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Asia » India » Goa » Ponda January 4th 2017

It is a beautiful temple with impressive architecture. The greenery around the temple and the serene settings makes it a perfect place for worship. It is the kind of place where anybody would like to visit and get blessings of goddess Shantadurga. It is one of best tourist attraction of Goa with mythological importance. I would highly recommend this place for the tourist to visit.... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Ponda January 4th 2017

The temple is white in colour. The main deity of temple is Lord Shiva. There is a deep stambha (Lamp Tower) with in the temple complex. One has to walk 5 minute from the main road to reach the temple. There is a small market there near the temple. One has to come back from the same road which is used while going. When I came out from the temple, I unconsciously walked down the adjacent road and then I suddenly realized that I am on the wrong road and then crossed the divider and reached the right one. It is one of best tourist attraction of Goa with mythological importance. I would highly recommend this place for the tourist to visit.... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Ponda December 22nd 2009

The Goan shopkeeper kept his promise contrary to the 'sushegat' (sth like Take it easy in Goan) attitude so common here. He was actually up at 6 am and actually reproached us for turning up at 6.30 am. Four of us Rana, Vishal, Gayatri including me opted for the omelet, while others left ahead asking us to catch up. Relishing on the delicious omelet, little did we know of what the day had in store for us. Our tummies full, we got on our bikes and missed the first left turn which we were supposed to take for the Bondla wildlife sanctuary. It was claimed to be the roughest and most exciting terrain by those who did it. Four of us took the right instead for a longer route bypassing the sanctuary. Rana got the idea ... read more
Six pack without gym
On the way
Green vehicles

Asia » India » Goa » Ponda December 21st 2009

Today we ride to Dhargem, 36 km away. The first 10 km are through Bhagwan Mahavir Wildlife Sanctuary towards Molem and the rest is a roller-coaster ride. You take 20 min to to go uphill peddling hard, puffing and swearing for 5 minutes of pure bliss of riding downhill. The light weight bikes reach the speed of 50 km/hr on downhill slopes. A slight depression of front brakes or loose gravel and you would be road-borne to air-borne (or cruise-borne as Rana realized on the last day). Throwing caution to the wind, literally, we glided down. On the way, we saw an open pipe pouring down gallons of water in a small tank 5ft by 5ft and 3 ft deep with ducts at its bottom to carry the water to nearby farms. Baked by the heat, ... read more
Dhargem camp

Asia » India » Goa » Ponda December 20th 2009

Today we bike to Dudhsagar waterfalls, approx 55. km away. The first half of the trip is through the mining area and is quite boring. On the way we took a short break at our guide Chandan's house. Rana and Rajath brought some suger-cane out of somewhere and we gave a little exercise to our lazy teeth. We took a break every half an hour. Once we just laid ourselves on the road. At the other point, a huge spider was a subject to the constant clicks of 7 cameras. We were exhausted and surrendered ourselves to an hour long afternoon siesta in a beautiful temple on the way where we had our lunch. A light, cool breeze made it very difficult to get our sore asses back on the bike. But we still had a ... read more
Dont care !
The over-exposed spider

Asia » India » Goa » Ponda December 19th 2009

Today was a 40 km drive to Netravali, in the Kali river basin forests. As the drive was through forested area, the sun was not going to be a major problem today but still we decided to leave early as it is always the best time to start the journey. And within a few km, we were rewarded for our efforts of getting out of bed early. The sun rose magnificently from behind the small distant hills with the numerous coconut palms completing the picture perfect sunrise that almost every kid draws in school. A part of the drive was through the infamous mining area. But it was 19th December, Goa's liberation day and hence the truck traffic was pretty light making it a beautiful and comfortable ride to the Netravali base camp. This is without ... read more
On the way
Working in the sugar-cane fields
A dude we met on the way to Savarde falls

Asia » India » Goa » Ponda November 15th 2009

Aufgrund gewisser gesundheitlicher komplikationen sind wir dieses wochenende quasi mehr oder weniger im camp geblieben. freitag und samstag waren wir am hausstrand in majorda. samstag abend hatten wir einen leichten hat geschuettet ohne ende und ab ca 18.30 uhr war der strom weg...bis sonntag nachmittag, d.h. es war mal wieder candle light dinner angesagt. sonntag sind wir vormittags augebrochen richtung dudsaghar um uns den dortigen wasserfall anzuschauen. zuerst gings mit dem taxi los, dann haben wir uns zu siebt (+ fahrer und ein fuehrer) in einen jeep gequetscht und sind noch ca 45 minuten durch den dschungel diversen flussueberquerungen, die manchen leuten nasse fuesse beschert haben. letztendlich sind wir dann an einer art parkplatz angelangt und waren schon gleich mal begeistert von den affen. die letzten meter mussten wir dann zu fuss zurueck l ... read more

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