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Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan March 12th 2011

Spring has sprung and the days are beginning to warm up around here. This weekend, and for the next few days, we are looking at temperatures in the high teens so summer is definitely around the corner. Friday night found us at yet another party. This time the excuse was the fact that one of the staff couples got engaged over the holidays last month. So fifty people or so piled into Bryn's apartment for a few hours of R & R. His "penthouse" is located on the 18th floor of the building, which makes for great views of the surrounding complex and city. Partway through the night, a couple of party goers set off a fireworks display inside the main Vanke complex just below us so we could watch from the balcony. They lit the ... read more
Anneli watches Mitch's cutting skills
The cake
Party 1

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan March 12th 2011

It's a little hard to believe that I've been in China for almost a month now. I'm starting to get into more of a routine at work and am becoming more comfortable here. This week I was a little homesick; it's hard being somewhere where nothing is familiar and you can't really communicate with other people. I'm missing the comforts of home; a comfortable bed, driving a car, hearing English, knowing what you're buying, etc. (Of course I'm missing family and friends too!) But I suppose all that is normal and is something I'll get used to. School has kept me pretty busy during the week, I'm usually there from about 715-5 everyday. I'm getting to know my students better now, I think I know about 80% of their names which is pretty good I think. ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan March 12th 2011

Woke up to meet D.West to go get my bank account and a cell phone at 7:30 AM. Of course, I was supposed to meet him at 8:30 AM. There, I met two new foreign teachers who just came in last night. They are the Couple (D. Boy and D. Girl), but will be teaching in separate classes. Good people and all. The bank account was a simple and uneventful process. D. West decided to take us shopping at a mall in Wuhan. I had to pick up some cooking utensils and cleaning products while the couple needed basically everything. I got headphones that fit my electronic language translator too. The Couple and I covered an enormous lunch that stuffed me to the point where I probably won't be eating again unless I am invited out ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan March 10th 2011

Unassisted by Ambien, I slept for 11 uninterrupted hours and I am still tired. I went to the ITHC for my medical test. The thing was a joke. I had to get five different tests: ECG, Height/weight, Blood test, eye test and blood pressure test. All you do is take the test and they sign it saying that you took it. They didn't even write down the results. The only thing that really seems to matter is the blood test. Since I have no infectious diseases, it's no big deal. The lines were quite long. Most of them were outlined, but a couple were your Chinese trademarked clusterfucks that seem to be quite common here. See, they don't have one doctor that does all of the tests. Rather you have to go to a separate room ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan February 28th 2011

Well my first full week in Wuhan was fun and very tiring. School started Monday; I teach 2 Drama 10 classes, Marketing 11, and Planning 10. Marketing and Planning have been really easy so far because so much of the material was already planned for me and the teachers are really collaborative. Drama has been more challenging though; the first day I spent most of the first class wondering if anyone understand a word I was saying because all I got were blank faces when I tried to explain what we were going to do for the class. Turns out they understand about half of everything I say and I got told by some students that I talk too fast, so that's something to work on. This week all we did was play games in drama; ... read more
Another View from my Balcony
Statue in front of Lo Shon

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan February 20th 2011

Well it's Sunday morning in Wuhan and I should be doing some planning for tomorrow but I'm going to procrastinate and do my first blog to make my mom happy! I left Wednesday morning at 8:45 am Edmonton time and arrived in China at around 10:30 pm Thurday Wuhan time, so that's pretty much a full 24 hours of travel. The flights were pretty good, just very long. There were 7 other teachers on the plane, 6 came to Wuhan and the other went to Chongqing (that may or may not be right). Our flight was delayed in Shanghai for about an hour and a half because the plane was delayed leaving (that is what they the reason they gave us over the intercom-probably had to hear how they said it but it was pretty funny). ... read more
Pretty fountain
Gym and Cafeteria
Cool Statue on the school grounds

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan January 1st 2011

I attended high school in my hometown and went to college a whole hour away from home, so I had never celebrated Thanksgiving or Christmas without my family. Also I quite liked the tEp fambly New Years celebrations where we usually cooked dinner together and did some stuff like play Risk or watch Star Wars. This year, Thanksgiving happened in the middle of a work week. There is one other foreign graduate student here, a nice guy from Iraq named Gazal (spelling?) who I recently met when we both represented the Atom/Molecule team during an Institute-wide tug of war competition (we won! prize = shampoo and conditioner, wat). He already got his Ph.D. in Iraq, but had to start over here in China. Maybe we can start an International Students Association (membership: 2). Anyway, there aren't ... read more
Deep Fried Apple Pies
First Snow!
Sandtart Disaster

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 20th 2010

The students who I know best at the research institute have have relaxed about the whole "OMG FOREIGNER!" thing. They are my friends and they treat me normally which is a wonderful relief from the world outside of our research group. I recently read a blog post (one of the many responses to Amy Chua (who must have a brilliant publicist) where a Chinese-American woman currently working in France discussed the racist environment there. The blogger said that people often yell "NEEE HOWWW" or "konichiwa!" when she walks down the street, and also that people have a lot of ignorant assumptions and ask her a lot of ignorant questions about Asian/Chinese people. Actually that kind of ignorance sounds rather like me, age 14, who had grown up in 98% white towns in New Hampshire my whole ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 17th 2010

img= It is the week before Christmas and all through the town, Very few people realize what is coming down. One tree can be seen at our nearby large mall It's not really a tree, but at least it's quite tall. Covered in plastic candy, and circles and bows, And cone-shaped and colorful, it even quite glows. Metro has some tunes that it plays as you shop But it's only three songs and they don't ever stop. How many times can you hear the same Christmas song Before you go crazy.....but don't get me wrong... Christmas in China is not that bad And there are many things for which I am glad The weather is great, high teens every day No snow to shovel leaves more time to play. Friday off this week and only four ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 4th 2010

An update from me to follow sometime soon.... read more
Hangzhou and nanjing 056
Hangzhou and nanjing 059
Hangzhou and nanjing 076

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