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August 9th 2018
Published: August 9th 2018
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My flowersMy flowersMy flowers

Showing off my lovely smelling flowers whilst watching the rain from our balcony
We should currently be moored up on a house boat somewhere near Alleppey, enjoying a romantic evening meal cooked by our private chef under moonlit skies....

Instead we remain where we have been all day. Our room at the Blackberry Hills Resort outside Munnar. The taxi was supposed to pick us up at 830am. Unfortunately due to land slips on the road out of the hotel and between Munnar and Alleppey he was unable to get to us, or to get to Alleppey. We were initially hopeful that the highways would be promptly cleared but as an hour or 2 turned into 2pm and then maybe 4pm we soon lost hope. It gets dark around 6ish here and the drive is a 4-5hr one. Given there were further landslips during the course of the day the taxi driver quite reasonably said he wouldn’t take us after 5pm.

We can’t complain - we are comfortable and dry, if a little bored. 5 people died in one of the slips blocking us so we are grateful to be somewhere safe. The taxi will hopefully come tomorrow instead! Given the ongoing rain, and the start of another thunder storm this evening we’re not that optimistic....

Another problem with the rain is that the annual snake boat race in Alleppey we were hoping to watch on Saturday has been postponed due to safety fears re flooding as they’re having to open dams upstream as they’re reaching capacity. This is the first time in 26 years one of the dams has been opened, trust our luck!

The hotel have been fantastic. This morning at breakfast as it was supposed to be our last morning I was given fresh flowers for my hair and red bangles for my left wrist and green for my right. Apparently they should keep my husband & family well. They have been updating us regularly throughout the day and even gave us our room for free tonight! I Immediately spent the money we saved on an Indian hot stone massage....

I couldn’t persuade Stephen to join me but walked up the river/drive to the spa and was greeted by a lovely warm room with very polite and kind staff. After changing, my feet were washed and the massage started. I’ve had a few sports massages but otherwise I’m no connoisseur. This was full on. They massaged feet, limbs, back, tummy, face, scalp and boobs! It was lovely and relaxing but somewhat more intimate than I was expecting! After being de-oiled I was given green tea & honey nuts before being sent on my way to slide back down the drive on my ridiculously oily feet!

Let’s hope tomorrow brings some sunshine...


9th August 2018

A visit to remember...
...but not necessarily for all the right reasons! Sad that you're trapped by the weather and I do hope you'll be safe on the backwaters when (or if?) you manage to board your kettuvalam. I've avoided the monsoon season on all my previous visits to India - and I think I'll continue to do so in the future too! I note that your itinerary includes Varanasi. If you don't have a guide (and I believe it adds a lot to a stay in that complicated city), I can recommend Raju Verma. You'll find his details on my recent blog [blog=1012441]. I hope the sun will shine soon - but, if it doesn't, just keep smiling!

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