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Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok January 16th 2015

My journey to this land begins with I boarding the train at the Guwahati railway station. It was a one night journey to New Jalphaiguri where we boarded the heritage “Toy train”. Away from the hustle and bustle of city life I along with my family and my relatives went to visit this beautiful place of East India, the Lofty Hill, Gangtok. India is a land of diversity and Sikkim is one such antique diverse element. Like any other hill station, Gangtok has a similar ambience with a little pinch of sophistication. The Toy train journey to the Darjeeling was one of the best I ever had. The greenery and the clouds were simply breathtaking. There are many routes but we took this just because of this enticing toy train journey. At the dusk, we ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok November 18th 2014

I recently visited North East (India), covering Gangtok – Pelling – Darjeeling over a span of around 9 days. It is a ‘must visit’ place for all of us who appreciate the simpler & finer things in life. Gangtok is a modern city with well laid out infrastructure, sorted public transportation & stylish market places. What instantly attracted me to the city was its cleanliness! Some of the main places to visit around Gangtok are - Tshangu Lake, Baba Mandir &Nathu La (Indo China border). Taxis are easily available to all these places. However, be ready for a long jolting drive dangerous enough to scare the shit out of you, unless you are an adventure freak like me! The roads connecting Gangtok to all these places are very narrow (at sp... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok June 24th 2013

cut to the year 2006 October, i am now ensconsed in one of the largest multinational companies in the country in a managerial position and am generally feeling more comfortable about myself. the financial situation looks good too and I'm able to return loans to dad and pay for my own holidays and also take my family on one. more about that later. it's Durga pujas and as usual we decide not to stay but leave for a trip to north Bengal to Kalimpong and Sikkim . we leave from Sealdah and arrive at new Jalpaiguri station. i have to mention the sight of the Himalayas right from the station can uplift the weary soul instantly. today i sit in my home in Bangalore and from the 18th floor of the apartment i can see the ... read more
lounge at nor-khill
a bend in the river

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok June 20th 2013

Delhi The flight from KL to Delhi (4hrs 50 mins) goes smoothly – C feeling much better thanks to the restorative effects of a BK double whopper with cheese at KL!! We get to enjoy a couple of glasses of wine (yeaah! At last cries C) and M a whisky or 2, before arriving in Delhi 40 minutes early. It’s hot but seems less humid than Manila. We get a cab to Namaskar India our hotel in Karol Bagh (INR 400 this time for the pre-paid taxi – rates have gone up in the 2 months we’ve been away though the exchange rate has also gone up in our favour – by some 10% so that helps a lot – now nearly INR 92 to the £!) where we usually stay, have a quick ... read more
Street Food - Darjeeling
Tsopta Valley - N Sikkim
Colonial Retro - Darjeeling

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok March 16th 2013

Après une autre nuit en couchette ( train toujours a l'heure) nous sommes arrivés le matin a New Jaipalguri d'où nous avons pris un jeep collectif pour Darjeeling. A partir de ce moment tous nos déplacements se font en jeep (privé ou collectif) car la voie ferrée fini a NJ. La route sinueuse et panoramique a souhait, nous a coupé le souffle (au propre et au figuratif, car la conduite n'est pas un cadeau et nos coeurs ont sauté autant que nos fesses!). Darjeeleing, bien connue aux amateurs de thé, est une ville de montagne incroyable: perchée sur des collines a 2100 m, elle est bâtie quasiment en verticale car les pentes sont très abruptes (d'ailleurs toutes les villes de montagnes ici sont pareilles, construites sur des parois abruptes presque verticales). Les habitants sont vachement en ... read more
Trek dans le parc Singalila
Tumling - notre lodge fleuri

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok November 7th 2012

Wednesday 7thNovember We arrived in Sikkim yesterday. We have to provide passports and visas again here and be stamped into Sikkim even though it is still India. Chinese and Pakistanis are refused entry to Sikkim for political reasons. The roads were blocked for about an hour and a half today. People milled about along the side of the road and the monkeys jumped all over the cars . At one stage a very brave monkey reached into a car and grabbed a packet of chips from the hands of a child, and took off to enjoy his spoils. Very funny indeed! I couldn’t even write this yesterday I was sooo disgusted in our hotel. On the surface it was ok and then I saw the bathroom! Just a big room with a shower nozzle coming out ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 15th 2012

‘Tibetans in exile’ The festival has been organized to acknowledge, honour and sincerely thank the government and people of India and especially the State of Sikkim and its people for providing a refuge in which the Tibetan community has thrived. More great videos every week based on adventure, nature & culture of the most isolated places of India read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 16th 2012

While the jeep ride up to Darjeeling had been a real beauty, it was very much a nothing special Norma in comparison to the rather exceptional drive to Gangtok from Karmi Farm. The journey began with a descent to the valley floor on a steep zig-zagging road (all roads here are steep and zig zaggy), passing through forests we noticed the temperature rise and flora become distinctly more tropical as we descended. Upon reaching the valley floor we came to a bridge which crossed over an impossibly scenic river, this marked the border between West Bengal State and Sikkim state. We were advised to get out of our jeeps and walk across the bridge as Andrew at Karmi Farm had advised us that there were concerns locally about the strength and stability of the bridge, especially ... read more
The bridge entering Sikkim State
River in Sikkim
River in Sikkim 2

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 9th 2012

We hire a taxi in Lava to take us all the way to Gangtok. The driver is friendly & we have a good trip. Arriving after dark, & in the rain we are greeted at our Guest House by a man with an umbrella, shown our emaculate room and brought a pot of tea. A brilliant welcome! We are staying at the Hidden Forest Retreat, where the room is spotless, the service impeccable, the food excellent and the grounds are amazing! Besides being a guest house, the hidden forest is also an orchid nursery. On day one in Gangtok we wander through town,make arraingements for our trip to Tsomgo Lake, close to the Tibetan border, check e-mails, exchange money, do some shopping & just look around. We get lost, & then find our way. On the ... read more
Statue on Mahatma Gandhi Road

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok March 30th 2010

Well, am doing the last few entries of my India trip almost a year after the trip... Had given up during the trip due to lack of Internet in North East... and all high aspirations of coming back to Mumbai and completing it went to dust, thanks to sheer laziness... but now, after almost a year, someone inspired me to complete the tale... Its not nice to leave a story in the middle... so here's the year back trip's remaining portions... How I remember details? Well, pictures are always the easiest way to recall... here goes, hope at least a few of you would enjoy reading :) ======================================================================== Leaving chilly Darjeeling, we reached the mountain kingdom state of Sikkim, pleasantly surprised that the weather was much warmer, despite Gangtok being at almost the same altitude as ... read more
Flower Exhibition, Gangtok
Flower Exhibition, Gangtok

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