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Asia » India » Goa » Margao August 26th 2018

After blowing the budget on dinner last night today was always going to be chilled we had a leisurely breakfast, checked our travel plans for later in the day and headed out to the Goa state museum. The museum is now shut. The collection has supposedly been moved to the Adil Shah Palace but on arrival there it also looked very shut.... Quick change to plan B - a walk up the hill and back around to our hostel. The walk took us past some stunning buildings and the higher ground is obviously where the more affluent inhabitants reside. The views from the top are beautiful and exploring the old Portuguese buildings a pleasure. Exploring away from the busy main roads I could understand why people like Panaji. We arrived back at the hostel in time ... read more
Packed bus stopping for diesel!
Margao - municipal gardens

Asia » India » Goa » Margao November 12th 2011

The reality of finishing uni has most certainly not sunken in yet! I’m still in Fort Cochi, which is where we’ve spent many weekends so maybe it will all sink in once I’m on the train! I’m hoping the train is going to involve lots of sleeping. This is probably quite unrealistic but it will at least be an easier trip than the trip from Chennai to the Nilgiris! Last night I had an awesome dinner at a place called Dhal Roti. As I was sitting there reading the Rohinton Mistry book ‘Family Matters’ the charismatic owner told me that Rohinton Mistry had spent a week visiting the restaurant about 12 months ago. I’m not sure why I chose to read another of his books; I’m still devastated after reading ‘A Fine Balance’! It’s later in ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Margao February 18th 2011

So after a week of total relaxation and sun worshipping, it was sadly time to move on from Gokarna. After a rather speedy train journey, we arrived in the lovely little Goan town of Margao, a great place for a short stop in order to sort things out. A stroll through the Municipal Gardens, the crumbly old Portuguese buildings, the buy-anything-you-might-ever-need covered market and our first taste of alcohol in months (20p shots of rum are quite amazing) was unfortunately about all we had time for. We made our way to the relatively elusive bus departure point only to be told that we would have to change buses in some unknown location in the dark. A little worrying but hey, what can you do?! We eventually found our AC Volvo sleeper bus which quite devastatingly didn't ... read more
On the train
Chai chai chai!
Beads or sausages?

Asia » India » Goa » Margao June 14th 2010

Abit overdue. have been in Karnataka state, did Mysore and Bangalore. bangalore was nth short of cacophonous. jarring, slightly grating, touts aplenty, the miasmic bad air that is a necessary concomitant in all urban cities didnt sit too well esp. considering we sashayed indolently from kerala. We were at cochin, spent a good couple of days on the mainland ernakulam having left fort cochin. but we were inundated with malls and more malls. And figured Bangalore would prolly be in the same mould; only many times over. So we bailed from Bangalore, bussed down to Mysore instead. Was pretty wicked, cultural capital of the State proper. caught the Mysore palace; where vestiges of the antecedent Maharaja dynasty and their usual opulence (bordering on gaudy) was the jewel (literally) of the State. Then the Devaraja market as ... read more
why the indian railways are the single biggest commercial & utility employers
why the indian railways are the single biggest commercial & utility employers II

Asia » India » Goa » Margao November 6th 2009

So jetzt haben wir unsere erste richtige schulwoche hinter uns. Und es war haerter, als wirs uns eigentlich vorgestellt haben :). aber fangen wir erstmal bei montag an: montag frueh wurden wir zum monte hill slum in margao gefahren und stapften voller enthusiasmus in die schule... naja der anfaengliche optimismus wurde ziemlich schnell gebremst. die zwei lehrer die anwesend waren wussten nix von unserem kommen und konnten kaum englisch sprechen... naja nach einiger zeit konnten wir dann halbewegs verstehen, dass der headmaster gerade krank sei... ausserdem fanden wir heraus, dass vormittags nur die klassen 1 und 4 unterrichtet werden und davon gibts jeweils 2. nachdem der erste schock so mehr oder weniger ueberwunden war, versuchten wir unser glueck in den ersten klassen. wir nahmen die eine klasse mit so ca 20 schuelern und sophie, anna die ... read more
Slum Monte Hill
Slum Monte Hill

Asia » India » Goa » Margao October 30th 2009

Also die letzten zwei Tage haben wir eigentlich ziemlich gut ueberstanden :). Mit buntstiften bewaffnet haben wir uns am donnerstag in die improvisierte schule gewagt und im grossen und ganzen verliefen die zwei stunden viel besser. die jungs waren ganz heiss darauf zu malen. Das thema war der dschungel und seine tiere, pflanzen. Naja am ende kamen zwar trotzdem viele hunde und haeuser raus aber was solls... :) bis auf ein paar wenige haben eigentlich alle kids mitgemacht. Waehrend einer kleine pause gings dann runter zum "playground" zum cricketspielen. eigentlich ist es einfach ein staubiger platz, aber die jungs hatten einen riesen spass... Leider ist es ziemlich schwierig so richtig mit den jungs zu arbeiten, weil manche wirklich nix verstehen und einfach nur nachplappern bzw nicken. Ein junge bei uns in der klasse ist immer wieder ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Margao October 28th 2009

hiiiilffee total ueberforderung!!! wir kommen grad von unserem ersten arbeitstag und es war total anstrengend!!! Eigentlich macht die schule erst am montag auf, aber wir sind heute schon mal nach margao in den monte hill slum gefahren, um semi mit dem unterricht in einem privat"haus" zu starten. Also sind wir voller erwartungen heute frueh um halb neun ins auto gestiegen. zuerst war keiner in dem raum... dann kam auf einmal eine horde wild gewordener slumkids (alles jungs) hineingerannt! so etwa zwischen fuenf und elf jahren. jeder wollte uns begruessen und uns zeigen was er schon kann und alle haben durcheinander geschrien. und wenn sie nicht grad "teacher teacher" gerufen haben, haben sie sich gegenseitig die koepfe eingeschlagen... naja, es war ziemlich anstrengend irgendwie ruhe in den haufen zu bringen... eigentlich wollten sie alle was lernen, aber ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Margao October 21st 2009

After laying around for 3 or 4 days, Jared and I figured maybe we should peak out from behind our piles of naan, seafood, aloo gobi and butter chicken and explore. So on Wednesday morning we headed to Margao, the nearest large city and the second largest city in Goa. We planned on walking down the street a bit and catching a cab but then decided that maybe an attempt at a bus ride was in order. We were pretty sure most of the buses headed there, so we jumped on the first one that was going in the right direction. The ride into town was only about 20 - 30 minutes long, and we had picked an overcast day (read = not oppressively hot) so we didn’t really mind being cramped on the bus or ... read more
The streets of Margao
Streetfood tasting
Then on to lunch

Asia » India » Goa » Margao March 30th 2009

Day 1 Arrived on Sunday afternoon, after a long long trip from London via Larnica. This isn’t the story of the trip to India I had planned when getting my visa but I got to kill two birds with one stone; a trip to India and to spend a week with the girlfriend. Sam, my girlfriend is crew for Monarch but this detail didn’t mean that I got dealt with any quicker at immigration. I like everybody else stood in the queue being pushed pulled, shoved around like cattle. I suppose it was the kind of organized chaos that I should have expected from India. Eventually, got though and after having my visa looked at in intense scrutiny, my passport got stamped. Reclaimed my bag from the carousel and changed up some American dollars into Rupees, ... read more
Goan Landscape
Culver Night Market
Fresh Fish

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