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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley September 26th 2017

Have you ever fancied of having a bath in a natural sulphur hot water spring at a height of 3000m amidst the backdrop of snowclad mountains? Have you ever dreamt of hiking through the mysterious forest with beautiful waterfalls in its journey? Yes, I'm talking about this mesmerising 13km trek to the enigmatic village of Kheerganga.Scroll down and I shall walk you through my personal experience of this breath-taking journey. Getting there- Reaching Bhuntar-There are regular travel buses everyday from Majnu ka Tilla,Delhi to Manali in the evening.Get down at Bhuntar which is on the way and about 50kms from Manali. Reaching Barshaini-There are hourly buses starting from 6 am on the morning from Bhuntar to Barshaini.It is advisable to stay in Kasol a day before you begin your trek.Bhuntar to Kasol is 35km and Kasol ... read more
Natural hot water spring
The journey
Water stream

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley July 24th 2017

Kheerganga is a a must do when in Kasol or Manali , India. Kasol, located in the state of Himachal Pradesh is the hippie paradise with the weed growing freely everywhere. Malana , the magical valley producing the best hash in the world is a half day trek from Kasol. The base point of the trek is from Barshiani which is 20 km from Kasol and one can reach Barshiani via private cabs or via local buses. The highest point of this trek is 13,025 feet. Kheerganga is also the first halt if you are going for the Pin Parvati Trek.Its a 12-14 km trek one way and it is mostly acclivity for the majority of the part.The trail passes through villages, apple orchards and finally through a mountain trail.There are a lot of cafes en ... read more
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Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley January 7th 2016

Renowned for its pilgrimage centers, the sacred town of hot water spring “Manikaran” is perched on the right bank of the roaring river ‘Parvati’, at an altitude of ~1700 m, in Kullu District of Himachal Pradesh. It is considered holy for Hindus and Sikhs with several temples and the very famous Gurudwara, ‘Manikaran Sahib’. It also boasts of housing an experimental Geothermal Energy plant. It is believed by many that taking bath in the hot water spring & drinking its water is a sure shot way for humans to get an entry in heaven. For me, just being at ‘Manikaran Sahib’ was heaven in itself! When we, me & my husband, started the drive from Manali for Manikaran we had no clue what was in store for us. It was an impromptu decision, literally rushed into! ... read more
The hot water spring effortlessly flows spreading miracles on the way

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley August 25th 2010

If I had to describe my last couple weeks the first word I would use is wet. The monsoon has been in full swing since I've come back from Ladakh, and the mountain state of Himachal Pradesh is experiencing its hardest monsoon in over 50 years. While it doesn't rain all the time, in many places the clouds never lift and nothing dries out between showers. I spent my last couple weeks in the Himalaya in the Kullu and Parvati valleys staying in several towns and villages before deciding to head back down to the plains. From Manali I left to Kasol, a backpacker enclave that was almost entirely full of stoned Israeli travelers. After a night there I was more than ready to head further up the valley, this time to the village of Kalga. ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley April 30th 2010

Namaste! I am sitting in an internet cafe in the gorgeous mountain town of Kasol, deep in the Parvati Valley in the shadows of the Himalayas with big, fat tears nearly spilling out of my eyes because I have just 4 days left on this most epic of journeys! I am dreading even writing this blog because it will probably be my last one on the trip and I don't want to think about my time here ending! About a week and a half ago I traveled from Varanasi to Amritsar, which I meant to write about in my last posting but didn't because it was getting far too long! Amritsar is the holiest place in the Sikh religion and home of the Golden Temple, their place of pilgrimmage. The temple is stunning and the whole ... read more

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley July 10th 2008

Before you read on, could I please ask you to send me a message or comment letting me know how you found this blog? If you like it, recommend it. Thanks During the steaming times at the Golden Triangle (Delhi, Agra, Jaipur), we dreamed of the cool hills up north, particularly of a small village called KASOL. I had heard it was home of the best guesthouses and some of the cleanest restaurants in India. No second thought, we put it on the itinerary. At 7:45 am, backpacks on, we walked down the steep of hills of Shimla to catch the ''luxury' tourist bus. After some minutes, we were very lucky that an Australian traveller took the time to come down the road and let us know that our bus had been cancelled, and the substitute ... read more
Suspended bridges link villages in the Parvati and Kullu vallleys
The great team of 2 in Kasol
blind turns

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley July 1st 2008

I wana be the gods silver blessings and touch gods endearing parvati valley .... it would feel like being the messenger between gods creations....... i wana to bring equality between clouds and the dry earth if not equality among the humans. ..the dark clouds or should i call them overloaded people whos got a lot to share for the people who are dried up in starvation ........ i want to be welcomed with loud noise like the thunder ...bcoz i am the communicator ..i need to be heard ...the voice of thunder would reach the parched ground before i kiss it ...probably the sme way wen i kissed the person who has been a great listener to my voice . ..i would like to feel the same again ..... i want to be the one to ... read more
man with umbrella
collage on earth

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley June 4th 2008

Hello all, So the Parvati Valley is the mid point of our ascent into the Himalaya's. This well out of the way small village is built on a natural hot spring so plenty of outside hot baths everywhere. Trouble with this place is there is not a lot to do apart from the obvious of sitting in an outdoor bath. Anyway we stayed one night then done the off to Manali. Next blog coming up.! Nic - It wasn't quite as bad as all that, it was a nice place to start to unwind and the temples were nice - It's home to a massive "Sri Guru Nanak Ji Gudwara" that is centred around the main hotspring and both Hindu's and Sikhs come here to worship the shrine. It's fair to say that there was a ... read more
Gudwara on hot springs
Shrine above main hotspring

Asia » India » Himachal Pradesh » Parvati Valley October 7th 2007

Last catch-up detailed our adventures in Manali. What I forgot to include was the reason no blogging occured: we lost power our last day in Manali, for the entire day. In fact, the power outtage extended along the Beas River, to our next destination, one hour south by public bus: Naggar. Previously, our methods of transport were private overnight buses. While a bit rough on the bum (and they do not deserve the name "sleeper bus"), they coddle foreigners in that our luggage is nicely stowed in the trunk and we have reserved seats. Public buses are a whole other experience. First, the departure time is a suggestion. Secondly, Indian grandmothers have already saved the good seats for their families. And thirdly, if we are lucky, we can tie our backpacks to the roof. Otherwise we ... read more

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