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Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna October 20th 2018

Travel Dates: 15-Oct-2018 to 19-Oct-2018 Places Covered: Murudeshwar and Gokarna Day 1: Myself together with my wife Sujata and Son Rudra reached Thane station at 3:20 p.m. to board Matsyagandha Express scheduled at 3:40 p.m., which was almost on time. One of my friend Saira and her sister Naseem had already boarded from LTT at 3:20. We were not able to get tickets in AC and hence had to opt for Sleeper both for to-and-fro. As we were in sleeper coach, we felt the heat for next 1 to 1.5 hours but later it was better. Spent time talking to each other till 9 and then went to sleep, unfortunately we had got 2 upper and 2 middle berths :(. Day 2 Train was almost on time and in morning at 6:00 a.m. we reached Murudeshwar ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna February 28th 2018

2nd Feb James had messaged to say, he'd met Hana, they're staying in the same hostel as each other.. What are the chances of them two meeting each other and hanging out, literally chalk and cheese.. hahaha, wanted us to check trains for him.. hahaha.. Like we cant jus check trains for him, he'd have to go there himself and ask and book with his passport etc and then its luck if you actually get one.. hahaha.. In a world of his own that one. Anyways him and Hana are gona head up to Gokarna to meet us :) Nice. Checked out, tuk to the hospital, got my ticket and went straight into the right department. Whilst waiting, we were sat in the same room as a little baby having an injection, ohh he was crying, ... read more
So beaut :)
Little crew :)
Paradise Beach

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna February 18th 2018

3rd Jan Ashwin checked trains for me, there is a train station close to here, but it only goes to Gokarna on certain days, not today, but there's one from Madgon station, which leaves at 1pm. Leo, who checked into my room yesterday, came out and said, he's gona get the train with me, coz it's going his route, he's going down to Bangalore. Fuck.. We better get a move on then, we've literally got an hour to sort everything. Booked the taxi for 11am, packed, whilst Leo went to get his money exchanged, i ordered in the egg Biryani, to take away.. Egg Biryani is life.. hahaha!! Said our good byessss.. Omgggg Sad!! I've literally had the best time here, this last week :) Will miss this place for sure, so many rule braking, funny, ... read more
Couldn't leave Vagator without getting a picture of Ebeneza
Om beach - Sangam
Wakey Wakey

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna January 29th 2018

12th Dec We were flying at 5am, so had a taxi booked for 2am.. Omgggg saying bye to Sunny was really emotional, i actually felt like crying, we've had such a laugh.. None stop laughing travelling together. It went from me chatting to him in Jodphur, to him mentioning he was doing a road trip in his car, to me basically inviting myself and Luke to join him without any choice.. hahahaha. We went from, Puskar, Jaiphur, Agra, Delhi, Mussoorie, Landor, Rishikesh, Delhi. The far north west wasn't even on our minds and its been one of the most amazing parts and travelling with someone who's from India, with all his knowledge was great, I'm sure he got fed up with my silly questions tho.. hahaha!! Will miss you Sunny!! Thanks for the best time. xxxx ... read more
Food stop
Fruit for me.. hahaha
Train from Goa (Madgon) - Gokarna Town

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna January 23rd 2018

6th November Was packing my backpack and Freddy came in, I had tampons all over the bed and he asked what they were, lol.. So I explained and he said in some Hindu temples if the women is on her period she cannot enter the temple.. That's jus insane, like its a natural thing to happen, I'm pretty sure given the choice, no women would want a period each month, madness that!! Went over to catamaran for the last time for breakfast, then set off to the train station. An old lady at the station said I had a nice smile, sweet :) So we've booked the basic three tier sleeper, suppose to be 14 hours, will arrive into Kumta at 3am tomorrow. When you get on the train, the middle bed is put down, so ... read more
Ants Ants Ants Ants
The beys from Sangam fishing
The little house opposite

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna January 1st 2017

It was six months ago, at the start of my European trip, that I first heard about Gokarna and Om Beach. It was in Bilbao, Spain, where I met a Czech girl called Eliska who just couldn't stop going on about the place, with its great beach and chilled out vibe. It was her enthusiasm about the place that convinced me that this was a stop I that I just had to make. But you have to get there first and along with Maura, another girl that I had met in Europe, I stood on the platform at Canacona station just outside of Palolem, Goa, waiting for our unfailingly late, Indian train to Gokarna. The train finally arrived about three hours later than scheduled, which was the longest delay I've had on the Indian railways so ... read more
Utsava Ratha Of Lord Mahabaleshwara
Paradise Beach
Pilgrims Bathing

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna April 23rd 2016

Me and Dave have split up for a few days while I go to see a friend, and he goes to see some things that I’ve already seen. I was going from Chennai to Pune, which as one train journey would probably be around 33 hours! So I decided to make two stops on the way to break the journey up, Mysore and Gokarna are where I'm going to stop. When we got back from Andamans I'd arranged to meet Raja in Chennai. It was Thursday when we landed back on the mainland. Dave said he wasn't spending anymore than one night in Chennai, which is fair enough! I wish I'd done the same. I spoke to Raja who's currently in police training, who said his only day off is Sunday. Fair enough, I don't mind ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna November 17th 2014

So it's another bus ride from Hampi to Gorkarna, luckily I'm making the journey with a friend I've made in Hampi. There was no sleeper tickets available for the bus, so I'm sat upright all night trying to fucking sleep! No chance! We have to change bus at 2AM, and get onto what from the outside was a minivan, inside they'd managed to cram as many seats as a small airplane, goodbye knees. What I didn't realise before starting the journey was that it's only two hours on from this point, so we pay an extra 100rs each to get dropped at Om beach, meant to be really quiet and so named because it's in the shape of the Om symbol. We arrive in Gorkarna around 4/4.30AM, it's still dark and there's no one around. Collectively ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna August 22nd 2014

March 2008. Sandhya, my batchmate from college paid the Bangalore gang a visit. The plan was to go for a road trip around Bangalore. She really wanted to go to Coorg, but since I was just back from Coorg I insisted we go somewhere else. I did feel bad, later on, about making her change her plans because of me. So the four of us and Rahul (Tipu) decided to head out for Gokarna. But we misplanned the trip and started only late in the evening. We werent able to appreciate the beautiful route to the beach town. But that was made up by the interesting conversations we had on our way. We passed through curvy steep western ghats with dense forests. It would have been great if the journey had been in daytime. We reached ... read more

Asia » India » Karnataka » Gokarna November 30th 2013

So there I was heartbroken and just shy of my birthday. The question was where do I arrive and depart from here? Forty-five minutes later I was rooting for the auto driver as he dodged traffic to get to the bus stand and then before I took stock of things I was on the bus en route to Gokarna with S. It is funny how our weakest moment can set us free to live more bravely and truthfully. I hope Gokarna will take my mind off things but I take my mind along. A rookie mistake. I don’t remember much of the bus journey except for the amourous exchanges between the couple in the berth across mine. Day 1 We get off the bus in Gokarna. We trudge along lost and all we know is we ... read more

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