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Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 22nd 2007

Due to very slow internet connections, a serious lack of usable SD card readers, a lack of time, and a generous supply of personal laziness I gave up on blogging. Sorry to all of my dedicated fans. Michael I will have loads of pictures when I return!... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 17th 2007

When I had returned from my failed movie adventure with the Israelis in Gangtok I discovered that somehow in the meantime I'd been firmly included in a trekking group that was arranged by my guest house and which was leaving the next morning for a four-day Dzongri trek. I had never really asked details (since it had never really seemed like it was going to happen) so I was a bit confused as I sat down to tense discussions between one of the other trekkers and the manager of the guest house. I sat back and let them work out the details of cost, food, transportation, route, etc. I had, from the beginning, wanted to do as little thinking and arranging as possible and it seemed that, with just twelve hours left before departure time, I ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 15th 2007

On my first night in Gangtok over a dinner of momos (oh how I had dreamed of them in the rice-worshipping planes!) I met two Canadian guys who were doing a motor-cycle tour of North India. They weren't necessarily the kind of people I would normally find myself at a table with (one had just had a hernia from the strain of riding on bumpy Indian roads and he immediately regaled me with stories of how his balls had been burnt by errant cleansing fluid in a Gangtok operating room), but I found that I was easily drawn into conversation that revolved around traveling. The hernia one had been travelling since November (on an extended stop-over between living in Canada and living in Australia) and quickly convinced me of the necessity of visiting Jordan and Syria ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 13th 2007

I've been robbed. Right in front of my face - my bag was unzipped and my wallet pulled out and quickly handed off to another woman. The guidebooks are right when they say to really watch your valuables on the trains...especially in Kolkata. Helga (another volunteer) and i had been in the women's car for less than 5 minutes and the woman with her back to me "adjusted her sari" (aka: was opening my bag) and stole my wallet. As this happened i felt two things: 1. Why didn't i react when i knew what she was doing? and 2. She's good. Really. I almost feel like she deserved the money (i only lost about $20) because she did this cool Saturday-Night-Fever thingy with her arm and then it was gone. SO fast...and i watched ... read more
Mount Kangchenjunga 2
Buddhist Flags and Barbed Wire

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok March 14th 2007

14 mars: Ce matin, on déjeune dans un resto caché d’un hôtel inconnu à Gangtok. Notre faible café transparent goûte l’eau et nos sandwichs font éclater nos papilles gustatives. Allez-y! Déjeuner à l’indienne demain matin! Voici la recette du club sandwich spécial quatre étages : Prenez cinq toasts frettes et faites-en un sandwich. Première étage: carottes et choux râpé Deuxième étage: galette de porc avec son gras Troisième étage: poulet frit émietté Quatrième étage: oignons hachés, ail et tomates en cubes Ajoutez-y un œuf miroir dégoulinant sur le dessus… puis servez le avec 4 frites en accompagnement… et 2 cerises au marasquin. On se rend à une agence touristique aujourd’hui. On regarde dans quelle aventure on pourrait bien se lancer. Le gars au comptoir b-b-b-égaille en anglais c... read more
Campement et sentinelles
Déneigeuse de l'Himalaya
Tsomgo Lake

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok March 12th 2007

12 mars: Il faut compter un quatre heures de Jeep pour se rendre à Gangtok, capitale du Sikkim. Je suis dans une boite à sardines. La jeep roule à vive allure sur les routes montagnardes nouvellement asphaltées. Je suis dopé aux Gravols. Je me retiens pour ne pas m’endormir sur l’épaule de mon indien de voisin. On est tellllllement serré. Si on manque une courbe et qu’on plonge au fond d’un ravin, je suis assuré de ne pas être éjecté du véhicule. On arrête à la frontière du Sikkim pour faire étamper notre passeport; permis valide pour 15 jours. Les entrées et les sorties des voyageurs sont surveillées. Le Sikkim fait partie de l’Inde depuis 1975. Auparavant, il était une monarchie, un peu comme le Bhoutan. L’État le moins populeux de l’Inde n’est ouvert aux touristes ... read more
Zoo de Gangtok
Pluie fine
Félin affamé

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok October 10th 2006

Chronologically speaking, this is one of the more recent trips and actually last in the list of ones I have been promising myself to write about...but what the hey! We shall start here because I am in the mood for hot chicken momos with dallé chutney...*slurppp*! Here came the height of Summer (or so it felt to my heat-averse self!), accompanied by much moaning for ACs and stronger sunscreen, and there came a travel request that needed me to be in Gangtok for a partner meet. Providential? Abso-blooming-lutely! For the unaware, Gangtok be-eth the capital of the North-eastern state of Sikkim...which same means the Himalayas, snow, the Indo-China border, and all that. And I am strict believer in the fact that you can always pull on as many layers as you need, to keep warm, but ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok February 2nd 2006

Geo: 27.156, 88.2204"Small But Beautiful" - that is the state tourist office's motto for Sikkim. Sikkim is a small state located in the northeast corner of the country, bordered by Tibet, Nepal and Bhutan. It's true, it is small but beautiful and it felt as if we left India. Considering we needed a permit and got an entry/exit stamps in our passports, we may as well have left India. We left Kolkata on an overnight train and arrived in a town called Siliguri in the morning. We then took a 5-hour bus ride up to the mountain town of Gangtok. The drive up there was stunning. It was like driving through the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon except the habitat was tropical (banana trees, bamboo and orchids), there were monkeys sitting on the side of the ... read more
02 Mt. Khangchendzonga at Sunrise
03 Khangchendzonga Mountain Range
04 J &J at Rumtek's Buddhist Temple

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok December 15th 2005

The virus of wanderlust attacked hard so had to apply leave and pack the bags to Gorgeous Gangtok - Capital of Sikkim. Going to Gangtok is very different from the usual five star holiday Packages. It is the raw beauty - Untamed beauty. As Gangtok is yet to be connected by railway the best way to reach it is to hire a taxi from Baghdogra Airport or from New Jalpaiguri Station. (Taxi charge was INR 1450 as on 8 Dec 05). My husband was ok with any place as long as i am happy. Such a sweet guy. He retains his sweetness even after seven years of my wedding.... Oops this is not about extolling his virtues but what a swell place this Gangtok is and how to enjoy it better. You need to relish Gangtok ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok December 6th 2005

As I mentioned in the previous entry, the first day of hiking was some 10 miles from Yuksom to Tsoka (10,000 ft.). We walked straight out of town from the guest house we had stayed at the night before and were soon into dense forest. There was a well worn, rocky trail leading to Tsoka (one substantial enough to herd yaks through). On all sides of us were ferns, bamboo, moss covered trees, hanging vines . . . and of course, never far from the trail were steep plunges into the valleys below. Far off on a distant hilltop, we could vaguely discern the handful of trekkers' huts that comprise Tsoka soon after we started walking. Still, it took us nearly six hours to make the journey. Early on, the path fell as much as it ... read more
Mountain Lodging
Uli's Big Idea
En Route to Tangshing

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