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Asia » China » Qinghai » Qinghai Lake October 20th 2015

Travelling along Qinghai provice is one of the trips that I absolutely recommend, to experience, while travelling in China. This time I have visited Qinghai lake. I stayed actually in the city of Xining which is about five hours away to the western side of the city. I was quite impressed to see that even in this part of China the cities have been transformed and the construction sites, I found in this city, were massive. Luckily, I discovered a little and cozy guesthouse slightly detached from the horrible concrete hub of the place. It was still traditional with all the ancient decorations and that inimitable ambiance that it is only found in the authentic part of this ever changing country. I loved that room with a bit of dirtiness, those feded curtains and sand stained ... read more
Splendid Prayer flags in Qinghai lake

Asia » China » Qinghai » Qinghai Lake May 12th 2013

My transportation to 西宁 is one of the most expensive one - soft sleeper. Luxury but not by choice! I was planning to bus to the train station, but was running late because I have go and grab a cross stitch, a new thing that is going to make the long journey more bearable. There is traffic everywhere in the city due to the subway construction. There is a saying that 来了成都不想走。 I was joking with the taxi driver that 想走也走不了,堵住了。 = PMy roommate for the ride is a guy who play drum in a band, a son and his father. After getting on so many long train journey, 20+ hour on a train is a piece of cake. Sleep, music, cross stitch and looking out the window, before I know it, I arrived in 西宁. ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai » Qinghai Lake August 25th 2011

Happy Summer to everyone. Hope all of you are safe from the up-coming hurricane Irene, and that you and your belongings have not been affected by the East Coast Earthquake. It has been a whole semester since my last entry, and yes, I am still teaching in China, and I have signed another year's contract. 5 years have passed since I have signed my first contract at Taizhou Teachers College. Though I have stored 1,000s of photos from 10,000s of miles of travels across this vast country of China, it has actually become more difficult and frustrating to post the entries. Time has become limited, since I am involved in many more college and city activities, and above all, the slow and un-reliable computer speed is simply driving me crazy. The photos up-load slowly, and often, ... read more
Qinghai Lake, China's largest lake, is surrounded by the mountains of the Tibetan Plateau, and its blue waters are more accentuated by the gold colors of the rape-flower fields, in bloom during the time of my visit.
Qinghai Lake covers an area over 1,740 square miles and is a "salt water lake".
Huge Desert mountains make the lake difficult to access.  But it was a unique experience to travel this sparcely populated region of China.

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