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Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha July 8th 2019

Hi All On the outskirts of ChangSha is the birthplace of the Chinese communist hero Lei Feng. Lei Feng's story, according to western historians, is probably not true. Lei Feng is famous in China for writing a diary, which was found after his death, in which he expounds the greatness of the Chinese Communist Party and Chairman Mao ZeDong. The diary was discovered at a time when Mao ZeDong's prestige was on the wain after the disaster of The Great Leap Forward and was probably devised by Lin Biao who at that time was head of the PLA. Lei Feng's image and writtings are still used as propoganda today to urge Chinese people to be frugal, selfless and good socialists. March 5th is "Learn from Lei Feng" day in which people are urged to go out ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha September 16th 2018

Od 2 lat nieustannie nie opuszcza nas powinowactwo do wszelakich kataklizmów. Dwa lata temu w Japonii musielismy uciekać przed dyszacym nam za plecami tajfunem Chaba. Rok temu wzbierajacy wulkan Agung i towarzyszace mu wstrząsy dość kategorycznie zmienily nasze plany. Jakże miałoby być w tym roku? Jednak zanim o kataklizmach, muszę cofnąć się do przedwczoraj. Przedwczoraj silny organizm mojej żony pokonał zdradziecką chińską bakterię i, mimo, że jeszcze osłabiona postanowiła zapalić zielone światło dla dalszej eksploracji Narodowego Parku Zhangjiajie. “Jak najmniej chodzenia bo jestem słaba jak żart z brodą” zaznaczyła Basia przed wyjściem z hotelu. Niestety jej słowa nie znalazły potwierdzenia w rzeczywistości. Przewodniki twierdza, że aby obejrzeć park i zaliczyć wszystkie jego rejony potrzeba wiecej niż 2 dni. Jednak gdy my odpalimy ju... read more
Bailong Elevator.

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha June 27th 2018

Today was quite uneventful. We woke up and ate breakfast as normal, then we proceeded to drive to a new city Chang Sha. on the way there we stopped at some places that demonstrated some stuff, and we bought some black tea that I really liked. Then we went to eat Korean BBQ. I won’t say it was my favorite meal because it wasn’t Chinese, but it was VERY DELICIOUS. Then we kept driving for 5 hours and got to our hotel.... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha September 27th 2017

I got way behind on this Blog, but I'm going to try to update it quickly. Maybe at some point I'll go back and talk about teaching at ZhouNan, but for now, I just want to post some photos from my Spring Festival trip that I went on with a few of my friends. Really quickly, Spring Festival is also known as Chinese New Year. It's also a good time to break between the semesters, so just like American students get about a month off from school for Christmas/Holidays, the same goes for Chinese students. The length of the holiday varies from school to school, and being a foreign teacher, I got a few extra weeks off due to testing and whatnot. I've often heard that Chinese New Year is the equivalent to the Christmas/Holiday season ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha June 27th 2017

Diarra’s Year in Changsha, China I wanted to make a blog post about my observations and experiences with Chinese culture. This is in no way the end all be all. Although this is my third time in China, considering China’s long history and deeply complex culture I want to be clear that this commentary is simply based on what I have observed and my own experiences. I in no way wish to proclaim that I am an expert or even fully understand Chinese culture. If you want to understand China I would still recommend the old fashioned way, reading or first hand experience. Even firsthand experience can be misconstrued and used inappropriately coming from an outsider perspective. As always I will subhead each section as the topics change. While I love doing my monthly blog post ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha June 26th 2017

China Blog Post 7 6/26/2017 Intro The last time I posted a blog was in early March. It’s been a long time. A lot has happened since and I’m excited to write about the adventures I’ve had these past few months. When I last wrote, my WT (World Teach) colleagues and I were throwing a going away party for Dom. Unfortunately for personal reasons he had to leave early and return to Australia. Since March I’ve had some more travel stories, teaching disasters and teaching break throughs. Before continuing I want to let all of my friends and family know that I am currently working on a commentary, writing about my observations and experiences with Chinese culture. It will be different from my blog as I’ll solely be focusing on analyzing aspects of Chinese culture. It ... read more
Guangzhou dim sum
Guangzhou White Cloud Mountain

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha March 4th 2017

China Blog 6 Intro I haven’t made an official blog post since mid-November. I apologize to any faithful followers. I wish I could be more consistent and post at the end of every month but let’s be honest, we all get a little lazy sometimes. As always a lot has happened so who knows how long this blog post will be. Also as always I will title subheadings for anyone who is more of a skimmer or a person who likes to skip to the more interesting parts. With that………………LET’S BEGIN! Thanksgiving The last time I made a blog post it was mid-November. I can’t believe it’s been that long. For some odd reason I thought I had already written about this event. Wishful thinking I guess. Since I live downtown and everyone in World Teach ... read more
Christmas Feast

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha December 26th 2016

I've been in China almost five months now, and I've neglected my blog, but I'm going to try to go back in my mind and compress these past 5 months in a few blog posts. This blog is going to be about WorldTeach's Orientation! When Dee and I finally arrived in China after nearly 48 hours of traveling, we were exhausted. We met several of the WorldTeach volunteers on the plane from Beijing to Changsha, and then we met a few others after we arrived at the Changsha airport, along with our Field Director, and the lovely WorldTeach Assistant, Papaya!!! (Note: Papaya is a Changsha native who has been working with WT for a few years. Papaya is her English name!) Once all of the WT volunteers were rounded up, we all boarded a charter bus ... read more
Comics Lesson

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha November 18th 2016

I was extremely nervous before I left for China. In fact, I cried my eyes out as my brother dropped me off at my friend Diarra's aunt's house the day before I left. (Thank you again Mrs. Lorraine for allowing me to stay in your wonderful home, and then taking Dee and me to the airport at 5 AM the following morning!) I had been so pumped up for leaving the U.S., but when the time came to actually board the airplane, I truly wanted to back out. I've always been the type to just say "screw it" and let life take me where ever. I think I proved that when I left Georgia Southwestern and moved 16 hours away from everything and everyone I knew in small-town Americus, Georgia to go to Goucher College in ... read more

Asia » China » Hunan » ChangSha November 13th 2016

I typically start my blogs by saying a lot has happened and the post will probably be long. This time a lot really has happened. I turned 22. I’ve conducted my first test for my students. I’ve traveled. I’ve had both good and bad experiences. I finally have a Chinese tutor (for free), and America has elected Donald Trump as president. It’s been almost a month and a half since I last updated my blog. Sorry for such the long wait. Sit tight cause there is so much I have to say. Vacation In China, the first week of October is a major holiday. The holiday is called National Week which celebrates the founding of the People’s Republic of China back in 1949. Usually most people get off. If not a few days, the whole week. ... read more
Sleeper train
Beautiful, green, Hangzhou
Gettin my bike on

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