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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram May 28th 2020

Mumurtivasam, Kanchipuram (Abode of the Trio) The Ekambareshwar (Shiva) temple, Kamakshi Amman (Parvati) temple and the Varadaraja Perumal (Vishnu) temple together are popularly known as the Mumurtivasam (Mu - Three, Murti – Idol/Deity, Vasam - Aroma. Ekambareshwar temple – Once, Parvati was performing penance on Shiva in the form of a Prithvi Lingam, made out of sand under a mango tree, to expatiate herself from a curse. The Vegavati River (which was years ago created by Shiva to satisfy a sage’s thirst) overflowed and was about to destroy the lingam. Parvati hugged the lingam to protect it. This gesture of Parvati touched Shiva immensely and he materialised in person in front of her and she was liberated from the curse. The mango tree where this happened exists in the temple and is believed to be several ... read more
Ekambareshwar Mango tree
Kanchi Kamakshi temple
Kanchi kamakshi temple

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram December 13th 2019

Kanchipuram is the first place I am visiting as part of 20 days of Temple tours. Today is the first day Short description of my visit to temples today 13th December 2019. I started at 7.30 am and paid Rs 500 for visiting 5 temples in Autoriksha with waiting charges. Completed the tour by 9.30 am. All the temples in Kanchipuram open at 7 am and close by 12 noon and again open at 4 pm. Visited 1) Vaikunda Perumal temple (5 minutes for praying) 2) Ulakalanda Perumal (5 minutes) 3) Ekambareswarar ( 30 minutes .Rs 100 for the Video camera, Rs 20 for Digital camera) it is a Big temple, Shiva is the Diety. There is Sahasra linga means there is big linga on it small 1000 Shiv Lingas carved (When I visited Cambodia there ... read more
Varadaraja Perumal temple-Entrance Gopuram-Kanchipuram-Tamil Nadu-INDIA
Varadaraja Perumal temple -Entrance Gopuram-Kanchipuram-Tamil Nadu-INDIA
Vaikunda Perumal Temple-Kanchipuram-TamilNadu-INDIA

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram February 7th 2018

“Did you say juggler?” “Yes, I'm a juggler.” His white teeth dazzled. I raised my eyebrows, still not believing this young man sitting next to me on the bus from Kanchipuram. He had been sitting for about 20 minutes before he spoke to me, about the time I decided I wanted to say something to him. Surely he read my mind. But a juggler? Oh my. This is India, where nearly every young person studies one of several topics at University: engineering, IT, finance, or medicine. Juggling, never. “Do you have any videos to show me?” He smoothed his dark hair, widened his eyes, and searched his mobile. And there he was—juggling balls, clubs, sticks, torches of fire, sometimes while riding a unicycle, beaming that smile, his handsome face commanding the attention that he relished. He ... read more
And I got to share a bus seat with him!
He had me at the smile
Prashanth, the Juggler

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram December 28th 2013

I left off last night talking about the Elephant Temple and being blessed after seeing Auroville. So I was blessed and sat on top of the elephant- then blessed again. Chelsea takes her turn getting on the elephant and being blessed, and then Mike and James got blessed (big slobbery elephant kisses) while my mom was being the amazing photographer. We started to walk around the temple we were in and this little old lady had baskets of what was kind of a puffed rice and she was motioning for us to throw it in the main square (empty at this point in time, but I'm sure in its hayday it was full) to offer the rice of offerings for "wealth, health and happiness". So I tried gracefully to throw the rice puffs in a very ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram June 25th 2012

We decided to go for a vacation tour on June 2012. Our children were interested to visit some new places. We searched the blog post about Goa. Under the blog post, Goa was described beautifully. So we decided to head over to Goa. Goa is located 950Kms from Kancheepuram. We left our home at 4.45 AM on 17.06.12. We had our breakfast at 7.50 AM (A2B Restaurant, in between Krishnagiri and Hosur). After 45 minutes break, we continued our journy and reached Bangalore NICE road at 9.45 AM. On blog post, we found two different routes from Bangalore to Goa. The first route leads to Goa via Thumkur, Haveri and Sirsi, the second route leads via Thumkur, shimioga, Jog falls and Kumta. We decided to choose the second route, as we had planned to visit Jog ... read more
Jog Falls
Jog Falls
Jog Falls

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram January 16th 2012

We left Chennai in good time, about 9:00, to drive for about two hours on bumpy roads with occasional smooth interludes. As we drove out of the city, we saw many private universities and hospitals, most specializing in one or a few disciplines. Most were examples of the newest and boldest buildings in the city; they were set amongst innumerable squat, cement buildings. Fairly often a temple, some small some large, would appear amongst the jumble and, occasionally they were also gateways into the commercial-looking compounds of gurus. Gradually the view became more rural, although never unpopulated. Villages seemed to be accumulations of buildings with a few vendors and shops. Large, modern, and multi-storied buildings in compounds indicated the landlord’s home. Because of the Pongal holiday, no one was working in the fields... read more
Rail line function?
Silk Road
Khambaranathar Temple

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram November 12th 2010

Two weeks ago my friend Paul sent me an invitation to visit his blog in the Travel Blog website. I was already following his blog (I recomend it to you, specially if you are interested in Indian life!). I had a look in this website and I thought about all the possibilities it has! I thought Why don't you try to write a new blog here? It would be interesting learning how to do it! And, why don't you try to write it in English? So.... Here you are! It is my new challenge! Writing a new blog in Travel Blog in English! You know I'm not very good with computers and with English either, but... I'm not that bad! Let's try it! New objective, new motivation, new knowledge, new way to learn, I love it!! ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram October 19th 2008

Now I am getting organised, it's the day after the last blog... before you know it I will be all caught up! (not likely!) Today is our 2nd to last day doing nothing at the beach so thought I would try and get one more place out the way. Blog Number Three - Day tripping mayhem... Kanchiparaum - Kanchi Kanchiparaum is famous for 2 things, the temples and the silk saris. We wanted to go here as it has a good mix of temples which Tamil Nadu is famous for having some of the best examples in the country, not at all interested in buying saris but sure we would probably end up in a shop haggling the price down on one before we knew it! Today was never going to go smoothly, we knew that ... read more
The Mango Tree Mural
Mike's new method of scaring off wannabe guides
The Mango Tree

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Kanchipuram July 20th 2005

Kanchipuram (Kanchi) is located about 50 km south west of Chennai and is famous for two reasons, temples and silk. There are over one thousand temples in and around Kanchi, we did not see them all (three was enough)! The second reason was the main driver for our visit. We heard of an charity organisation called the Rural Institute for Development Education (RIDE) whose aim is to take children out child labour in the silk industry and put them into education instead. RIDE give the opportunity to visit their headquarters, meet their leaders and be shown around the rural villages to view the impact of their work and meet the people whose lives they have helped to improve. In 1996 there were 40,000 child labourers in Kanchi alone. The only reason that the parents allow their ... read more
Loom worker
Colourful temple
On the road with RIDE

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