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Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh November 18th 2018

We set off for Gondal. It is in total about four hours total driving. The road is rough out of the Sasan Gir greater area, but then the roads improve. We pass through a flat landscape, with mile and after mile of cotton fields and dusty townships. You do not come to Gujarat for the scenery, or for pretty villages, but that is true of much of India. We stop off in Junagadh. This is a town that in the Middle Ages was the seat of the Nawab of Junagadh, who owed his allegiance to the Sultan of Gujarat. The old town in incredibly densely packed, with lots of old and interesting buildings, but there is nowhere to stop and park to allow us to take photos. The traffic is carnage as we approach the Uparkot ... read more
Mahabat Maqbara, Junagadh
Gujarat goat herder
Abandoned Jama Masjid, Uparkot Fort Junagadh

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh April 24th 2016

Harsidhi, Hathla, Porbandar, Somnath .... Driving through the unabated stream of pilgrims to Devbhoomi Dwarka, we touched the scenic coastal road towards Porbandar. The phoenix like imposing structure of Jagat Mandir was getting miniaturized with every passing minute. The coastal side of the road was lined with hundreds of gently rotating windmills. It turned out to be a futile attempt to count them, as the number seemed infinite. The endeavor to tap the unconventional energy was simply astonishing. The water bodies between the road and the Arabian Sea had numerous species of birds languishing in search of prey. A smallest of a provocation, would alert them to fly swiftly, as a reflex action, for safety… only to return in a short while. With limited exposure to aquatic avian species, it was an impossible task for us ... read more
Birds of the feathers..
Fennel Farm

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh October 10th 2014

My journey begin at 12 noon from west delhi. We reached delhi cantt. railway station at 1230 as train was late by more than three hour kids become bored. Okha Dehradun is weekly express train that reached at about 1630, we joined our group who caught the train at New Delhi Railway Station. 27 hour journey was fun with unlimited gossips with friens. Once or twice we indulged ourselves in kirtan with some ardent dwarkadeesh travellers. Scenic arid land of Saurashtra and Jamnagar refinery caught our attention. We de-boarded at Dwarka station (the penultimate stop of the train). My friend Yogesh had his previous experience that proved handy at times. Station welcomed visitors with an locomotive at its premises.Autos dropped us near temple complex.Rooms at"Balram Dharmshala"were good bargains. Big rooms and hot water that too at ... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh February 5th 2014

Dwarka ha un problema: le vacche! queste bestie insolenti si aggirano altezzose per le sue vie minacciando gli ignari visitatori, bloccando il traffico e taglieggiando i suoi poveri commercianti; non è raro che uno o più di questi placidi animali decida di sdraiarsi nel bel mezzo di una delle già strette e congestionate vie attorno al tempio bloccando del tutto la circolazione e creando code interminabili di mezzi e persone, a cui non resta che attendere speranzose o compiere spericolate deviazioni per superare l'irremovibile ostacolo. E che dire poi delle sempre più sfrontate bande di giovani vitelli che prendono di mira gli indifesi venditori ambulanti di verdure costringendoli al pagamento di un "pizzo" sotto forrma di ortaggi freschi di giornata, pena l'imbrattamento della zona attorno al carretto; individui ancora più spregevoli si spingono fino al punto ... read more
L'alba sui monti Girnar nei pressi di Junagadh
Dwarka: i ghat al mattino
Alang: tutta la spiaggia e' un immenso cantiere

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh December 16th 2010

25 degrees in the winter, now THIS is what i'm talking about! Can't quite believe that we've made it here, first day or two felt like I was and akashi and shivum, finally in india, i feel like we're strong enough to take on the world! The reaction of most of the indians i spoke to in the UK about our forthcoming trip was 'You, alone, with the kids in India...are you crazy?!' Well, that first day arriving into the noisy and polluted sensory overload that is Delhi, I thought that maybe i am crazy....After an amusing journey to our hotel from the airport (akashi- 'mum, there are cows on the road, mum that car doesnt have a door!!!!' shivum - 'but where are the spitting cobras and pigs and kingfishers and monkeys and crocodiles?!'), ... read more

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh December 20th 2009

We headed towards Somnath Jyotirlinga temple. Somnath temple one of most important Lord Shiva temple. The history of this temple is a true proof of the Glory of India in past. Before rise of west india was richest country in the world. Christopher Columbus landed in 1492 in West Indies when he tried to reach india from west. There where specialist persons who made maps in britain who were finding sea route to reach golden land of india. Richness of Indian land have attracted Mugals,portugese and britshers. How did india became worlds richest country then? This also raises questions as to how was journey of indian civilization from apes to worlds richest country.If the temples of india were so rich, how rich would be the citizens of india in those period. Somnath is the place which ... read more
porbandur chowpati
porbandur kirti mandir
porbandur bharat mandir

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh December 17th 2009

Hello friends.. Finishing our office work on tuesday evening bit early, we 4 friends gathered at borivali station in mumbai to catch 9005 saurashtra mail at around 9:15 pm. Train tickets were not confirmed yet, so i was continously checking PNR status on my HTC GPRS. The train arrived on platform, we got in and possessed our sits and said to ourself-finally we are on our way to Junagadh.. As usual as it happens in train journey, tea sellers got us up in morning. We were passing through viramgam, lakhtar area. I was surprised to see huge fields of Cotton on both sides of railway track and that to for 3-4 hours..Most of the stations on this route looked newly built though small is size. Although as per my knowledge this train route is atleast ... read more
Girnar view from Uperkot Fort
Budhist caves in Uperkot Fort
Water well in Uperkot Fort

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh October 8th 2009

We’re SO glad we stopped in Junagadh. First off it was 10 000 steps instead of the initially thought 7000 but what’s 3000 between fiancés?????? So we arrived in Junagadh, checked into a decent little hotel. Got some nice Thali - Vegetarian of course and then went to bed. Alarm set for 5am. We tried to sleep with all the madness outside resembling something like Swat Valley in Pakistan. Anyway, after being woken by the alarm and debating if we should sleep in and do it another day we decided to get up and get are arses into gear (with friendly persuasion from a screaming muslim man calling to pray). So rickshaw to the foot of the hill and start at step 1 we breeze up the first 1000. 1001 upwards is slowly getting painful coupled ... read more
Breaking a sweat - Junagadh, Gujarat
We made it! Still smilin' - Junagadh, Gujarat
Cows looking for a better deal in the next life - Junagadh, Gujarat

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh October 5th 2009

So, hopping off the train early, to shouts of ye bye Jon from nearly half the train, I found a bed and checked that Sasan Gir Wildlife Sanctuary was indeed open early... and thankfully it was! The Asiatic lion used to roam freely across much of central Asia, but after ruthless hunting and loss of habitat, was reduced to a little over 30 lions by the 1930s. Mercifully, the Nawab of Junagadh, the local ruler, decided to protect what remained of the species, protecting the Sasan Gir forest and instigating a breeding program at nearby Junagadh zoo. Sadly, my safari didn bring any lion sightings (the President apparently saw 23... a little unfair I think), but I did see lots of Indian wildlife, including nilgar, chittal, samba deer and a jackal. Halfway through the afternoon safari, ... read more
Photo 15
Photo 7
Photo 9

Asia » India » Gujarat » Junagadh February 13th 2008

The City:Junagadh is a maze of crowded allies and old buildings, atop a hill north of the city lies the Uperkot Fort, which is where Junagadh was first established. Riddled with secret passageways and underground caves the old city seems like something out of an Indiana Jones movie, some passageways are rumored to even lead to Pakistan! My Guide: As I was exploring the city I ran into an intoxicated guy among some bushes, which was surprising since Gujarat is a dry state(no alcohol). A local of Junagadh he enthusiastically showed me around, including the "punishment door" which is a doorway that leads to a 200 foot drop, where in earlier times outlaws were made to walk the plank. Aptly, I got a picture of the guy at the door.... read more
In the Caves

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