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Asia » China » Beijing April 14th 2005

I was a tourist in Beijjing from the 27th march (sunday) until 1st April (Friday) most of you have recieved the emails, but the tourist attractions visited: (1) Tianamen Square, gates and The Forbidden City (2) The Great Wall (at Badaling) (3) The Ming Tombs (4) The Summer Palace ... read more
"Chinese art student"
Tianamen Square Revolution Statue
Tianamen Square - Gate to the Forbidden City

Asia » China » Beijing March 12th 2005

China was an experience that definitely changed our lives! By far, it was our “boldest” vacation yet. We went on a guided tour because we were hesitant to try it on our own. What we found was a country that was filled with warm and wonderful people and a deep history. We arrived in Beijing late at night and met up with the rest of our group on the tour. I remember standing in front of a Starbucks in the airport waiting for some other group members to arrive….My Starbucks is never too far away!! We boarded a bus and met our national guide for the trip. Her name was Flora, and she was the sweetest person. Our guide for Beijing would be Michael. Of course, these were not their real names, they were the American ... read more
Tiananmen Square
Military at Tiananmen Square
The Great Wall

Asia » China » Beijing March 8th 2005

We left the Crystal Serenity shortly after docking in Hong Kong for another overland trip. Coming into Victoria Harbor was quite an experience, as what lay before us was a skyline filled with more enormous beautiful skyscrapers than either of us have ever seen anywhere, including NY City. Unfortunately it was still too dark and smoggy to get good pictures, but still a very impressive sight with all the lights shining like diamonds against the dawn sky. Population of HK is about 7 million, less than NYC, but it has even less land available for building so the tall beautiful buildings are all scrunched together. Twelve of us were bussed to ultramodern new HK airport for the 3-hour trip to Beijing, north of HK and in inland China. The first thing we learned is that HK ... read more
In Tiananmen Square, Beijing
Forbidden City
Confucian Carved Figure

Asia » China » Beijing January 3rd 2005

My parents and I decided to take a walk around downtown. Luckily I didn't leave my camera at home. It was a real treat to capture the scenes of metropolitan Beijing while on foot. We passed by some commercial districts and had lunch at the 5-star hotel - Prime Hotel. The waitress had the exact same name as me! It was quite exciting to find someone of the same alias.. Hehe. Tagged by the commercial districts again on the way back, and dropped by a different Starbucks.... read more
Business in China
Business in China
Old Meets New

Asia » China » Beijing December 31st 2004

Visiting my family at Beijing. Tonight is New Year's Eve, and we went to Dadong Kaoya Dian for their famous roast duck Beijing style. They're prepared in their secret trademark style and they're so good that there's no chain store anywhere else in the world... and they don't have to take reservations!... read more
Dad and Stefen Enjoying Dinner
A Little Fun With Roast Duck

Asia » China » Beijing October 18th 2004

Beijing… (Jen) In Korea we had three days off work to celebrate the Chuseok Holiday. Chuseok is a lunar festival used as a time to honor loved ones who have passed. During these three days the moon is at its biggest and brightest. Many refer to it as the “harvest moon” and they treat is like our Thanksgiving. Everyone stays home with their families and eats lots. Jeremy and I decided we would take this opportunity to get out of town. We booked a group tour to Beijing. I had never been on a group tour before. It had always carried a bad stigma for me and I swore I would not be caught dead following a herd of people behind a bright yellow flag. Well, it turned out we got to follow the bright pink ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing September 2nd 2004

Pa je se eno potovanje prislo h koncu. Najino pot sva nadaljevala iz Ulaan Batarja. Tisti dan se ni dogajalo nic, saj sva samo lutala po mestu in gledala filme v hostlu. Kupovala sva spominke in bila na glavni trznici. Zanimivost je le to, da pravi ger stane 500$ medtem ko maketo v merilu 1:20 kupis za 1000$ ??????!!!!!!! Ce mi to kdo objasni! No pa smo sli zvecer na pot. Nic posebnega se ni zgodilo, spoznala sva enega tipa, ki je peljal druzino v Peking, ker gre hcerkica studirat. Pa je predlagal, da si delimo kombi. In sva seveda sla. Takoj preko meje so naju povabili na kosilo in nazrli smo se kitajske hrane, da je bilo joj. Kaksna razlika, ko stopis prek meje. Ne mores verjeti. V Mongoliji natepavajo samo mleko in sir, tukaj ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing August 5th 2004

The past few days flew by. Can't believe our jeurney is about to end. But what a closure! Beijing is busy and smogy - but it has a soul of its own. The first day we walked around the Great Wall and visited imperial tumbs. Tianamen square and the Forbidden city took a day of their own. And today, last day - we took it easy wondering around the Summer Palace. The Great Wall was really crowded! So many people. Unbeliavable. Mostly Chinese. I think we maybe saw one or two other westerners walking around. People were looking at us with curiousity. They were fascinated with our blue eyes and kept asking us if they can take a picture with any of us. For them it was a double event seems - they saw the Wall ... read more
The Great Wall
The view
JW and Tajana

Asia » China » Beijing » Great Wall of China July 1st 2004

Thursday 24th June Weihai – Qingdao To date we have been extremely lucky with our ferry journeys it has all been smooth sailing and as a result we have slept well and recharged our batteries. We arrived in Weihai at 745am on a foggy morning, disembarkation was somewhat disorganised so it took more than an hour to set foot on Chinese soil for the second time on this adventure. No problems with immigration and although there were large crowds outside the terminal we had only one beggar both us on the way to the cab stand. Chinese cab drivers are a delight, they always seem happy, laugh all the time and never try to cheat you unlike their Korean brothers. The driver delivered us to the bus station charging just $3, taxis are so cheap in ... read more
People's monument
Tiananmen Square
Mao's Tomb

Asia » China » Beijing June 13th 2004

June 2004 - 7 days Spent a week in China really for work, but managed to take some time out and walk a section of the Great Wall of China, aimlessly wander through the huge Forbidden City and stand in the centre of Tiananmen Square. Not forgetting sampling some amazing food and haggling in the markets selling designer clothes….they aren’t fakes I’m sure!!... read more
Forbidden City
Tiananmen Square
National Art Museum

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