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Asia » China » Qinghai August 4th 2018

July 27 - Guide - Dia 37 We got picked up at 8:30am, no more carrying backpacks or hitchiking. We had a car for ourselves for 7 full days! All of us were extremely excited for the new journey. Hitchhiking and carrying our packs for 36 days really made us a realize how fortunate it is to have a car. We could tell the driver to take us anywhere ?? Before heading anywhere the driver, Hu Xiaobing took us to meet the owner of the car, a 29 year old woman. To our surprise Hu Xiabing took us to a Hospital. All of us were wondering what was the woman doing in the Hospital. As we crossed through a sign which sayed Blood Dyalysis we started to get an idea. We met the woman which wanted ... read more
River we stopped to refresh ourselves
The way woman dressed in Guide

Asia » China » Qinghai August 4th 2018

30th - Mountain Animachen - Dia 40 A lot of emotions today. Waking up to some amazing blue skies, I took the opportunity to use the river to shave my head. As I was doing so, Bean and Leonardo woke up and got into a heated argument. Defiently broke the peace in the morning. With tension being felt between both of them, affecting the dynamics of the group, we spend the morning talking about it. I worked as the moderator and after an hour of words being shared, everything was back to normal. Because of this delay we never managed to eat the yak yogurt the family had made for us. When we arrived at their doorstep we found out nobody was home ? Leaving the campsite behind we went back on the gravel road ... read more
Incredible sunset next to the river
Small hike as a break
Yaks on top of the hill

Asia » China » Qinghai July 29th 2018

July 23 - Qinghai Lake Still raining when we woke up and not really feeling ready to pack everything in the middle of the rain, we decided to sleep in jiji. After an hour of rolling around, the rain finally stopped and we jumped out of the tent into a cloudy day. With a lot of our equipment wet, the second objective apart from getting to Qinghai Lake was finding a place to dry it all. Finally heading out of Haibei and towards Qinghai Lake. Now being four in the group, hitchhiking was going to be harder. And so it was. After spending a long time looking for a ride we got the opportunity of pay a driver to take us to Qinghai Lake. Not finding any other option available we took the offer. It was ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai July 25th 2018

July 20th - The Qilian Village - Dia 30 Walking up in an extremely foggy morning. But as the sun warmed everything up the clouds departed slowly, making for some espectacular views. The camp invited us for breakfast before heading out. It was a really simple meal consisting of rice porridge with a piece of bread. A lot of carbs, classic for Chinese cuisine. As we headed out they gave us around 3kg of dried dates for the road, my new favorite hike snack. The mud road was pretty empty apart from the construction trucks driving back and forth. Based on Google maps we still had around 30km of road and 1000 meters elevation gain. The views were sensational so Leonardo and I wanted to walk it all, hoping that the sunny weather stayed. Meanwhile Bean, ... read more
Just some DIRT road walking
Crossing Qilian Mountains
Trucks we managed to Hitchhike, one each!!

Asia » China » Qinghai July 22nd 2018

July 15th - Mountain Maia - Dia 25 We thought it was going to rain through the night but it did not start until 6am. Having thought of doing a hike in the morning through the deserted hills we decided to abandon the plan due to the rain. We packed our bags through the slight drizzle and headed back towards the street. Today we were extremely lucky with hitchhiking, we got in a ride that was going to take us all the way to Zhangye, a city 300km north west. Close to one of the destinations we have in mind, Rainbow Mountains. After less then 30km on the car we started looking at a beautiful mountain range stretching infinitely. Leo and I started talking about how cool it would it be if we could just hike ... read more
Mountain Maia
The Desert Dunes
Camel's we managed to see in the Dunes

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining March 19th 2018

Our excellent hotel has franchised the breakfast service to a neighbouring establishment, which provides a shocking breakfast, chipped plates and a depressing ambience; Kevin went to so far as to leave a note of this for the hotel manager as, in every other way, the hotel was fine. We are now in the hands of Frank and a driver, Mr. Shen, for a four day trip into the highlands of Qinghai. In a nutshell, Xinjiang is the most westerly area of China, bordered on the south by Tibet; to the east of Xinjiang lies Gansu, a peanut-shaped area bounded to north and south by mountains and populated by mainstream Han persons. South of Gansu is Qinghai, which (like Xinjiang and Tibet, partially embracing it) has minority ethnic populations and significant cultural and religious elements. Later we ... read more
The Yellow River
Themonastery at Baoan
At Baoan

Asia » China » Qinghai March 18th 2018

Miscalculation, could not find suitable breakfast. Watched staff in a neighbouring hotel doing pre-work warm-ups, saw a nice butcher’s stall. Noted in South China Morning Post an interesting article; it seems that a factory work (living in a strange city, without resident rights or access to free medical treatment) earns about U.S. $4,000 per year; some people are now moving back to the villages and starting e-commerce. One couple, 25km north of Xi’an, started selling vegetables that way, earned U.S. $78,000 last year between the pair of them, built a 200 sq. metre factory and are expanding now to 2,000 sq. metre. A farmer supplements his living elsewhere by supplying an e-commerce business, on a good day it is worth up to U.S. $25 but even on a bad day makes U.S. $3.00 – “not bad ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai October 27th 2016

The group are split in two for now so lots of space on the truck. Woke up to a frozen fly sheet on my tent - we thought we had left that behind but it seems not. We have travelled on the expressway toll road so have made good time. The decision was made not to stop at Xining (capital of the Quinghai region) but whilst driving past we were astonished at the massive building development of high rises all around. More than you could possibly imagine. We have also seen a number of ghost towns along the way, built we believe for future generations of Chinese. Who knows? We have encountered quite a bit of Chinese beaurocracy so far that it is anyone's guess. Mid afternoon we arrived at Liujiaxia Reservoir on the Yellow River ... read more

Asia » China » Qinghai » Xining October 26th 2016

Hétfőn elsétáltunk a nagy mecsethez. Éppen Mekka felé kezdtek gyülekezni a sapis hui kínaiak. Egy idősebb magyarazott nekünk valamit, mi meg bólogattunk, mintha értenénk. Utána Berit apukájanak is megmutattuk a piacot a hotel mellett, estebéd és utána kicsit dolgoztunk a német blogon. Kedden reggeli után, úgy döntöttünk, hogy megnéztünk egy tibeti kolostort (itt élnek sima kínaiak : Han/ iszlám vallású : Hui/ tibetiek. A kolostor a sárga sapkás rendhez tartozik. És valamelyik dalai láma ott született vagy élt, annyira nem olvastam utána. Berit apukája valahogy felbérelt egy tele kocsit. Itt állnak mindig az út szélen és lehet velük alkudozni. Elvitt minket a hegyekbe kb 2800m magasan volt a kolostor. A hotel 2200m magasan van + 20 emelet. Több kis epuletbol állt a kolostor, hegyre fel is ment az út. A tetején vettünk egy gyertyát és mindenki ... read more
Szertartás volt bent és fotot nem csinálhattunk
Tibeti zászlok

Asia » China » Qinghai » Golmud October 24th 2016

Wednesday 19 Oct. Still dark when we got up thanks to the change of clocks, but left hostel by 10.00 out of Kashgar and through Kargalik to the start of the 219 (photo opportunity). The land started very flat and the visibility got poor but the road was good. However we failed at the first checkpoint about 65 km in when it appeared we needed to register with the police as well as have all the necessary permits. This was because of a terrorist attack earlier in the year but neither our guide nor agent were aware of the requirement. So about turn to Kargalik where we arrived by 5.30 pm - after about an hour and a half the decision was made for us to stay in a hotel overnight. This area of China does ... read more

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