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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 16th 2011

Well If I'd thought I'd escaped significant illness, I'd thought very wrong! Maybe I'd become complacent, maybe I was getting a little too comfortable in my surroundings, maybe my body just couldn't take another curry. Regardless of how it happened, it definitely happened. We had gone to dinner on thursday night, a relatively dirty place but no less dirty than any other dirty place we'd been to! I'd stuck to my usual dousing hands in hand sanitiser routine, but I guess this time it didn't matter how much hand sanitiser I used, things were about to go pear shaped! I woke up a few times in the night, stomach cramping, sweat dripping from my forehead, but it didn't seem any different to any other minor bad belly. But by the morning, it hadn't subsided and by ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 6th 2011

Following what felt like a traumatic series of sari relates events, I thought the sari itself would stay in the bag and I would pull it out every once in a while, look at how pretty the material was, then put it back in the bag so it wouldn't crease in the wrong spot or something dire like that! Little did I know, the sisters that are staying here at Mithra had other ideas. We'd had quite a long weekend. We'd visited Kanchipuram where we completed a crash course in 'How to visit 5 temples in under 2 hours', been blessed by elephants, taken thousands of photos, eaten delicious meals, visited Keralan cultural events, eaten the best ice cream and shopped up a storm. The sisters would have no complaints of being tired or sweaty or ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 2nd 2011

In my head sari shopping seemed quite straight forward. You walk in you choose a pretty colour, everyone smiles, you walk out, you eat lunch. How wrong I was. A girl that Darrell worked with offered to take us sari shopping coz we're going to a wedding and thought we should have the right get-up. We met her outside a store which seemed to not only house the whole of Chennai that day, but it also housed fifty gazillion saris. Not only were there thousands of colours and then thousands more colour combinations but there were also thousands of different fabric types. Tess and I pretended to look relaxed but as soon as we located the door again (it was hard to find through all the fabric) we hit the ground running. We were taken to ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai August 22nd 2011

If a friend of mine were coming to Chennai, I would offer them all kinds of advice: When on a bus (when it comes to the crunch, a bus is sometimes the only option) make sure you wear a very supportive, preferably sports, bra. Don’t cross your legs in a skirt- you will give someone a heart attack. Don’t count on the monsoon season, when monsoon like days arrive, just be grateful. When someone says the quality of tampons and pads aren’t very good (ad tampons are impossible to find), listen to them and listen to their advice to bring shitloads (Sorry I didn’t listen Viv!). Take drama lessons- when an autorickshaw driver offers you a ridiculous price throw your hands in the air and act as if he has said something preposterous about your mother. ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai August 9th 2011

As the title says-all change! Firstly, the train was delayed by 15 hours from Goa to Kerala! The reason being that it comes all the way from Delhi and with the monsoons..... Anyway, eventually left Margao on another train at 1225pm, I should have been on the train that left at 1450. Got a little sleep but it's a definite skill sleeping on a train and I just haven't mastered it yet. Finally got to Alleppey at 1800 ish instead of 0700 so lost the day in Alleppey. Not that I missed much. The hostel was great, the elderly couple who ran it were great and the beach was fab but Alleppey itself, horrid. Unfortunately, I didn't get chance to do a canal tour either. Met a great guy, Godwin, on the train, his family are ... read more
My room.
My view!

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai » Elliot's Beach August 8th 2011

This week has been an interesting one. Some days are blurs and some have stood out significantly. I guess the most interesting was to visit a rural community that only has members from a certain high caste living there. We were taken to a local day-care centre where we made a girl cry coz she had never really seen white people before. We were then taken to a local school where we saw some very cute as well as very talented dancers and then met with a local farmer. He had a door frame and door which was all hand carved and was truly beautiful – it was worth 30,000 rupees which is about $667 which is wealth we hadn’t really crossed before. I also ate raw guava-I don’t really rate it! We went on a ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai July 31st 2011

I have no idea where to begin! We’ve been here a little over a week and everyday is full of so much but to some degree things are starting to feel somewhat normal…or maybe I’ve just completely forgotten what normal is! Every morning begins with breakfast at 7am. We’re staying at a place called Mithra that is run by an Australian nun. It’s a school for children with physical and intellectual disabilities and is also connected to a massive church. At breakfast everyone is pretty quiet. We sit next to the sister who says grace and then we eat. We have broken away from the breakfast curry and I now have oats and sultanas and Tess and Darrel have muesli-Tess and I found curry for breakfast quite tough, Darrel however is exited about all the food ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai July 12th 2011

July 12th I had a Lufthansa morning flight to Chennai, India. Arrival time was on July 13th, some 30 minutes after midnight. Pickup service went well, brought me to the hotel (Green Park) within some 20 minutes. The other day we had the subsidiary business meeting, everything went fine. In the evening dinner with the whole team. Location was a pretty nice hotel with paintings on the walls of the hotel lobby, showing highlights of mankind from different continents. On Thursday after hotel check-out - credit card charge in INR and EUR, crossed out EUR and highlighted INR, otherwise you get charged in EUR at pretty bad currency rate - pickup by my colleague, then visiting a customer. Infrastructure of India still to be improved - have been there th efirst time end of 2004 - ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai July 9th 2011

Hey Guys! 2 days ago we said our good byes to all of our brothers and sisters in Coimbatore. We had an amazing time there. God also blessed us with a special treat in that it Coimbatore was about 10 degrees cooler than the previous cites and it was less humid :) On our last day there we had an all Kerala staff meeting. That was a great treat, because it gave us a chance to once again see all of the church leaders we had spent time with in the weeks prior. The entire Kerala staff wanted to make sure that we pass on their love and appreciation for the Detroit Church Disciples! They love all of you very much and are so grateful for your sacrifice in helping to support their churches. That evening ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai June 21st 2011

From what I can tell on the airlines website, the flight from London arrived safely at 3:31am (Chennai time). Keep in mind that India is 9.5 hours AHEAD of us. So happy to know the team is safe on the ground! Now on to Trivandrum! Love to the Team, Jen W... read more

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