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Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi May 1st 2016

Nach bestandenen Mid-Term Exams, gönnte uns die Schule einen kleinen Urlaub. Zur Auswahl standen Beijing und Wuxi. Da ich bereits in Beijing war, ging ich wie auch etwa 120 andere Studenten nach Wuxi. Am ersten Tag stand der Besuch der CCTV Movie and TV Base, ein Ort an dem chinesische TV-Serien und Filme gedreht wurden, an. Das wurde uns aber nicht direkt gesagt und daher dachten wir zuerst, es wäre wie ein historisches Dorf. Nachdem ich aber zufällig etwas fester gegen eine Mauer fasste und merkte dass sie hohl war, wurde das mit dem Drehort doch einleuchtender. Auch wenn vielleicht nicht sehr original historisch, die Umgebung war doch wirklich schön, da dieser Schauplatz auch an dem Taihu Lake angrenzt. Skurill ist es aber doch. In den ersten 15 Minuten zu Fuß (wenigstens nur soweit) wird alle ... read more
Platz vor der CCTV Studio Base

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi October 8th 2015

Wow, time fliesmust be the most accurate of all the idioms. It is mind boggling to think that I have just 6 weeks left in China. My last day in Wuxi is November 30 and with the help of my friend Susan who will spend my last week here with me, I will be home on December 2. I have been so very fortunate to have many friends come to visit and to have made many new friends in my year here. Jenna came in August and we had a great time and an amazing trip to Huangshan Mountain. The natural beauty was astonishing and the hiking was ridiculously steep, arduous and at times, scary. It was really magical and ended with a visit to the Huangshan Hot Springs. Just what my aching body needed and ... read more

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi October 8th 2015

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi » Yixing July 15th 2015

Been 5 days of teaching plus out to eat with a gang of 5 every night. I'm tired. But there's another trip planned. This one to Yixing. No word on what we'll see. Just hop on a bus with other teachers and a bunch of students and go where it takes us. Come to find there are two key things to see in Yixing: Nature and purple teapots. We saw the former, were supposed to see the latter, but there were no purple teapots to be found, it seems. Yixing is known for caves and a bamboo forest that became known primarily because it was the set for a popular Chinese movie. We visited one cave, Linggu. It is set in a larger complex. Our tour paused long enough for a "native" performance. People in grass ... read more
Playing with Fire
The Cave
More Playing with Fire

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi July 3rd 2015

Two classes, 15 students each; 6 hours daily of teaching. There are a total of 240 undergraduates; 14 teachers. The students are the top performers in each major at the university. Their Honor’s program involves many multi-disciplinary programs including this required 3-week conversational English program. My class is made up of Food Science, Polymer, Modeling (yes, strangely, Modeling is a major), Industrial Design, Industrial Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Secondary Education and a number of other majors. Their English level is mixed, but generally good since every student had to get a minimum score on the English portion of their university entrance exam. Most universities look only at the overall score. I’ve repurposed many lessons from previous summers, with some classes added and others dropped. Just as in past summers, these students are highly motivated but ... read more
Independence Day Dancing

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi June 30th 2015

Last night in China this time around and trying to catch up on the past three crazy-busy weeks. These entries will depend more on photos than verbiage. Arrived in Wuxi for my fifth 3-week teaching gig in China after a 3 hour bus ride from Shanghai. Jiangnan University is an old university but on a relatively new campus. The campus was built about 12 years ago with about 30,000 students enrolled. I found out only later that it, like many universities in China, was built over an old cemetery. There are few cemeteries left in China, as cremations are now the norm. Land close into urban areas is far too valuable for dead people, so it is used to educate the living instead. There are numerous dormitory ghost stories that have become the rumored rationale for ... read more
Jiangnan Univeristy
Canal through Univeristy

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi August 12th 2012

Photos on: …..the video is a result of playing with my new smart phone. The sound quality is not great but I hope the picture gives some impression of the amazing illuminated dome in the Buddha Palace at Lingshan, near Wuxi. Since the end of the last blog there have been 2 weeks of school summer camp, farewell gatherings, George's birthday, a visit to meet Miss Piggy's new love and being prevented from visiting our old mate Peter, now back in China, due to being stranded in Wuxi by typhoon Haikui. I'll probably take a short trip to Anhui province next week but, first things first..... …..well done Lisa. A teacher here a couple of years ago now living in Hong Kong she is the dean for one of the 2 Elementary School Summer Camps. ... read more
Jessica, Flower and daughter
Summer Camp class
George's Birthday

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi August 3rd 2012

Turkey sandwich, check. Cold beer, check. Blanket, check. Some good friends to bring along, check! Picnic in the old town gardens anyone? How have I lived here for over a year and never been to this part of town? I look up at this mountain every day on my way home from work and I'm just now going to check it out? It's amazing how far we're willing to travel to see something new and exhilarating, when we sometimes forget there's a plethora of adventure within a 5-mile radius of us. “Old town” is situated on the outskirts of dusty Wuxi, settled at the bottom of a tree-infested mountain. The gardens, ponds and streams are connected by old courtyards, circular entrance ways, and connecting quaint bridges. We eat our lunch in the garden by one of ... read more
Poker Faces
Pull-up bar

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi July 31st 2012

As I was walking home this evening I made a detour through a pedestrian square... 8:00 PM Red juicy flesh dripping from their jaws. The sidewalk stained and squishy. I step in some of the discarded pieces. Some sticks to my shoe. It doesn't phase me because the sweet plum scent fills my surrounding, as eveningers continue chewing and chipping away at their fleshy fruits. Tunes glide into my skull while my headphones buzz out the current choice made by my iPod's shuffle mode. Over my music, I can barely here the oriental song alive around me. Those who are not feasting on the ripened reds, gather and swirl about the square; Dozens. A local community appearing to dance in unison to both their own echoing music, and the sounds ringing in my ears. Each of ... read more
rushing reds

Asia » China » Jiangsu » Wuxi February 3rd 2012

New photos on: …..local trips only, as the second semester approaches &, after nearly a month of work everyone is wondering how they will cope with kids who have likewise had a month off school. Hence the title of this blog. It'll be all right on Monday, won't it?..... …..we were told that the hot water would be off for 10 days, 19th to the 29th of January. Some of us are back here for at least some of that time, but reasonable in that the school is otherwise almost deserted as the Chinese teachers are with their families wherever they are for the most important festival in the Chinese calendar. However when the hot water trucks arrive & are seen to pump water in but only, at the very best, barely lukewarm water... read more
Sunny's apartment
Sunny's apartment
Dinosaur Park, Changzhou

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