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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai March 7th 2011

Place: Chennai, India MARCH 6th--- Here I am. I’m in India. Wow! So I’ll run through my first day with you…so around 7:30 I am looked out my window and saw land in the distance. Crazy part is that the air had a thick line of dirt in it…so I knew we were getting close. My room started smelling like rotten eggs…gross! But I decided to be optimistic and not think about it. I determined the best thing to wear was safe attire. I wore long leggings, a plain white Hanes t-shirt and sneakers. I only brought money, my ship id and my passport and put it all in my money belt. After breakfast, we had customs and immigration. My passport is starting to look really cool. I have all my visas and stamps filling out ... read more
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Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai February 16th 2011

The decision was rather sudden, and probably had no rational thought behind it whatsoever, and yet it felt perfectly right at the moment. Maybe it's something to do with the end of the year syndrome... everyone wants to start the year with a bang... with something new, something different, something that marks the beginning of a new year for them. Some choose parties, some choose drives and I was among those who choose a vacation. But the decision to choose Chennai was rather odd, because I was looking at going to Goa or some place like that... not that I have any regrets, in fact it was one of the best vacations I have had in a long time... After a rickety and bumpy bus ride, I got down at my destination with a stiff back ... read more
Yummy Coconut Pudding

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai December 26th 2010

Chennai Day 2 - First day of tour! After what seemed like an eternity I arrive in Chennai and the start of my journey. The hotel is reasonable but the level of poverty, dirt, dust, grime, smells etc that overwhelm all the senses is just impossible to describe! I met the rest of my group and it is a pretty mixed bunch - English, Aussie, Kiwi, German - even a Lithuanian! The diversity of ages is pretty broad as well, the youngest being 22 and the oldest at 61, but so far the introductions have gone well. My travelling buddy is a Kiwi girl, Holly, who we have decided is my long lost twin sister - only separated by location, time, space..... we are very similar people (almost SPOOKILY so!) and it should be interesting to ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai October 23rd 2010

Rick Shaw Challenge Oct 12 - 22, Chennai to Hyderabad Oct 14, 2010 _ Chennai India - 33degrees Celsius We safely arrived in Chennai just before midnight without any problems! The flight was smooth, the food was amazing and of course having the advantage of going Business allowed us to be well rested! Arriving in Chennai, we already sense the chaos that will await us outside the airport. We immediately recognize the "Crazy Canucks" sign and welcoming team, Princley and Ahmed who take us straight to our hotel about 20 minutes away. We've been booked into Comfort Motel in Egmor, a sub-burb of Chennai. Clean and welcoming. October 15, 2010 Up and ready to welcome India! Because we drove in at night to our hotel, we both anxiously looked outside the window to take it in. ... read more
Temple in Chennai
Our first visit to Bengal Bay
THe first time we saw our Rick Shaw - We love it

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai October 20th 2010

Najboljsi nacrt je - brez nacrta. Tako sem nocoj kljub vsemu pristala v Chenaiu. In to po kaksnem spletu dogodkov ... Zakaj sem se odlocila za odhod v Chenai? Za stos, in ker je vedno dobro poznati se kaksnega dodatnega cloveka kje, ki ga morda kdaj potrebujes. In ker je zihr zihr. Vlak imam sicer ob petih popoldne, ampak bolje, da sem tam ze nocoj, kot pa da hitim jutri ... Zjutraj sem sla se na zadnji zajtrk v Indian Delights, kakopak na (ghee) doso in kavo. Potem nazaj k Robu, da spakiram svojo kramo, nato pa sem ujagala rikso (ker sem bila pozna, pa se totalno vroce je bilo) do Daily Bread, kjer sva se spet dobila s Sukritom. Tokrat nama je narocil chicken Chettinad (kjer Chettinad zajema tole regijo in pomeni dokaj pekoco hrano), ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 30th 2010

Oct 2 - 12, 2010 - Toronto to Chennai Well, its that time of year again! I'm about to head off on a 2 month trip to India and Nepal. This is my first trip to this part of the world. My girlfriend, Shelly, will be joining me in India for the first three weeks, and then returns to Canada. I will then fly to Kathmandu, to spend the next 5 weeks touring Nepal and the Himalayas. Many people have asked me how I plan these trips. Do I use a travel agent? Is there a tour company involved? Isn't it going to be dangerous? Are you concerned about your safety? What about your health? Well, I don't claim to be a travel expert. Up until recently, most of my travel was business related, and as ... read more
Shelly and her dad, Dougie
Our Chefs, Belinda and Peter
Shelly, Justine, Mike

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 16th 2010

Having been warned that the drive from the airport to the hotel around the outskirts of the city would pale into insigificance compared to a venture into the heart of the city itself, it was not without some degree of trepidation that I arranged to meet up with some friends in town for lunch on the Sunday. However, recharged after a night's rest (and maybe a wee dram to calm the nerves), we headed on into town. Again, we reached our destination without incident, and having met up with our friends, Adam and Helen, we went for a short walk to the Express Mall. Apparently soon to be offically declared as the largest mall in Asia, walking through the doors was like being instantly transported from the dusty streets of India to some shiny new shopping ... read more
Spencer's Mall
Yet another feast

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 11th 2010

So after a night of frantic packing and organising the apartment, the day had arrived to set off to India. A comfortable (!) 5am start to catch the train down to Frankfurt (with a near missed connection at Leipzig just to keep the excitement levels up!) and some 550Km and 5 hours later (which, I suspect, is possibly the quickest I will be able to travel overland for some time!) I'm sitting in the Emirates business lounge enjoying some small canopies, and quite possibly a small glass of champagne. 6 hours to Dubai, and then 4 hours on to Chennai (unslept, but strangely energised - maybe just from the adrenaline of what was to come!) I emerged from the luxury of my flight into Chennai International Airport. Instantly, from stepping off the plane, my nostrils were ... read more
A small indulgence
Krishna's dramatic arrival
Business Class

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai September 3rd 2010

I'd like to think Kumar learned as much from me as I did him, although, I doubt the things I taught him were as deeply profound and moving as the things he taught me. How we got on this subject I can't remember exactly. I just remember being in his car, sitting in the front seat next to him and we put our arms side by side to compare the difference in skin tone. "Light skin is nice," he says to me. "Most Indians want lighter skin." I don't think I've ever been complimented on my skin tone before. "Well, your skin is nice too. I like dark skin. Matter of fact, many Americans want darker skin." He looks shocked. Shocked like I just said we eat our firstborn. "WHY would they want their skin DARKER?" ... read more

Asia » India » Tamil Nadu » Chennai August 22nd 2010

I'm out at night with Sudah riding in the back of a rickshaw and of course its raining. I'm used to how this feels by now. Its not exciting anymore. I've stopped starring at everything around me. How do you get to the point where vastitudes of homeless curled up on the sidewalks doesn't phase you? How do you not notice the cows causing a traffic jam? How do you not notice all the men peeing in the street? How do you not notice all the stinkin' trash everywhere? Why doesn't it make me uncomfortable to be constantly starred at? I think I've gotten....used to it. Sudah asked me that night, "Do you ever feel scared Andrea?" The first thing I think is, "Why is she asking me this? No, I'm not scared. Should I be ... read more

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