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October 20th 2015
Published: May 6th 2017
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Travelling along Qinghai provice is one of the trips that I absolutely recommend, to experience, while travelling in China.

This time I have visited Qinghai lake. I stayed actually in the city of Xining which is about five hours away to the western side of the city.

I was quite impressed to see that even in this part of China the cities have been transformed and the construction sites, I found in this city, were massive.

Luckily, I discovered a little and cozy guesthouse slightly detached from the horrible concrete hub of the place.

It was still traditional with all the ancient decorations and that inimitable ambiance that it is only found in the authentic part of this ever changing country.

I loved that room with a bit of dirtiness, those feded curtains and sand stained window where I could only barely watch the street outside.

It was one of those places that I rerely encounter and very special because it is unchanged, simple and old.

I decided to stay for a few days because that guesthouse really transmitted me something special and I liked that feeling of peace that gave to me.

About the rest, one aspect that I remember with pleasure it was that, the owners of a restaurant just across the road, at anytime of the day set up fireworks and all of a sudden there was this blow interrupting the great silence that was otherwise omnipresent and, after that, everyone dashed outside to see what was going on. I like these unexpected happenings.

I woke up very early in the morning the day I visited this lake because the first bus left at seven o'clock and someone loses about ten hours to head there for the trip only.

Said that, It was well worth it. I enjoy to travel long distances when I can admire such a beautiful landscape and mountain scenary. Along some streches of the apparently endless road fading in the horizon, there were herds of yaks with their mandrian leading them along the way inside the fence.

The only downpoint was that it was a bit cloudy with light showers.

青海湖 "Qinghai Hu" as it is known by the local people is a salt lake and it is the biggest lake in China. It has got also a Bird Island where many species of birds live. I love the spectacular mountain scenery and the mix of Tibetan, Mongolian, and Muslim culture.

Qinghai Lake is over 3,000 meters above the sea level and the beauty of traveling to Qinghai Lake is the immense space, little population, and a bit of loneliness which is what I like to find when I travel.

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7th May 2017

Qinghai Hu
I was intrigued as to why there are so many prayer flags in your blog Marcos. It seems it is a Tibetan Buddhist area and in the year of the Horse every 12 years adherents circumambulate the lake which takes 12 to 18 days by horse but longer if one walks!
7th May 2017

Qinghai hu
Hi Dave, as I always say, I am attracted about what is different and I find Prayer flags beautiful. It is really appealing to see that certain traditions are still kept and this is one of the reasons why I love the Asian World.

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