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Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan January 10th 2010

Great music! Great friends! Great food! God, I love this place! Last night we all trekked over to VOX, our nearby weekend hangout, to watch our friend Colin and his band, Man Made Lake, open for the well-known Canadian indie band, Great Lake Swimmers. Outside it was chilly and damp but inside the atmosphere soon warmed up as the evening's music began. A little plug for the venue, "VOX is considered, among Chinese music aficionados, to be one of the country's finest rock clubs. Offering live music almost daily, VOX is situated in Wuhan's student district and regularly hosts China's top bands and DJs, as well as a rotating cast of international bands. In addition to the club's excellent program of events and atmosphere, VOX is also stocked with an amazing selection of beers, offering Belgian ... read more
Vox bar map
Man Made Lake

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan January 2nd 2010

Whether it is lunchtime, dinner hour or 2 in the morning after a night out at the clubs, you can't beat the street food around here. There are always places to choose from during the day but at night, the number of street vendors explodes wth a variety of food and other items along every sidewalk. And everything is delicious! Although these "meals on wheels" can be found everywhere in the city, there are also several well-known "food streets" where a large number of them congregate. A lot of these areas are found near the numerous universities that dot the city landscape. Mainly because the food is unbelievably cheap, most stuff sells for under 5 kwai or less than a buck, including the beer. Some of the staples are roasted yams, chestnuts, pineapple, flat breads and ... read more
Chicken and other goodies
Sweet potatos or yams?
Flat breads

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan January 1st 2010

Xin nian quai-le! Some friends and I decided to spend New Year's Eve in Wuhan. We arrived just in time for the rush hour, and were stuck in traffic for some time. We finally made it to the area of town where we would spend the evening. After a meal and some aimless wandering, we met up with our local friend Lei at Brussels, a Belgian bar, with 30 minutes left in the year. The crowd was a more mature bunch- many professional Chinese, some French, Russian, and Canadian tourists. Lots of dancing, fun and fireworks. I pitched a business plan or two. I should have kept chatting with the Chinese, because the Canadians I talked to claimed to be from the West Coast. I related the story of the time I had an altercation ... read more
No foreigners allowed
Big City

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 25th 2009

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all our far away family and friends!! I hope everybody had a great day. We had a great Christmas Day here in Wuhan. Outside, it was business as usual in the city but inside it was Christmas Day for all us expats. Nancy gave me a foosball game for Christmas which took most of the day for me and my two helpers to asemble. How she got the thing home from the store and up our staircase is a story in itself; let's just say that the box was too heavy for me to move. But with the help of a few mimosas, it finally got put together. For Christmas Dinner, we all gathered at a friends place for a pot-luck for 56 people. A good time was had ... read more
Mixing the mimosas
A Christmas pose
The unwrapping continues

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 24th 2009

It’s time for another Christmas in China! To be honest, I’ve been more down about being so far from home for Christmas than I was last year. I need to get used to it, because I plan to continue teaching English overseas for as long as possible, and that means I still have several years to go before I’ll be able to spend a holiday at home. Luckily, yesterday was a very good day. I brought in Christmas treats for all of my two hundred and fifty students. The hardest part was finding enough of anything, and I ended up getting different gifts for each of my classes. In one class all of the students got new erasers, in two they all got pencils, and in two they all got cookies. The funniest reaction was in ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 20th 2009

Our busy weekends continued this week as we took in a show at the Wuhan Music College on Friday night in a beautuful theatre and carried on Saturday night watching our friend, Colin, debut in China with his band, Man Made Lake, at a small packed venue, the Folk Hand. Every year, a show takes place at WMC for the foreigners in the city. It was great last year and this year the tradtion continued. Over the course of the evening we were entertained by a variety of Western and Chinese opera, tradtional and classical music, acrobatics, martial arts, and dancing. Wuhan has a burgeoning performing arts culture, which we have had the pleasure of watching over the last two years. We have seen an incredible amount of talented individuals performing in various parts of the ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 14th 2009

Ok, so the two don't mix but that was the story of our weekend! There are two very popular things that we hadn't done since we have lived here; Chinese massage and karaoke. This weekend we crossed off the latter. Karaoke houses or bars are huge here and when I say huge, I mean incredibly popular. Apart from going to the dance clubs, it is the thing to do here on a Friday or Saturday night. They are known locally as KTVs and any building that contains one will have KTV in big letters somewhere on the outside of the place. We headed out to one that is close by this weekend with a small group of friends. I had never been but have heard about them since we arrived. When you enter, you are greeted ... read more
One of my times in the spotlight...
And the show continues...
Touched by the music...

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 14th 2009

Here are those photos of my apartment. There are a couple of areas missing including the dining room table, back/front decks, plus a shot of my view. But you get the idea.... read more
Living room
Fridge and second sink

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 13th 2009

Well it's been awhile :) Thanksgiving, Halloween, remembrance day have all slid on by. My time here in Wuhan is flying by faster than when I was in Dalian. - Many of the seasoned teachers warned me about the long haul from October break to the big 5 week in Jan, but I can't believe that we're only a month away from our big holiday. TIME IS FLYING! Christmas is right around the corner, and this was a cause of slight concern back when I was in Canada. Questions of ' What was my first Christmas away from home going to be like? What would it be like without my family and friends - who was going to make Ginger Beer and punch de creme, and would Parang sound the same here in China as it ... read more
Men climbing trees
x-mas tree
night out

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 12th 2009

Well I have been going hard core at work for the past couple of months. Our school had the mandatory BC provincial government inspection last month. The school did well, there were some minor suggestions of improvement but nothing to write home about (haha). I went on a weekend trip a month ago to a hot spring near Lushan mountain in a neighboring province. That was fun as a local friend of ours, Louie, set up the trip and we toured around. The hot springs were nice there were dozens of hot tubs each with their own special healing processes. Two of the hot tubs were interesting, they had fish in the and the fish ate your dead skin on your body. They tickled as dozens of fish swarmed your body. My legs and arms felt ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

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