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Asia » China » Beijing June 1st 2005

How Fantastic! Beautiful weather, 85 degrees and the sky in Beijing was actually visible. Armed with camera and water Jon, Leah, and I split up from our group so we could cover more ground. I’ve read about how so many people comment on the walls steepness, but I wrote them off thinking they were just out of shape or inactive, but believe me some steps could be three regular steps. I had to maybe too good of a time on the wall for being a sweaty, smelly American. We made it to the highest point on our section of the wall in about an hour, but I think it could have taken more than two hours since we thought running up some parts would make for a good time. Being the hyperactive kids we are we ... read more
Me & Jon
Rolling Green Mountains
Our Destination

Asia » China » Beijing May 31st 2005

More project kids were on my flight to Beijing than I expected there to be. We all sat very far apart, but at least we would have company when the plane landed. I was joined by Tamera, Laura, Carla, Jon, and Kyle. Jon was able to enjoy the company of his new found Mongolian buddy while the rest of us hoped for decent sitting partners. I shared a seat beside an elderly Chinese woman who is returning home to visit her sister in Beijing. She was quite nice and gave me a lot of information that could be useful if I were to get into trouble. Our twelve hour flight to Beijing was straightforward and apparently boring when compared to the other kids on the project. Braden had a man die on his flight and apparently ... read more
Entering China
Money Exchange

Asia » China » Beijing May 30th 2005

Ok I got here about a week ago and I am not sure if I am going to use this site because not may have looked at it. If you want me email me at This place is amazing though..lots to see and do. The food is great and I am learning Chinese as much as possible. I start working tomorrow so we will see how this goes!!!... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 13th 2005

We woke up, and headed towards Tiananmen Square. We had ideas of seeing the Chairman. As we were walking towards Tiananmen Square, we realized that we needed some food, so we headed in to a shopping center to find food. We decided on Pizza Hut again, still having not made up for bad Japanese pizza for the last 2 years. We checked the floor guide, to locate the Hut, and I headed for the lift. It was only when I was inside the lift that I realized no one was with me. The others were taking the opportunity to have a photo stop, and watch the tea ceremony that was in the basement floor. I was stuck in the lift. Bear in mind that I'd lost my voice by this point, therefore couldn't really make people ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 9th 2005

Forbidden City, also known as The Palace Museum, was on everyone's "To Do" list. Therefore we decided to get it in early in the week, before we were too tired. We woke up at a decent time, and walked towards the Forbidden City. There was a little confusion as to which direction it was, but that was quickly settled. I am extremely pleased with myself for bringing a map of Beijing with me. It was extremely helpful throughout our trip. I stopped off and brought films for my notoriously old camera en route. Arriving at the Forbidden City, we joined the throng of people. I only wish that we had all had matching hats, to aid in our quest to keep the seven of us together, or at least within each others' sight! We bought ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing May 9th 2005

Allie and I packed the night before we were flying. For some bizarre reason, it took me, with a full wardrobe, less time to pack than him, living out of a backpack. We were up early, in case there were other things to do at the last minute. Unfortunately, we still didn't have time for all the washing up! We did some pre-emptive damage control. Allie and I walked to the station, where we bought a ticket for Gabe as well, since he'd be meeting us on the train an Ota, and wanted to sit with us. By the time Gabe joined us, we'd already started on the beer. We weren't sure whether Brandi and Josh were meeting us on the train, as neither of them had actually told us, so we hadn't bought tickets for ... read more

Asia » China » Beijing April 29th 2005

Ahhh... China. How can I begin to describe this place. Let's start by confirming that the East is DEFINITELY the exact opposite of the West! I sometimes feel like we're on another planet. I look back and laugh at myself for thinking South East Asia could be difficult. Ha! Nothing compares to China. Let's begin with some initial and LASTING impressions: The entire country has an ABHORRENT fixation on hacking lugees, blowing snot rockets, spitting and burping. These are executed CONSTANTLY. Anyone who knows me can just imagine my knee jerk reactions that include an exclamation of "Oh Jesus, not again!", my incredulous expression of disgust and my hands raised into the air as if to ask, "Why me, God, why me?" These are performed many times daily as the Chinese are obsessed with their own ... read more
Chinese Couple

Asia » China » Beijing April 29th 2005

Rule number one. Husbands - do NOT let your wife enter the clothes shops in Beijing. Why? Because stuff is incredibly cheap. Thus, once they enter, you're in for a day of wandering the streets stopping in every shop, and watching your wallet get thinner and thinner as the day goes on. You can guess what we did today. Shop shop shop!! It started out with good intentions - we had to get some presents to take back for our families. Alas, it turned into a major shopping spree, and we ended up with so many shopping bags that we had to buy a litttle mini suitcase to put it all in since it definately wouldn't have fit in our other luggage. China is dirt cheap for clothes, since this is where the majority of the ... read more
The Appetisers Menu
Yummy cheap dumplings

Asia » China » Beijing April 28th 2005

These were apparently the words of Ronald Regan - a man of immense depth as described by his insightful statement. Yes, today we went to see the most famous sight in China, the famous Great Wall. Unfortunately, we booked ourselves onto a non-English speaking, all Chinese speaking tour. However, how much commentary does one really need regarding a big wall - right? Wrong. About 20 minutes into the bus trip, the chinese tour dragon lady walked up to us and asked for 40 Yuan extra. We had both been looking out the window before, so we hadn't noticed that she had asked many others for the extra cash and had been told to go take a big flying leap out the back window. So when she demanded the extra cash for us, I tried to make ... read more
Almost at the top, or so we thought
Empress Melenie
The first (and last) black emperor of China

Asia » China » Beijing April 27th 2005

Beijing is a modern bustling western city yet strangely very chinese at the same time. Along the main streets, you'll see women sporting the latest western fashions driving the latest sports cars, while in the side streets you'll see sweaty richshaw drivers dragging fat chinese business men around. In the temples, you'll see young girls in mid-rif tops prostrating and bowing before a big buddha statue beside a bald monk dressed in long flowing robes. Its interesting just to wander the streets and watch the people. And if you do decided to watch them, then make sure you really really stare at them - because they LOVED staring at me (I'm Sri Lankan, and I guess many of them hadn't seen a Sri Lankan, so I attracted numerous prolonged stares from every second person). Our first ... read more
The Forbidden City
Intricate bridge carvings
Big Urn

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