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Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar April 13th 2019

Woke up to a beautiful view outside our window. As the mists started to rise off the mountains and the sun started to burn through it, the cockerel was crowing and the hotel was beginning to wake up. We had a short breakfast of eggs toast and a savoury pancake- Indian style and celebrated the exciting news that Phoebe has got a major part in the Rose Theatre production of Snow Queen. She is going to be the narrator which she is over the moon about. Today we had a big trek through the hills South of Munnar, of about 12km. Up and down hills, through thick plantations and forest but also across wide open hills with views right across the valley. Anoop brought with him another guide who showed us lots of fauna and the ... read more
Full team shot
Shiva Shrine with view of everyone behind
Mid-Morning Break

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar April 12th 2019

We moved on today. Leaving behind our gorgeous views and rooms at the Olive Brook Hotel and moving to Shola. So, it was back into the A team van for a couple of hours, and after a short pit stop for a breathtaking view of the blue mountains, we arrived at Camp Kalypso - a Glamping Site built by our tour guide's company which they use as a trekking base camp. After a very welcome snack and delicious tea (cinnamon, cardomom, pepper and ginger), we headed out on our next trek to a village called Pacidpulkudi. The trek was through heavy undergrowth with lots of cardomom plants and endless Eucalyptus trees (brought over from Australia and slowly taking over). Heavy going up hill but our guides kept us entertained spotting black eagles, snake eagles, snakes and ... read more
Camp Kalypso with Phantom Head behind
Bonfire night
More views of the landscape

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar April 11th 2019

We woke up early at 5:30 to the cacophony of the dawn chorus ringing in our ears. All extremely tired because in the UK it was 1 in the morning and the jet lag hasn't quite adjusted. Once we'd managed to drag ourselves out of bed we went down and had an amazing breakfast. Everyone had an omelette apart from Lucas who had some scrambled eggs! We met up with Anoop at 6.30 and started the days adventure in the A team bus to Ernakulum national park (@1500 meters) to see Nilgiri (meaning blue mountains) Tahr Goats, which are an endangered species and only found in the Western Ghats of Kerala. We only saw one in the distance which dad thought was a bush to begin with but finally figured it out through the binoculars. It ... read more
A history of the national park
Walk up the National Park
Mountain views

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar April 10th 2019

A bit of a lie in this morning after a rather disturbed night. Olivia and I decided that an adult should be in each bedroom rather late. So, I picked Chloe up from the kids room and Olivia slept in there. Phoebe then had an upset stomach into the early hours of the morning and so not a great deal of sleep was had. After a light breakfast we packed up and left Whispering Waters for our new destination in Munnar. We stopped after a few minutes for Anoop to show us how rubber is collected. He gave us a couple of interesting facts about it too: rubber was discovered in Brazil and was first used as a pencil eraser! It was a 3 hour journey to Munnar and everyone was fairly quiet as the roads ... read more
Beautiful waterfall on the way to Munnar
Team photo at the hotel
Leaving the pool at Whispering Waters

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar August 9th 2018

We should currently be moored up on a house boat somewhere near Alleppey, enjoying a romantic evening meal cooked by our private chef under moonlit skies.... Instead we remain where we have been all day. Our room at the Blackberry Hills Resort outside Munnar. The taxi was supposed to pick us up at 830am. Unfortunately due to land slips on the road out of the hotel and between Munnar and Alleppey he was unable to get to us, or to get to Alleppey. We were initially hopeful that the highways would be promptly cleared but as an hour or 2 turned into 2pm and then maybe 4pm we soon lost hope. It gets dark around 6ish here and the drive is a 4-5hr one. Given there were further landslips during the course of the day the ... read more
My red bangles

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar August 8th 2018

So the rain hasn’t stopped, or paused, or lightened since yesterday. This means that the paths through the estate are now streams and you cannot walk anywhere without getting very wet. I described the rain yesterday as torrential, it was, today I discovered that it can rain much harder than that. I’m not even sure I can think of an adjective to describe it.... Last night we discovered our first little travel fail. We meant to wash our clothes at the hotel before we move on to Alleppey. Turns out they only pick up clothes before 5pm and return them the next evening, I.e. we had missed the boat. we, therefore, spent this morning washing our clothes in the bath using the rather nice hand made scented bar soap provided by the hotel (we have yet ... read more
Nilgiri Tahr - Eravikulam National park
Eravikulam National Park

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar August 7th 2018

Monsoon is back. After being very lucky with the weather the past couple of days the rain returned yesterday evening and hasn’t stopped since. Now we were warned about monsoon but I rather naively thought that meant short sharp showers in the relative warmth. Instead we have had continuous torrential rain with brief interludes of light rain. And it’s cold! Aware of the poor forecast for the morning we decided to have a late breakfast. Our usually stunning views consisted of a white out as we were quite literally sitting in the clouds. We decided a visit to the tea museum was a perfect wet weather activity. We meandered out of our hotel into the tiny hamlet at the top of the drive. There were lots of smart taxis for residents of the expensive local hotels ... read more
BlackBerry Hills - morning view
first tuktuk!
tea museum

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar August 6th 2018

Today we woke up far too early due to the noise of a very violent monsoon shower. This relatively small amount of rain was enough to put me off getting up early for the 7am yoga class provided by the hotel every morning on the terrace. We quickly went back to sleep to wake to beautiful sunshine and a more reasonable hour. I maintain I’ll do a class before we leave, Stephen is convinced I won’t. Breakfast was the first challenge of the day - having been put off spices by an insanely hot cauliflower the night before I was pleased to be able to enjoy eggs on toast and banana fritters. This was accompanied by delicious black tea. Again, having discovered the milk version the day before is undrinkable. We were picked up by our ... read more
Muttupetty dam
Top Station
Muttupetty dam

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar August 5th 2018

Despite a slightly rushed trip to the airport due to the usual m25 traffic jam we successfully caught our plane and have safely arrived at our first destination. The plane trip was largely unremarkable except for a small incident with our fab new water bottles (these things are supposed to filter out all bacteria and viruses making any water drinkable). Forgetting about pressure changes in the plane Elizabeth merrily opened her straw to get a fountain of water all down her top, trousers and seat. Not only was the rest of the flight rather damp but it looked very much like she had wet herself when attempting to get to the toilets! On landing at Kochin airport (in the pouring rain) our taxi driver was waiting for us and after getting out some cash (more complicated ... read more
BlackBerry Hills Resort
Cheeyappara waterfall
Cheeyappara waterfall

Asia » India » Kerala » Munnar March 13th 2018

Day 15-17 –Hill stations – Tea Plantations So the next car, I booked via the hotel for a late morning departure, brought us from Kumily to Chithirapuram (near Munnar) another 83 pot-holey km’s across the mountains. Cue more puking from the girl. It turned out the main mountain road was closed so we really were on the worst back road and it was very winding. The driving was one of the perkier ones we had though and stopped at an altar to give an offering for a safe journey at the beginning of the trip. We came across an elephant walking down the road at one point and also an accident off a motor bike but the driver & pillion seemed ok. So 3 hours later and not a moment too soon we could see our ... read more

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