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Asia » India » Nagaland » Kohima April 18th 2013

Nous avons quitté Assam avec ses superbes plantations de thé, ses belles routes et ses belles maisons comme de mini palais, a 2-3 étages, avec des beaux éléments de décoration islamique, qui côtoyaient les huttes en bambou. Nus sommes entrés en Nagaland, pays de montagnes (pas les Himalayas mais allant jusqu'à 2500m quand-même). Donc nous sommes retournés sur de routes en serpentines, moins vertigineuses qu'en Sikkim mais pas beaucoup mieux, toujours cahoteuses. Mais ça va avec des paysages magnifiques des montagnes, vallées, villages nichés sur des collines, bruine et nuages magiques. Car nous approchons la saison de moussons et les pluies ont commencé a faire leur apparition dans notre voyage. Nous sommes quand-même très chanceux car nous arrivons a nous faufiler entre les averses qui sont parfois très violentes,surtout la nuit. Nagaland est un pays farouche ... read more
Maison Konyak typique
Maison Konyak - piliers sculptes a l'entree
Maison Konyak - panoplie a l'entree

Asia » India » Nagaland January 30th 2012

"Bandh" e' la parola che speravo di non sentire durante questo viaggio, ed invece eccomi qui, con un biglietto per partire inutilizzabile e la prospettiva di dover rimanere bloccato ad Imphal per altri due giorni. Il bandh e' lo sciopero selvaggio, la serrata generale che porta alla chiusura di tutte le attivita' commerciali ed al fermo di ogni tipo di mezzo di trasporto pubblico: ci si ritrova in un paese fantasma dalle strade deserte in cui solo alle farmacie e agli ospedali e' permesso rimanere aperti; qualche guest-house ha la compassione di accogliere solitari clienti presi alla sprovvista e per le strade solamente pochi autocarri, mezzi delle forze dell'ordine e le rare auto private presenti nel paese. Questo bandh di 48 ore e' stato proclamato dall'NSCN (National Socialist Council of Nagaland) in concomitanza con le imminenti ... read more
Bandh: tutto chiuso
Vecchie porte di ingresso al villaggio
Il Nagaland visto dal finestrino

Asia » India » Nagaland » Kohima September 7th 2011

I visited another destination in the North East of India this August. The earlier one being Sikkim. On this trip I along with my family headed out to Nagaland. The land of colorful, indigenous tribes, ever-green rain forests and intricate art and craft. As I discovered, Nagaland is a part of India yet, vastly different from the rest of India in many ways. I’m grateful that I got a chance to be a part of this great place and its history that has been full of struggles on the social, economic and cultural fronts. I am attempting to recreate a picture of this place as I experienced it. An experience that entails not just the magnificence of the place but that of the people of Nagaland too! My journey began from Pune, where I live. We ... read more

Asia » India » Nagaland » Kohima August 2nd 2011

After procrastinating the plan for six years a bunch of schools friends and I finally decided to go visit our beloved friend at Nagaland and also use this opportunity to explore the unexplored North East India. Luck had favored us this time as we all had either taken a break from our work lives to switch jobs or to study further. We planned a trip for a week, spending four days in Nagaland and three in Kolkata. I was flying from Bangalore and three others from Mumbai. As there were very limited flights to Dimapur we decided to meet in Kolkata and fly together from there. After a two and a half hour journey to Kolkata, I couldn’t wait to see my friends after so long. It was rather dramatic when they spotted me at the ... read more
Glass Painting in the Church
The best Pineapples

Asia » India » Nagaland January 20th 2011

Why am I putting on this life jacket in a bus? And why, no matter how hard a struggle, will the little plastic buckles not make the clicking sound that indicates to me that I will stay afloat if the bus goes down? The preposterousness of the acts were evident to me even as my brain was coming up with them in its semi-unconscious state. A hand came out of the haze of my dream and I was shaken back to the reality that I was once again stuffed into a bus seat; legs propped up on all manner of packaged goods and soiled produce, once again stopped in the middle of the night in the middle of nowhere. The man, heavily draped in cheap Chinese scarves seated across from me, so dressed to protect ... read more
Who's Taller?
The Fam.
Fruit Vendor.

Asia » India » Nagaland » Kohima May 20th 2007

Nagaland is known for it's tribes and I must say that it was very interesting... Here tribal heritage is still strong and you can still see lots of people dressed in traditional clothing... At least in the north of Nagaland where we started our journey... We first went to Mon, up in the north and it was a very pleasant hill station... From there we made our way to Longwa on the border with Burma, our jeep got stuck 20 km's before we got there so we had to walk the last part.. We opted to stay in a village half way in the house of the local pastor... There was a beautiful sunset and a good sleep and then it was time to catch a truck up to Longwa... Longwa straddles the border with Burma ... read more
Sanga Chang Nyu
Sanga Chang Nyu
Sanga Chang Nyu

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