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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram January 16th 2015

HE SAID... We left Mysore at 8.30pm the previous night and embarked on an 11 hour overnight train journey to Chennai. We sat and talked with two young students who were sharing our berth before settling into our bunks around 10.30pm. The gentle rocking of the train had me asleep in no time. I woke at 6.30am and found some room on my bunk to catch up on my travel notes. We arrived in Chennai at 7am, scrambled off the train, negotiated the throngs of people pouring into Chennai Central and jumped into a minibus to begin our journey south. We were halfway through our south India travels, and we were heading down the eastern coastline of this vast country. We’d barely left the train station before pulling into the Emarald Hotel for breakfast, where we ... read more
chennai central
chennai central
five rathas

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram January 17th 2014

Actually it wasn’t a bad night. The carriages are air-conditioned – evaporative systems one of the germans later explained, and pretty sound-proof, so little clackety clack. The biggest problem was the jerking starts and stops. Let’s not mention the washrooms. By the time we got ourselves awake, lightly fed and packed we had arrived at Chennai station. This is the end of the line so DJ was not so concerned. Catherine and I shouldered our backpacks and followed the group out to the carpark and to the next minibus. Chennai station had more of the hallmarks of Indian stations as we have seen them elsewhere in the country. Dirty and smelly, with plenty of street people milling around to beg or whatever. Chennai is a major military post and so beggars and dozens of fit young ... read more
Pancha Rathas structure
Within Pancha Rathas
Shore Temple

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram March 3rd 2013

We arrived in Mamallapuram (aka Mahabalipuram) after a two hour public bus ride from Pondicherry. We had some difficulty figuring out which bus to take, and I almost got in a fight with a man who was extremely rude to us for simply trying to ask for directions...The ride went smoothly, though, and we got there in the late afternoon. The town kind of reminded me of a smaller version of Hampi, in that its main attraction was a cluster of ancient ruins. These ruins, however, were much closer together, and were significantly fewer in number than in Hampi. Mamallapuram is known for it's impressive and intricate stone carvings, which can be seen in its ruins as well as its handicraft shops, where the tradition lives on. We had a good time exploring them and were ... read more
Krishna's Butter Ball (yes, that's the real name)
Stone carved cave

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram January 24th 2013

KANCHIPURAM - est la ville la plus sacree de l'Inde du sud et la 2e ville plus sacree apres Varanasi! On ne pouvait evidemment pas la manquer. Ville typiquement indienne, chaotique, poussiereuse, avec traffic dementiel. On partage la route avec les vaches sacrees, les sacrees motos, les tuk-tuks, les voitures, les rickshaws, les bicycles, les chiens et les chevres! Pas de trottoirs! mais beaucoup de poussiere! Cependant, les temples! Nous avons visite 5. Le premier, Kailasanthar, date du VII siecle. En dehors de la ville, il se dresse au milieu d'un petit jardin paisible. Quel bonheur! Le mur exterieur contient 58 chapelles avec la figure de Nandi, le taureau sur lequel Shiva voyageait. Les sculptures exterieures sont magnifiques, gracieuses et detaillees. On attend 1 heure pour que la meditation qui se deroule a l'interieur finisse pour ... read more
Kanchipuram - sculptures a Kailasanathar
Kanchipuram - Varadarajar temple
Kanchipuram - Varadarajar brahmin

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 29th 2012

Hi! God, I've had a tough few days. Sometimes India can be a bitch. It wasn't bad in a near-death way, just night buses with overweight man next to me, overpriced hotels with people that woke me up at 5.30 to get me to check out, feeling sick, nothing working, no water or electricity and a general bad mood - bad. So, just India-bad. But! Now it's all better. I'm in a gorgeous little town, a world-heritage sight full of temples and rock carvings. I have a tiny little room, that I'm paying close to nothing for, a hope that I will make it out of Delhi somehow, and if I don't I just pay some ridiculous sum of money for a nice hotel room and go clubbing. Yay! So, here's the deal. I don't really ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 27th 2012

Its been a while since I last wrote but I've ben very very busy doing nothing at all. After leaving Kovalam I popped up to Trivandrum which is only a few miles up the road to catch a flight to Chennai (Madras). Spent the night there but didn't really do alot except eat, drink and sleep. Durring the day there was a huge march/demo on the main road outside the hotel. Not sure what it was all about but quite a few people were carring big pictures of uncle Joe Stallin, Karl Marx and Lenin so i'm going to take a stab in the dark and say it was something to do with the communist state government. Had an uneventfull flight from there up to Chennai but only passed through on my way an hour down ... read more
Sunbathing Cow
Rock Carving
One of the five Rathas

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram February 17th 2012

Uitgesteld is niet verloren. Toch heeft het vakantiegevoel op zich laten wachten... en India naar zich laten smachten! Het was nochtans veelbelovend begonnen : onze vlucht van Brussel naar Frankfurt was precis 'on schedule'. Op weg van Terminal A naar -B begon de twijfel binnen te sluipen : op de affichageborden, nergens geen melding van een vlucht naar Delhi van 22:10 ??? Na her en der wat tegenstrijdige informatie te hebben verzameld, viel het verdict : de vlucht was gecanceld. We zouden moeten wachten tot de volgende dag. Inmiddels had de luchtvaartmaatschappij ons een hotel geregeld en overgeboekt op de vlucht van donderdag... Verder aandringen of jammeren had geen zin, er was gewoon geen alternatief! Wachten... en trachten je niet te ergeren... slapen... wachten... WACHTEN... ... en BALEN! Don... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram December 13th 2011

M - Our 7 weeks in India seems to have gone so quickly. I was told by everyone that I met that had visited India that it is a complete assult on the senses. It was. I was also warned that you either love or hate India. I definately love it, although I can also tell you that there are times when you are glad of somewhere quiet to go and escape the sensory overload of the north. Goa is a little different! As Arnie says, I will be back... My final blog from India has a few photos from Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Kerala was fun and I ate the best fish I have ever eaten in Varkala. The tandooried and grilled Grouper, Marlin, Butter Fish and Barracuda were all excellent. Drinking beer from coffee/tea ... read more
One of Keralas Dancing Santas
By popular request - another chance to see Mark in his vest!
Mahishasuramardini Cave and Shiva from Mamallapuram Lighthouse

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram October 2nd 2011

I am almost certain that my camera was the first this child had ever seen. It's really fascinating to rediscover something with the eyes of another! When I showed him that he could see the result of the photo immediately after it was taken, it became impossible to take a photo with him looking at the camera! His head kept seeking the view screen. Here are some of the results! It was a really fun time: interesting and exciting!... read more
Sill looking for the picture!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Mamallapuram June 13th 2011

Namaste! So, hier gibt´s mal ein paar Bilder bezüglich der indischen Küche. Für alle die noch nie vorher in Indien waren, es sieht zwar aus westlicher Sicht vielleicht manchmal nicht so einladend aus, jedoch kann ich aus eigener Erfahrung sagen, es ist hervorragendes Essen. Man kann sich sicher sein, dass dort, wo auch die Einheimischen essen, alles immer frisch zubereitet wird. Frisches Obst und Gemüse gibt es an allen Ecken und auch die Vielfalt an Überraschungen was die Gerichte in den mobilen Kochbuden angeht ist fantastisch. Guten Appetit :-)... read more
Im Park und am Straßenrand...
Good Food
Paneer Butter Masala

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