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Asia » India » Tripura February 13th 2013

To the west of Rajasthan, near the border with Pakistan, lies the Great Thar Desert; but, in the east, it is cloaked in a different, vibrant, swaying yellow, that of mustard fields. The Rajput – historically warrior clans - are not retiring violets and this is reflected in their dress: the mustachioed and turbaned men with gold studs in their ears; their headwear bearing little resemblance to sleek, sculpted, Sikh turbans, being great globular, Ali Baba mounds in vivid colours. The women’s saris and ghungta shawls are un-patterned in block colours of shocking red, pink, yellow or sky-blue; their left nostril possibly adorned with a gold ring of bracelet dimensions. Eyes may be unnervingly beautiful pale shades of brown or feline green. Without doubt – and not without good cause – Rajasthan is the most touristic ... read more
Locals ride on the back of a truck, Chittaurgarh
Victoria memorial, Kolkata
Naga tribesman, Mon

Asia » India » Tripura January 15th 2012

Si avverte una strana sensazione entrando via terra in India dal Bangladesh, come quella di essere arrivati in un paese molto piu' avanzato dove tutto e' perfettamente funzionante e ben organizzato, quasi come se dal terzo mondo si stesse salendo di un livello fino al secondo; naturalmente non ha senso fare di queste classificazioni, e comunque so bene che in India non tutto e' proprio cosi' ben sviluppato e pulito come il suo scintillante posto di frontiera dotato di computer nuovi di zecca e aria condizionata; di certo fa impressione se paragonato alla casupola buia e maleodorante della dogana bengalese, dove tutti i miei dati sono stati trascritti su un grosso ed impolverato libro mastro estratto da un vecchio armadio di legno scricchiolante.... Ma qui siamo lontani da tutto e da tutti, nella nuova frontiera del ... read more
Agartala: il palazzo Ujjayanta
Vishnu, il continuatore
Welcome to India!

Asia » India » Tripura » Agartala June 5th 2008 the flights were great....BUT....Ummmmmmm have you ever imagined what it would be like to arrive in a little airport in India with 1,000's of people and suddenly your luggage is not appearing??? Well now i know what it is like...Debbie and I (Debbie is one of my best friends from college and the reason why i am visit her brother that is working here)..anyway...Debbie and I had to fill out this faded paper with all of our info and travel info and it was very very sketchy. I said a lot of prayers and left with the close on my back and was on my way. We met Ricky (Debbies brothers friend) who picked us up from the airport and is showing us around....thank GOD!!! Little did i know that Ricky likes to PARTY ... read more

Asia » India » Tripura » Agartala October 31st 2007

Ok, I am not that inspired today, but I will do my best to entertain you with yet another blog... After Bhutan I picked up Victoria in Calcutta... I met her in London during my stint as a guinea pig... She was staying in the same hostel as me and took the daring step of deciding to travel with me in India for a while... We stayed in Calcutta for a few days, both of us resting from either jetlag or in my case a long bus journey down to Calcutta from Bhutan... As it turned out, it was the time of Durga Puja, a 4 day festival in honor of Durga, an incarnation of Parvati, who in her turn is the wife of Shiva... They build elaborate temporary temples from bamboo and cloth and inside ... read more

Asia » India » Tripura » Jampui Hills June 25th 2007

After those wonderful days in the shampoo commercial called Meghalaya it was time to hit reality again... Our destination was northern Tripura, to visit some refugee camps which had been recommended to us by our all knowing acquaintance Tim... Getting there was a bit of an adventure in itself... Not that it is hard or anything, but things get difficult when politics are involved... We got a jeep from Shillong to Silchar in Assam and as we neared the border with Assam we noticed something wasn't quite right...And sure enough, after crossing the border we hit a road block set up by angry villagers... It seems one or another political party had called for a strike and they were getting everybody to participate willing or not... As we had no intention on waiting in the middle ... read more
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