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Asia » China » Qinghai » Qinghai Lake May 12th 2013

My transportation to 西宁 is one of the most expensive one - soft sleeper. Luxury but not by choice! I was planning to bus to the train station, but was running late because I have go and grab a cross stitch, a new thing that is going to make the long journey more bearable. There is traffic everywhere in the city due to the subway construction. There is a saying that 来了成都不想走。 I was joking with the taxi driver that 想走也走不了,堵住了。 = P My roommate for the ride is a guy who play drum in a band, a son and his father. After getting on so many long train journey, 20+ hour on a train is a piece of cake. Sleep, music, cross stitch and looking out the window, before I know it, I arrived in ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai » Golmud July 5th 2012

Note: Our photo upload capability seems to be blocked here in Qinghai. We will post these later when we can make it happen. In China, drivers blow their horns. They blow them to warn pedestrians, to signal to other vehicles, to send a warning as they speed through a town, and to part livestock. It is also a habit perhaps concurrent with the excitement of the recent arrival of cars in the mainstream. In 2009 we observed a driver cruising down a six lane highway in the middle of nowhere blowing his horn vigorously at the empty road. It can be irksome but the system is quite useful at times. In many towns, a broken horn could be deadly; we recently sat eating breakfast at a gas station and watched countless scooters cutting straight across a ... read more
Chinese bike tourist
Asbestos mine

Asia » China » Qinghai » Tongren/Rebkong June 6th 2012

I took a small bus to start my tour around small traditional Tibetan villages.After 4 hours in an uncomfortable sit I arrived to Tongren. Tongren felt bitter, it the sad place I have been since I arrived to China. Is in the mountains in Tibet, the scenery to get here is quite impressive but then the rest not much. It is an old town, that in Tibetan language it is called Rebkong. I found it very dirty and poor. I have never seen so many beggars in China as I have seen here. There are not places to stop for a cold beer or a soda because most of the small kiosks do not have fridges so there are not cold beverages or bottle of water. The population is mainly Tibetan and there are several Muslims ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining June 4th 2012

Xining has a center very crowed, full of shops, especially Mobile phones. I visit two Buddhist temples that are pretty hide in town. I was surprised to find one of them just surrounded by a Shopping mall and the police stations. Then I entered to a local market where I bought fruit and vegetables. Here the stores for fruit and vegetables are different ones. I also bought some gojis and some kimchi of onion, garlic and other vegetables. Then I have not done much here, I have being sick in Xining for the last 2 days, and it sucked but now I am better. The drastic change of weather from where I was coming for, the air condition in the train, and the shower here with cold water, impacted me and got a cold. I ... read more
Blood Test Results

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining June 2nd 2012

Today I got up with a little bit of a cold, so I was taking it mellow. Traveling could be exhausted and without the language a tough job. So today was my day off.I used it to do download footage, write, and meet people in the hostel. Hostels are amazing interesting places. Marc Auge will define them as non-places, but I disagree. They have their own identity. They are island of non-nationality in the middle of anywhere. Places that have some universal rules but invites diversity, gives you a sense of safe, security and support. I believe is the only way you can make a trip around here without being completely lost. Hostels and Lonely planet are the common share language for many travelers around the world, spaces of possibilities, leanings, and opportunities to discover realities ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai » Ta'er Si Buddhist Temple September 1st 2011

This is Part III of my summer visit to the Province of Qinghai, China's 4th largest province, surrounded by the provinces of Sichuan, Gansu, Xinjiang and Tibet. In TravelBlog #131 we visited the wonderful and largest of China's lakes, known as Qinghai-lake. In TravelBlog #132 we experienced the Great Mosque of Qinghai's capital, Xining. This TravelBlog #133 takes me (and you) to the Temple complex known as the Kumbum Monastery, better known as the Ta'er Si Buddhist Temple. It is considered one of the holiest Buddhist sites in China. Parts of the Silk-road passed through this region on its way South, on its long journey toward India. The 97 photos will take you on a special journey into the hills of one of China's remote and least developed provinces, Qinghai, to the village of Lusar in ... read more
Tai'er Si Temple is a working monastery and now houses over 600 monks. There were once as many as 3,000 resident monks.
The walled temple complex is nestled into a hillside, about 20 miles from Xining, Qinghai in China.
The Great Golden Roof Hall, birthplace of Tsong Khapa, is the most important and most revered shrine in the compound.

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining August 27th 2011

In this TravelBlog #132, Part II of my visit to the Province of Qinghai, I am introducing the "GREAT MOSQUE" of Xining, Qinghai's capital city. After some research, here is some additional information about this least visited and poorest of the China's provinces: Qinghai is bordered by Tibet, Xinjiang, Gansu and Sichuan at an average altitude of more than 13,000 feet on the Tibetan plateau. Here, summers are hot and winters are cold and dry. The province is home of a mix of minority peoples, mostly Hui Muslims and Tibetans, along with Kazakhs and Mongols. Geographically part of Tibet and historically a distant and obscure region, Qinghai for centuries supported nomadic herdsmen. Later it found fame as a distant "Gulag"! The central government is making great efforts to develop the capital of Xining, infusing much money ... read more
My great fortune was to meet this young Iman at the Great Mosque of Xining.  He introduced the mosque to me, with fountains of friendly information, and finally gave me permission to photograph the interior of the "prayer hall".
The Great Mosque of Xining at night
Front fascade of the Great Mosque in Xining

Asia » China » Qinghai » Qinghai Lake August 25th 2011

Happy Summer to everyone. Hope all of you are safe from the up-coming hurricane Irene, and that you and your belongings have not been affected by the East Coast Earthquake. It has been a whole semester since my last entry, and yes, I am still teaching in China, and I have signed another year's contract. 5 years have passed since I have signed my first contract at Taizhou Teachers College. Though I have stored 1,000s of photos from 10,000s of miles of travels across this vast country of China, it has actually become more difficult and frustrating to post the entries. Time has become limited, since I am involved in many more college and city activities, and above all, the slow and un-reliable computer speed is simply driving me crazy. The photos up-load slowly, and often, ... read more
Qinghai Lake, China's largest lake, is surrounded by the mountains of the Tibetan Plateau, and its blue waters are more accentuated by the gold colors of the rape-flower fields, in bloom during the time of my visit.
Qinghai Lake covers an area over 1,740 square miles and is a "salt water lake".
Huge Desert mountains make the lake difficult to access.  But it was a unique experience to travel this sparcely populated region of China.

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining November 1st 2010

I went to Qinghai province last week for Fall break on a whim with a backpack and a sleeping bag, boots and the notion of camping. Well, I never used the sleeping bag, it was colder there then I expected and due to events on the train ride there I was not feeling up to the challenge. I took a train from Beijing on the 24th of October, two Sundays ago and because I bought my ticket that Friday there were no sleeper tickets available and I ended up with nothing but a seat for 23 hours. The bigger issue ended up being something I had not expected. Everyone seated near me wanted to talk to me when they found out I could speak some Chinese so I had a bunch of enthusiastic people trying to ... read more
Taoer Si, Buddhist Temple
Prayer cylinders
Burning Incense

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining June 10th 2010

Well folks it has been a little while since I have sent an update on my travels. There are a few reasons for this, one; the internet places are few and far between and second I have not been real interested in sitting in front of a computer. This usually happens to me after a few months away, I get tired and just spend a few days sitting back and watching the world go by. No photos and no internet. So here is a short synopsis of what has happened since my lat update. Finished travelling along the Tibetan plateau and am now heading east towards Xi'an and the Tera Cotta warriers. Spent one night camping along a massive lake and got to ride a local tibetan man's mtorcycle. That was pretty cool. Got a few ... read more

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