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Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 31st 2008

I just got back from my trip to North Sikkim, it was great. North Sikkim is an amazingly beautiful place which is still mostly untouched by extreme population or development. The only think I didn't like about the journey was the extreme amounts of time in the jeep. Especially the ride back, I think our driver was in a hurry and was going a little too fast to be remotely comfortable because the roads are bad enough to throw you around in your seat if the driver goes too fast. But it was a beautiful country, waterfalls everywhere you look and green as far as you can see, and the rivers were all a brilliant shade of turquoise (maybe something to do with the glaciers, not sure though). Oh, in regards to one of my previous ... read more
One of the thousands of waterfalls in North Sikkim
Prayer Wheels

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 27th 2008

We arrived in Gangtok yesterday where I could finally get some more money changed, I had to borrow a bit in Pelling as there was no money changer. Its a much larger city here, pretty touristy but not bad, the weather is a little better, I saw some snow covered peaks today, I guess the Kanchendzonga range, which I think is the same thing as Kanchenjunga but maybe in a different language? I dunno though. Pelling was nice, a good challenging trek to the Lake and then to another little town near there. The second day reminded me of Mt. Mitchell because it was so steep, I think maybe more steep than that trail but much shorter, probably climbed at least 2000 ft though. It was a little rough because the first day we got caught ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 26th 2008

Saturday 24 May Drove down from Gangtok to Rangpo where we left Sikkim to reenter West Bengal and on to Kalimpong. A bumpy ride as usual but nice views of the hills as we descended to the valley although there was still some low cloud hiding the distant peaks. We followed the Teesta River for quite a while. It is very muddy at the moment because of work being done upstream as well as the heavy rains a few days ago. We climbed back up to Kalimpong which is 1250m so not as high as Darjeeling. It is on the trade route to Tibet, Nepal & Bhutan & was once the headquarters of the governor of Bhutan. We are staying at the Himalayan Hotel which was formerly a private house visited by many mountaineers such as ... read more
Himalayas from Darjeeling
Himalayas from Darjeeling
Atmospheric view of Mountains with low cloud

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 23rd 2008

Friday 23rd May. Missed out doing my blog yesterday as our Guide, Umesh kept us so busy! Yesterday, Umesh was nasty to us, and told us to meet him at 05:00 in order for us to go to another viewpoint in an attempt to once again view the Eastern Himalayas. This time we went to Tashi Viewpoint. Unfortunately, the weather was not ideal. Nonetheless we got some beautiful views, and the dawn chorus was lovely. In addition we were treated, in the background, to a loud recording of Buddhist chanting. Initially, I thought the sound was coming from a monastery but in reality it was coming from some nearby shop speakers. Not withstanding this, the sound was quite magical and relaxing. Later in the morning, we had a tour of Gangtok which is at an altitude ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 21st 2008

Wednesday, 21st May. It appears that all the time I have been saying that we are in Sikkim, we have actually been in West Bengal! So much for my geography! Today we travelled 4 hours over the W. B. border into Sikkim, and stopped at Rangpo for our visas before completing our journey to Gangtok. Our trip had taken us through forests of teak trees. We stopped at the viewpoint of the meeting of two rivers: the muddy Teesta, and a clearer river. Our present hotel is the Nor-Khil Palace which has a garden fit for sunbathing but unfortunately by 14:00 there was no sun! However, the food seems to be good, and the rooms very comfortable. Our Guide is called Umesh, and he is from Darjeeling. Our rather daring Driver is Asoka who is also ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 20th 2008

Sunday 20th May. We left on the 2-hour car journey to Darjeeling at 09:00. The road was very twisty, pot-holed , and steep. After a hair-raising and ball-crushing 2 hours we arrived at our destination - not that we could see much due to the covering of mist. The mornings in this area tend to be bright and sunny but the afternoons see the heavy rain and mist, and there's not much to do at such times. We were staying in the Mayfair hotel which is quite posh but there are stairs everywhere. Our afternoon was spent at leisure so we took the opportunity to walk up Observatory Hill, and were rewarded with quite decent views of the Eastern Himalayas - even saw some snow-covered mountains. A better view-point is Tiger Hill in Ghoom but we ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 15th 2008

It's Thursday 15th May and we are due to leave for Glasgow Airport in 2 1/2 hours time to start our holiday. I watched my last scintillating episode of 'Thomas the Tank-engine' this morning. How will I cope for 6+ weeks without seeing his exciting adventures, and listening to that boring ex-Beatle's droning voice? We fly to Dubai - that takes about 8 hours; sit bored out of our skulls for 2 hours in the Executive Lounge knocking back as much spirit as possible - well we've paid for it! - and then another 7 hours or so to Calcutta; then another connection to Bagdoga; and the start of our third holiday in Incredible India. Make no mistake: India is incredible! It's like Britain in medieval times. Some of my colleagues e.g. Brian Kerr will be ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok May 11th 2008

4 days before my wife, Alison, and I leave for a 6-week trip to the foothills of the Himalaya. We are not backpackers prefering to travel with some level of comfort. To that end we have used the services of the travel company, Audley. We have used the same company on several other occasions, and found them to be excellent. The greater expense has been rewarded by the ease from our, point of view, of having no actual arrangements to be made other than our wishes as to the areas we see. Audley's organises a route; recommends their personally-used hotels; arranges our own transport with driver plus a companion for him; internal flights and train connections; and finally provides us with guides at several 'touristy' locations. Most of the locations we have elected to visit will ... read more

Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok April 29th 2008

Transfer Representative is the most responsible job and backbone for any travel and tourism industry. I worked in TCI, Travel Corporation (India) Pvt. Ltd., New Delhi as a Duty Officer and a Transfer Representative for last 1 year and 4 months……….Its really a unique kind of job, Transferring and giving the assistance to clients from Airport (International or Domestic) to hotel or hotel to airport and Railway station to hotel or hotel to Railway station. Transfer Representative represents their company and the country too………. Many people don’t know about Transfer Representative and those who knows they think that this is a low category of job. People have misconception about Transfer Representatives. They think that it is a very simple job. Usually people hate this job and those who are involved in this job they are treated ... read more
American Arilines
Virgin Airlines
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Asia » India » Sikkim » Gangtok November 17th 2007

Bonjourt les amis, Nous avons fait bon voyage jusqu'a Gangtok, au Sikkim. Nous avons pris une jeep collective pour y monter. Il nous a fallu 5 heures pour y parvenir (dont uuune crevaison d'un pneu). Claire et Silvain avait mal a l'estomac, Esaie dormait. Arrive ici, nous voyions une montagne au nom imprononcable, un 8000m tout blanc, magnifique. Nous nous reposons un jour de ce trajet. Nous irons voir probablement un vieux pasteur que nous connaissons a Dargelling ensuite. Esaie est en pleie forme! Bisous Julie PS: Pas de photos a vous mettre car je ne sais pas ou les exporter de mon appareil sans trop de risque de tout perdre....avec l'etat de ces ordis. ... read more

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