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Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim March 22nd 2014

I desperately wanted a week in the sun to just relax and do a lot of reading and have some beers. Goa is a cheap flight from Kuwait and hotels range from cheap to expensive, so I booked the flight, found an apartment to rent close to the beach, and I was ready to go. I arrived early in the morning and the owners of the apartment, which was privately owned, picked me up and a short while later I was on Benaulim beach getting a tan and drinking a beer. What a relief! Oh wait. Here the come. The hawkers. These beautiful Goan women in saris selling their wares. And there are so many of them. Sigh. This is the one negative of the beach in Goa. These women are very persistent and they definitely ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim December 22nd 2013

On arrival we settled in Colva Beach, Goa. After visiting Hampi for two nights we found a better Place in Benaulim Beach , Goa. We made daily travels to Palolem and Calangute beaches. Old Goa and Panjim was our Goa cultural visits. Hampi which is in Karnataka took about 8 hours by train from Goa ( Madgoan) . It is one of the largest archaeological and World Heritage Site. To control the people of their kingdoms you feel that their only asset was religion.In more than two thousand years nothing changed. The same thing for the most countries, true. Hampi is impressive religious site, no alcohol, no meat is allowed to drink and eat at the commercial places. Today resting on the Beach .We will leave in few hours for Aurangabad, 9 hours for Mumbai and ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim December 31st 2012

Well it's been an emotional rollercoster since we landed in the madness of Mumbai exactly 2 months ago! the time has flown and we really have had a great experience here. The people of India have been great with us and we have not felt unsafe throughout our jouney! yes places like Mumbai and Bangalore do feel intimidating due to the pure hectic and caotic feeling to the place BUT if you go up to any individual and ask for help, you will recieve it! As for the food it has been pure class to try out all the dishes throughout all the different places we have been to. We have had delhi belly but even though we cleaned hands before eating and only ate veg it was hard to not to get it! just be ... read more
Me and Ali, Goa
The Staff@Hawaii Bar, Goa
Catano and Me, Goa

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim December 26th 2012

Well after travelling the length and bredth of South West India we have finally arrived at a place we call home here in India. We are back at Caetano's guest house, Mango Grove, Benaulim, Goa in exactly the same room as before, Cheers Caetano, you really know how to welcome us back :) We have been here for nearly two weeks now and have just really chilled out (you're thinking what the hell else have you being doing since leaving the UK!) We rented a moped for the day again and rode down to Palolem which was great. The Christmas celebrations in Benaulim have been great. There is a party atmosphere and people go to great lengths to decorate their homes with lights and other decorations. There is also a competition around the village to build ... read more
Crimbo Eve Sunset, Goa
Sunrise in Goa

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim November 5th 2012

It certainly is a long way to, from Mumbai anyway! we took a 12 hour overnight train from Mumbai. Mumbai train station was something to write home about! just as manic as the rest of Mumbai :) The train journey cost next to nothing and we met some really nice people who were staying in our compartments, they fed and watered us with some authentic Indian cuisine and Jess was nearly adopted by a young girl who couldnt stop laughing at her, she thinks her ginger ways! The best part of the trip was hanging off the train in the morning out of one of the doors watching all the beautiful scenery along the way, one of those 'feeling free' moments . . . So we have been in Goa for 3 days now. We are ... read more
Check my Bed Out . . .
By the Door in the Morning . .
Jess on top bunk . .

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim November 8th 2011

Well after a three hour bus ride we arrived at Benaulim. Thank god! Deserted beach, no litter and not loads of tourists! We checked into our beach shack, was....cosy. We made lots of Lizard friends, (which Heather loved!) The place was called Costello's, he was pretty wicked and even came to the bottom of the road to pick us up. We were really lazy here. Beach food beach was how the day went until Jodie hunted down a swimming pool we could use. Like a moth to a flame! So it went beach food pool. We had a few cocktails one night, got sucked into the Benidorm atmosphere. Expensive! We also went to Colva one night which was a waste of time as it was so touristy and tacky. We left the beach, which was hard ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim October 31st 2011

It's All a Bit Slower in Goa. 22nd Oct to1st November We eventually heard that we were on the 6.25am train from Hospet to Madgoan, thank goodness. It was more than an hour late arriving but at least we had got seats. The train had actually started at Ara (Calcutta) and some poor souls had already been on the train for 40 hours by the time we got on. People were just waking up so finding our seats was a bit of a joke amonst all those beds and blankets. Fortunately we managed to squeeze in to a compartment with a young Isreali couple who were really friendly, so the 7 hours to Goa passed quite nicely. Like all Indian Railway stations Madgoan was a bit of a rugby scrum to get out of but we ... read more
Holy Boats!
A short flight from the beach

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim January 15th 2011

etter litt mental om og men har vi bestemt oss for å opprette en reiseblogg, i den hensikt av å opplyse både andre og fremtidlige oss om turens tilstand. frekvensen av innlegg bestemmes kanskje av funn av nettkafeer, kanskje er den invers proporsjonell med hvor morsomt vi har det. får se hvordan det blir. nå har vi i alle fall landet i mumbai, vært i mumbai og toget videre av sted mot goa. noen dager i india har passert, og vi kjenner oss noe klokere på dette landet vi har bestemt oss for å reise rundt i. jeg har jo lest litt på forhånd, kanskje mindre enn jeg skulle like, men likevel en hel del, og det finnes folk som advarer mot ekle steder å bo, kaos, kakkerlakker i krokene, mat man blir dårlig av, mer ... read more

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim March 26th 2010

After a short hiatus in the UK (thanks to everyone who looked after us) we headed out to Goa for a few weeks relaxing and chilling on the beaches in the sunshine. It was great to spend time and have a few laughs with our friends Sarah and Steve, who were on holiday in Goa, including a particularly funny episode when David was wandering about with his "swimming pants" inside out (well at least he had some on this time!). We really enjoyed all the fantastic food that India has on offer and never got tired of eating the delicious curries or the freshly baked roti bread. A regular treat was to sit in the shade on the beach watching the sunset with a Kingfisher beer. For us, we really were quite lazy and didn't do ... read more
Sacred Cows on the Beach
Lanterns on Anjuna Beach
Palolem Beach

Asia » India » Goa » Benaulim January 6th 2010

Hi folks. We set off for Gokarna and didn't make it, we got stuck on this highway dust road which happened to be a truck root to and from a quarry. If you like lorries you would have died and gone to heaven I have never ever seen so many trucks over loaded with bricks in my life and never will again! They also bombed down the wrong way trying to over take he que of trucks and come hurteling towards you, forcing you off the road and then only to then find they couldn't pull back in when another truck came the other way so. It was just gridlocked going both ways with trucks facing all ways on both side and some trying to go round on the dirt. We decided to do this and ... read more
Russ after getting fined
the police check post
grub of lorry road

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