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Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra December 7th 2012

Just when you thought you'd read my last blog update, I am back with some news! On January 2nd, I return to India for eight weeks to continue training for the Starbucks India Partners and to work alongside them in our three glorious stores in Mumbai. I thought it was a dream come true last Summer but now I'm doing it again! There'll be more frequent updates this time and more photographs ... and I'll see you in January!... read more
The Taj Palace Hotel
The store in Oberoi Mall
The Entrance to the Fort Store

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra November 2nd 2012

Hey everyone, Like usual I've taken way too much time in writing a blog post. I've actually finished my term in Mumbai already, but I'm gonna fill you guys in on what's been going on since then and then tell you what's going on now! Finishing the school term was pretty much torture, but everything besides school just got better and better with time. After a period of feeling really down because of college and a boring routine of a life, I decided to take a change and things really improved. I realized my college wasn't even taking my attendence, so I could do what I wanted! So I went to Goa with another Canadian girl named Renee and had one of the wildest weekends of my life I think, ha. Goa really was everything it ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra October 31st 2012

Well the last one isn't true but it's a nod to the one and Only . . . So we have been to Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur and Mumbai in 3 days, if only briefly in the first two. The first day in Mumbai was MANIC!! we came out of Raj's place in the morning to a deafining Mumbai rush hour and what can only be described as organised chaos!. As we wanted to get a real feel for the place we decided to take the local train from the North to the South. You know those pictures you have seen of people running across the track when trains are coming, people hanging onto the side of trains, well thats where we were :) I nearly ended up on an all female coach, which can land you ... read more
Jess at the 'Gateway to India'
Indian Red Cross

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra August 21st 2012

Happy (belated) Independence Day everyone! (Indian Independence Day) You probably would have thought that I would be out enjoying some parade or some activities to celebrate, but actually the government has put out a high warning alert for the country! Pretty sad that this day is marked by potential danger, but what to do. Anyways, it feels like a lifetime since I've written on this blog, so if you're reading here, prepare yourself for a lllooooonnnngggg one. I actually don't have internet right now (seems to be a regular occurrence), so this might be posted a little later (ok so it's almost a week later). I'm currently sitting in my living room, watching Indian MTV, which I've discovered is quite entertaining! I have barely watched any live tv since being here, but I think I like ... read more
Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Caves
Train Boys

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra July 1st 2012

Happy Canada Day everyone! I've been looking at pictures of friends on Facebook, mostly in Canada, some elsewhere (my best friend is in Scotland and has been posting some lovely pictures-- hey girl!), and I've come to the conclusion that things seem so easy there compared to here! I think I mentioned in my last post that I was feeling constantly tired; when I think about how busy it is here (the time I spend concentrating on my security, the constant traffic and people, exchanging prices, breathing polluted air) I think it's understandable that compared to India, I find Canada is much calmer. We were supposed to have a Canada Day celebration at our place yesterday, then maybe head out to continue the party, but a few hours before people came over we found out it ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra June 20th 2012

Hey all! It's only been 13 days since I've arrived, and only 9 since I started college here, but I already have a million stories to tell! I'm sure I'll forget half while writing this, but hopefully the ones I remember, and the thoughts I've had so far will do. As some of you might know, I've left my Nunni Uncle and Lovleen aunty's place, and finally found a place! Jonny and I stayed in hotels for 2 nights while looking, so as to be closer to the school and to make it easier to travel to different apartments. On the first night we stayed at the West End Hotel, (where the toilet somehow got plugged **cough**Jonny**cough**. On top of that, there was a few hours where Jonny went missing and I thought I was going ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra February 27th 2012

Namasté ! On quitte Mumbai ce soir, et honnêtement, elle ne me manquera pas ! Le trajet en train a bien été,mais comme a eu de la misère à se trouver un hotel ! Ça ne m'étais jamais arrivé, et à Phil non plus, on a dû chercher pendant près de 2 heures, avec nos gros backpacks, à 25°C, sous le gros soleil, dans des rues pleines de marchands (et donc, de tannants). Tout était plein ! Sauf si l'on voulait payer 50$ la nuit, bien entendu.. Donc pour le double de ce que l'on payait jusqu'ici, on a trouvé une chambre avec seulement un lit et une mini table comme mobilier, déjà pleine par notre bouteille d'eau, les bouchons d'oreilles, etc. On devait fouiller et sortir nos choses sur nos sacs, sur le sol, où ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra February 13th 2012

Hi Everyone, Harder than we thought to get internet in Mumbai, hense the latepost. Obviously we made it to Mumbai, and have just arrived in Hanoi, very tired I may add. We made it safely to Mumbai, even survived the crazy cab ride to the hotel. Unfortunetly we were unable to book a train ticket to the Taj Mahal for when we needed it, and with our experience of Mumbai so far we were not going to risk getting stuck somewhere. However, things worked out and we spent the rest of our days in Mumbai seeing the elephant caves, lost of museums, galleries, shopping, world heritage sites etc. We booked a private tour guide and a car, so we got to see lots. It was about 28 degrees but with a nice breeze so bareable. Unfortunetly ... read more

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra January 21st 2012

I arrive in Mumbai and the first thing I notice is the abundance of kites in the sky! The 15th January is a National Kite Festival across the whole of India and what a spectacle! Swarms of children & adults alike cover rooftops and parks and the sky is filled with bright paper planes. I arrive at my guesthouse to find it's not exactly in the busy central location it had made out in the Lonely Planet book, but only 50rupees in a taxi down the road from India Gate, it could be worse. I have a walk around the Cordoba area but soon tire of the Market traders selling more shit i don't want... Especially the guy who follows me for about a mile down the road banging a small drum "madam you want drum, ... read more
Sunset at Chowpatty
Kite Flying
Chowpatty Beach at Night

Asia » India » Maharashtra » Mumbai » Bandra August 27th 2011

so much has happened im incredibly behind on updating which is a little disappointing because my time has all been flying by and i would have loved the opportunity to be recording all my impressions rather than being pulled into a whirlwind of intensity. im finding it pleasant to use this as a means of processing my experiences in a way that is meaningful rather than just letting it all wash over me. those of you who know me have likely been privvy to at least one feminist tirade. i thought for a long time that i was one of hte most outspoken, staunch raving mad feminists i knew. i have met my match. my friend who has kindly offered to putme up for the weekend here is an intellingent, empowered, independant woman who doesn't take ... read more

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