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August 27th 2011
Published: August 27th 2011
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so much has happened im incredibly behind on updating which is a little disappointing because my time has all been flying by and i would have loved the opportunity to be recording all my impressions rather than being pulled into a whirlwind of intensity. im finding it pleasant to use this as a means of processing my experiences in a way that is meaningful rather than just letting it all wash over me.

those of you who know me have likely been privvy to at least one feminist tirade. i thought for a long time that i was one of hte most outspoken, staunch raving mad feminists i knew. i have met my match. my friend who has kindly offered to putme up for the weekend here is an intellingent, empowered, independant woman who doesn't take no rubbish from nobody and is always ready to stand up for her beliefs. most interestingly, she is someone with conservative family values, not your regular run of the mill feminist. i have learned a lot the past day, discussing issues of gender, ethnicity, equality and human rights with someone who has come from a vastly different background but shares my indignance for the unfair treatment of minorities within any context. it has been helpful and reassuring to have someone who is well versed in Indian culture and has retained many of hte traditional idiosyncrasies in her own life, even though she was born and raisedin Canada. I no longer feel like theoutsider white girwho is standing here pointing the finger andcriticising the behaviour of local people in a country in which i am a visitor.
i'll tell more tomorrow when i get some time online, going to hit up the local party scene a little bit tonight, maybe. it is flooding with rain though so i am tempted to stay in.
caught up on sleep last night, after a four day stint of travelling during which time i waslucky to get 2-3hours per day.
so much to tell and so little time.
i cant believe i have been here for so long and am returning home so soon. i wanted to betransformed, im not sure it has happened.
have been spotting australian exports in supermarkets, and proudly sported a 'australian grown' sticker from an orange in place of a bindi for a couple of days.
hopeall is well would love your updates x


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