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Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang July 12th 2017

So, before I start talking about the Saturday trip to the shaolin temple, I need to apologies. I am not a great writer and I am so sorry for everyone reading all my blogs, trust me I am pretty awesome in person but pretty awful at writing. Ok now that, that’s out of the way…… on Friday everyone met after class to follow our tour guide/guy in charge of our excursion to a museum. Now that was interesting because we took two buses to get there and let me tell you when I mean everyone, I mean everyone it was like 20 people all together. We were stared at the whole time and people wanted to take pictures with us. I still find that really strange, in the US we are all different but here everyone ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang November 11th 2015

When I arrived at longmen, I was overwhelmed by the great Buddhist art found there. Thousands of caves and niches can be witnessed along the great limestone cliffs extending for about a mile and containing more than 100,000 Buddhist stone statues. For the lovers of Buddhist history, Longmen is probably one of the most striking Buddhist site I have seen, while travelling in China. The grottoes are situated about ten kilometers south of the historical city of Luoyang and I lodged in a guest house just outside of downtown. The entire complex is settled in a beautiful mountain scenary on both sides of the Yi river. It was a lovely day at the end of october, the air was not aggressive, tourism diminished, twittering birds created a lovely ambiance, street vendors selling food and those imposing ... read more
Longmen sculptures

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang October 30th 2015

Another ancient and exciting place I encountered on my unforgettable and long trip in China. I arrived in the historical city of Luoyang at night, as it often happen when travelling long distances. Even though it was dark I could not miss the splendid entrance of my place that I found there called properly: 红门. A beautiful and old red door that led to this place where I stayed for a few days. My reason for being here was mainly for the famous and ancient Shaolin temple. I caught a bus to get there and took about three hours one way to arrive there. I was really exciting to be in the place where more than 1400 years ago the Zen buddhism and this mortal art of the Kung fu were born. But, as it happened ... read more
Training ground
Shaolin temple
Spiritual place

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang May 10th 2015

Luoyang and Zhengzhou in central China, 9 & 10 May 2015 Today we experienced out first Bullet Train ride, from Xi’an to Luoyang, one of the Four Great Ancient Capitals of China. The railway station was another very new, big station. We had to wait for 1 ½ hours, only because we arrived early. The train was punctual, as you would expect. We had 3 minutes to get the 37 of us and our suit cases on the train but by now, we were all a well oiled machine. We had no one wing the group who we had to wait for. Once on the train, in our designated seats, it was no time before the train was traveling at 303 kph. It certainly didn’t feel like that speed, and the train was very quiet and ... read more
Bullet train ride (13)
Bullet train ride
Longmen Grottoes by the Yi River (8)

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang May 27th 2014

LOUYANG. REST DAY. ( Apologies if this was posted with photos previously: said it posted but the said not published, hence republish) LOUYANG is famed for its LONGMEN GROTTOES so today I visited them with a couple of the group. We took a taxi, the more energetic, their bikes! The Grottoes are numerous caves in which are hidden various statutes of Buddha, some large, some small. The Grotto hugs the LOUYANG R. On the opposite bank is the Pagoda Temple and villa occupied by Chaing-I-Chek, the general who fought the Japanese at Nanjing, along side Mao. CIC was the leader of the Koumertang?? who in 48-49 fought Mao, before escaping to Taiwan to form a non communist government. The Grotto, river bridge and villa/pagoda were appealing. Will probably eat Chinese again this evening. Last night ate ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang May 26th 2014

26.5.14 Destination: DENGFENG Distance: 149 Kms SubT. 1,116 Kms Bal 10,867 Kms Road Condition: tricky roadworks 50%, balance OK Weather: fine, dust and coal dust smog Time in Saddle: 7.75 hrs Av Speed: av. 18 kph. Av Cadence. 68 Rpm Elevation: 1060 m up; M down Calories burned : 5648 Today was the hardest day yet. Road with Swiss and Italian fellows today, hoping they may have been slower that the OZ group I had been riding with. A forlorn hope, they were just as strong. Managed to hang on, I hope I am getting stronger. At times I have my doubts! The first 25% was through reasonably scenic landscape, much like I am used to in Oz. Afterwards it all went downhill, literally and figuratively. Roadworks are happening each day, the extent is amazing. 30+ ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang September 19th 2013

A quiet start to the day. Packing is easy. More and more we’re able to rely on the boys organising their own gear. Some of the clothes still haven’t dried so the plastic bags we bought yesterday come in handy. Tina picks us up – but the driver couldn’t make it so his brother is driving the 50 minute trip in creeping heavy traffic to get to T2. Tina helps us with the tickets then we make our goodbyes and offer tips. The security screening is the most thorough we’ve seen – and this for an internal flight. Full pat-down with hand scanner for everyone. The airport is accommodating to foreigners, with main tourist destinations having English announcements, and dual language signs. We grab lunch at a cheap cafeteria that serves only chinese foods. A bowl ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang September 1st 2013

Luoyang & Shaolin temple ( 洛阳&少林寺 ) It has two way to go to Shaolin Temple one from Luoyang city and another is Zhengzhou city (use about 2 hr. to come) this episode I showed Luoyang province and Shaolin Temple ... read more

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang September 6th 2012

Le soir du 5 septembre, nous avons pris le train de nuit, direction Luoyang. Nous avions reserve les billets aupres de notre hotel de Beijing, quelques jours plus tot. Rendus a la gare il n'a fallu que trouver le bon endroit, mais les panneaux etaient egalement affiches en anglais alors ca a ete assez facile. Il y avait beaucoup de monde par contre, du monde partout! Dans la salle d'attente pour prendre notre train, tous les bancs etaient pris et une partie du plancher aussi, avec des gens qui attendent. Mais finalement, ce n'est rien compare a Xi'an, ou meme le parvis de la gare, a l'exterieur, est sans arret occupe par des gens, partout (autant le soir que durant la journee). Mais comme le present message concerne la journee du 6 septembre, nous reviendrons a ... read more
Entree de Longmen grottoes
L'interieur d'une "grotto"
Longmen grottoes

Asia » China » Henan » Luoyang April 24th 2012

Chongdugou, Finally the Victor…. This past weekend my school took all 11 foreign teachers on a two-day outing for this semester. Chongdugou is national/state park outside of Luoyang about four hours away. In America it would be a slightly above average state park at best. Chinese people seem to be enthralled by anything involving nature. I think its due to the majority spend all their time living in large cities. Me being from the great state of West Virginia, it takes something extraordinary in nature to impress me. The park was filled with small Chinese hostels of only 20 or so rooms. They try to sell it has “come see what country living is like” but no one is doing any type of farming or any other type of “country” activities. However the food we ate ... read more

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