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Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan January 1st 2011

I attended high school in my hometown and went to college a whole hour away from home, so I had never celebrated Thanksgiving or Christmas without my family. Also I quite liked the tEp fambly New Years celebrations where we usually cooked dinner together and did some stuff like play Risk or watch Star Wars. This year, Thanksgiving happened in the middle of a work week. There is one other foreign graduate student here, a nice guy from Iraq named Gazal (spelling?) who I recently met when we both represented the Atom/Molecule team during an Institute-wide tug of war competition (we won! prize = shampoo and conditioner, wat). He already got his Ph.D. in Iraq, but had to start over here in China. Maybe we can start an International Students Association (membership: 2). Anyway, there aren't ... read more
Deep Fried Apple Pies
First Snow!
Sandtart Disaster

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 20th 2010

The students who I know best at the research institute have have relaxed about the whole "OMG FOREIGNER!" thing. They are my friends and they treat me normally which is a wonderful relief from the world outside of our research group. I recently read a blog post (one of the many responses to Amy Chua (who must have a brilliant publicist) where a Chinese-American woman currently working in France discussed the racist environment there. The blogger said that people often yell "NEEE HOWWW" or "konichiwa!" when she walks down the street, and also that people have a lot of ignorant assumptions and ask her a lot of ignorant questions about Asian/Chinese people. Actually that kind of ignorance sounds rather like me, age 14, who had grown up in 98% white towns in New Hampshire my whole ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 17th 2010

img= It is the week before Christmas and all through the town, Very few people realize what is coming down. One tree can be seen at our nearby large mall It's not really a tree, but at least it's quite tall. Covered in plastic candy, and circles and bows, And cone-shaped and colorful, it even quite glows. Metro has some tunes that it plays as you shop But it's only three songs and they don't ever stop. How many times can you hear the same Christmas song Before you go crazy.....but don't get me wrong... Christmas in China is not that bad And there are many things for which I am glad The weather is great, high teens every day No snow to shovel leaves more time to play. Friday off this week and only four ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 4th 2010

An update from me to follow sometime soon.... read more
Hangzhou and nanjing 056
Hangzhou and nanjing 059
Hangzhou and nanjing 076

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 4th 2010

Life is still good in Wuhan! December 5, temperature in the low 20s, riding the motorcycle every day, and another week of sunshine in the forecast. This weekend was more great food and parties along with a ride to a local motocross event. Yes, you heard it right, a ride to a local motorcycle event on my bike...with my summer clothing on. Of course by the end of the weekend I had caught fire, smashed a friend's scooter and badly burned my fingers on my exhaust pipe. And that is why I am going to sit still now and write this little blog entry. I don't dare move for fear of something else happening. Although I have hit my three now! But let me back up a bit... Friday night we had yet another party at ... read more
Ewan, our esteemed VP
Looking into the living room
Paul does a little PR for BC

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan December 1st 2010

I got the apartment cleaned up and modestly decorated. My old roommate went to go do research at Yale and I got a new roommate Chen Jiao, a very sweet girl my age who is in her 5th undergraduate year studying veterinary medicine. (All medicine undergraduate programs are 5 years.) She was just living by the Chinese Academy of Sciences so that she could complete her undergraduate thesis research here. Now she finished her research, so she has already moved out. We had fun jogging, watching some Chinese movies I didn't understand and also Desperate Housewives together : ) Also one evening she and her boyfriend made me dinner which was really nice of them. I feel bad one night I invited her to Vox without knowing what the band would be like and it was ... read more
Flowers Blooming
Happy National Day!
Cooking With New Food

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 23rd 2010

First post of this school year! How lazy of me. I don't know if I mentioned it, but this year I'm teaching grades three and four. They are all grades that I've taught before, as well as children that I've taught before. It's been fun so far. I'm also taking six hours a week of Chinese lessons, and starting to learn character reading and writing. This past week was parents week, which means that the mothers and fathers of the children could come to the school to watch our classes. That meant a bit of extra stress, in terms of making everything especially shiny, but things are back to the normal routine now. I won teacher of the year at my school, which meant going to a ceremony where they gave me a plaque. So, now ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 17th 2010

Wuhan or 武汉 in the Chinese characters is the capital of Hubei province in central China. Wuhan is situated in the middle of Hubei Province, 113°41′-115°05′ East, 29°58′-31°22′ North, It lies at the east of Jianghan Plain, and the intersection of the middle reaches of the Yangtze and Han River..Arising out of the conglomeration of three boroughs, Wuchang, Hankou, and Hanyang, Wuhan is known as "the nine provinces' leading thoroughfare"; it is a major transportation hub, with dozens of railways, roads and expressways passing through the city. The city of Wuhan, first termed as such in 1927, has a population of approximately 9,100,000 people (2006), with about 6,100,000 residents in its urban area. Wuhan is recognized as the political, economic, financial, cultural, educational and transportation center of central China. The metropolitan area comprises three parts - ... read more

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 4th 2010

Lots of movies depicting the Wuhan clan. But not in todays world. Wuhan is a bustling Industrial city now known for lotus roots and of course manufacturing. It was very foggy and the day started off with a visit to the yellow crane temple which was built on a hill 1700 years ago. Lots of steps and terrasses to walk up. We climbed a huge pagoda which didn't seem original since there was an elevator in the middle of it. I think 1700 hundred years ago the elevators were not invented yet. I could be wrong. This city is also in construction mode as all the others I been to. China is in the 21st century, and have an oportunity to plan it right. They are on the right track, I am happy to say. They ... read more
Favorite past time Decorating Buildings with neons
Waking up to another city
Yellow Crane Temple

Asia » China » Hubei » Wuhan November 3rd 2010

Yes, this is officially blog number 100 since my first entry on February 18, 2008 . 66057 words and 1816 photos later, the China saga continues! We have certainly settled in to life in China and feel quite comfortable getting around compared to when we first arrived. Ok, so this one is a little late in coming but better late than never. What with personal issues combined with the end of term, it has been a busy couple of weeks. This is the third Halloween party we have had at the school. We have come a long way from "What the hell is Halloween?" to where we are now. It is not a big deal here, which is surprising, since most people love to dress outrageously at the best of times and the ability to get ... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

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