I heard rumor of one operation called Perama, which operates a boat for those on a budget, but we ... read more
welcoming committee
crystal clear waters
morning seaweed harvest

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida August 29th 2012

A great daytrip with Evy to Nusa Penida to the bat cave temple on Nusa Penida. A wonderful trip thanks to Evy's tip and a local gude taking us there. An amazing sunset trip was also included...:-)... read more
On Nusa Penida
Inside the bat cave temple, Pura Goa Giri Putri
Inside the bat cave

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida July 27th 2009

Crystal Bay, Von Kuta ging es mit Bus und Boot in diese Bucht. Einige Tauchboote warteten bereits. Alle hofften auf eine kleine Sensation. Auf das Antreffen eines Mola Mola (Mondfisch). Die Sicht war sehr gut und auch die Korallen versorgten große Fischschwärme. Das war eigentlich schon ein toller Anblick, doch ploetzlich klopfte ein Taucher auf seine Flasche, ein klares Signal es tut sich was. Wie die verrueckten tauchten ca. zehn von uns in die gleiche Richtung und vorallem auf 32 Meter Tiefe. Und da war er ein Mola Mola. Fast zum streicheln nahe. Dieser Monsterfisch wiegt irgendwas zwischen 1 und 1.5 Tonnen. Er ließ sich auch nicht aus der Ruhe bringen. Gemütlich schwebte er, nur den Mund weit offen für Plankton. Der zweite Tauchgang war auch sehr schoen nur einen Mondfisch konnte er nicht mehr bieten. ... read more
Rein mit mir
Mola Mola
Crystal Bay

Asia » Indonesia » Bali » Nusa Penida October 19th 2008

Today the dolphins came to play I watched them jump for joy It seemed just then, they were wise old men and I, a foolish boy Wayne Marshal Greek mythology tells the story of a group of pirates that were thrown into the ocean by the god Dionysus. They were rescued from a watery grave by Poseidon who changed them into dolphins and made them eternal slaves to the human race. Now imagine a cow. It’s swimming through the water, hooves thrashing wildly, head struggling to stay above the water, eyes wide and panicky. This is an animal happy solely when all four feet are firmly planted on the ground, and yet the cow is one of the closest living relatives to the dolphin, star of many an aquarium and energetic king of the sea. Cetaceans ... read more
Bow riding
Moving in perfect synchrony!

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