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June 5th 2008
Published: June 5th 2008
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Wow...so the flights were great....BUT....Ummmmmmm have you ever imagined what it would be like to arrive in a little airport in India with 1,000's of people and suddenly your luggage is not appearing??? Well now i know what it is like...Debbie and I (Debbie is one of my best friends from college and the reason why i am here..to visit her brother that is working here)..anyway...Debbie and I had to fill out this faded paper with all of our info and travel info and it was very very sketchy. I said a lot of prayers and left with the close on my back and was on my way. We met Ricky (Debbies brothers friend) who picked us up from the airport and is showing us around....thank GOD!!! Little did i know that Ricky likes to PARTY PARTY PARTY. He is really funny and we ate at some local hot spot and tred some food that ...lets just say i politely spit in napkin because i thought ...NO I REALLY thought i was going to die!!!!!
Today we are going to do some shopping and go feed wild monkies. People drive like mad everywhere so i am little nervous about that. Ohhh the place we are staying in is beautiful. it is an old private club that has a 100 year waiting list to join. It is vey old fashion and there are crystal chandelairs and places just for women and places just for men. There are wild dogs everywhere. We got back to our room and there were 4 on my door step.
OK ...i have to go...i love you all and tomorrow is the Taj Mahal!!!!


5th June 2008

Glad you arrived
Now the wait is on for the luggage. Hope you eventually get it. Watch out for the wild monkeys and stray dogs. And about the food - you may come home very hungry. Good place to diet, not that YOU need a diet!! - far from it! Have a great time and take lots of pictures. Sharon PS Brian is in Brazil as I write this - he is going to Rio this weekend to the nude beach to take pictures. Ha Ha Ha! ciao

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