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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 22nd 2006

Miles and miles of gigantic 1000+ year old temples are scattered throughout this area. We got ourselves a three day pass and spent the first day walking around the most central and famous temples ( Angkor Wat and Bayon ) The next day we braved the soaring temperatures and hired bikes to see some of the slightly further away sights such as the jungle covered Ta Prohm and on the third day hired a tuk tuk ( in Siem Reap this is generally a kind of trailer towed by moped ) to take us to the much further away temple of Banteay Srei. You cant fail to be impressed by the enormity of some of these places and the shear amount of stone used let alone all the carving. Anyone thinking of going to Athens or ... read more
Monks in orange

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 22nd 2006

It is now 9.07pm in Siem Reap, and we are absolutely exhausted after a full day of trying to squeeze in the most of the Angkor Temples as possible. We got up at 4.15am (wow, even I can't believe it) and were picked up by our friendly driver, Sowin (he drives a Camry with automatic seat belts in the front seats! Eva was so jealous), in order to get out to Angkor Wat, agruably the most spectacular of the entire complex, for sunrise. We paid US$20 per person for our tickets (most of which goes to the oil company lucky enough to run the complex) and Sowin then dropped us at the entrance to angkor wat. Already at this time, the street vendors were trying to sell us coffee and breakfast, but we waited patiently for ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 21st 2006

So it begins. The constant chatter which awaits every visitor to the magnificent Temples of Angkor. You've seen the pictures. Many have been here. Or know someone who has. It really is remarkable. Bagan was great and largely unspoiled. This is like Bagan on 'roids. And I don't mean the, "oops my doctor gave me cough medicine can I please keep my olympic silver medal" type either. I'm talking huge biceps, shrink your manhood, on the way to Governor of California type of steroids. In front of each temple are many men, women, and children selling everything from artwork to t-shirts, cold drinks to hot noodles, and handicrafts to postcards. A young girl even offered to sell us nothing for 10 dollars. Not actually the worst deal we were offered either. But I am jumping ... read more
Sunrise at Angkor Wat
Dry Season in Cambodia
Framed at Bayon Temple

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 21st 2006

We are here! Firstly, thanks Di for the only response to my sad and wonderful travel blog! Come on guys (especially the chilli eaters out there), send us back some love! We touched down at Siem Reap (pronounced See-em Ree-ep) early this morning, and have struggled through the first day (to stay awake, that is) with all sorts of adventures. We were all a little shocked to find that the International airport of Siem Reap was about the size of Armidale Regional Airport - Helyna felt like she had landed in country NSW, only with lots of humidity and African-movie like landscape. After a bumpy land, we disembarked the aircraft and were ushered around the tarmac and entry through what seemed the most indirect route possible. Once inside, we went through "customs" - two booths with ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 20th 2006

The magnificence of Angkor infuses us with effervescent wonder. As Helios - that fiery spheroid of gaseous beauty - pokes his halo-esque crown of light and heat above the far distant mountains of Kdang Beart Sras Sang Rinong-Pu...oops! Sorry Richard! Better start that again. In which The Busters drink cheap beer and souvenir whore for the last time Today is the last full day The Busters have together and Angkor Wat awaits our perusal. We intend to head out to the temple at about 2.00pm so we can spend the afternoon exploring and watch the sun set. Tez decides to start the day with an extended toilet break followed by a mid morning kip so Joe and I head off into town with 1990. We visit the town's Old Market and stumble onto a huge butchery ... read more
10.30am. Preparing for our visit to Angkor Wat
Busters head in.
Getting closer.

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 18th 2006

We arrived in Siem Reap on the afternoon of February 14th after a bus change in the middle of the highway with an opposing bus- seems strange but the system works! Upon arrival 20 or so tuk-tuk drivers swarmed our bus and one was holding a name card: Brakes Charlong and Rebecca Francis. Brakes??!! haha and how'd they get our names? We later learned that they took our names from our guesthouse registry (also where we bought our bus tickets) and phoned them to the guy there. the good news is that our tuk-tuk ride was free and he took us to a couple before we found one we liked at a reasonable price. He gets a cut of what we pay so it worked out for everyone. It is a funny feeling though to show ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 17th 2006

Heyho! Thought I'd treat you to a small entry this time to make up for the last few Bible-like epics! Oh and yes, photos are back!!! Bought myself a handy little chip USB reader, so will sort out a couple of photos blogs of best-ofs soon. First I'd like to announce some really sad news though. Absolutely tragic, I cried for ages. I missed the Bamboo Organ Festival by a few days. I know, I was gutted too! But fear not, I went anyway, and some lady there rushed few a couple of pieces for me. Although it looked quite smart, being made out of, err, bamboo (not marble this time hun), it basically just sounded ilke your standard reed pipe organ (-that's it Simon, make it sound like you know what you're talking about-), MIDI ... read more
Bangkok chinatown
Speaks for itself...

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 16th 2006

We have spent a week in Cambodia and loved it. The people here are just so lovely and friendly. The country is much cleaner than Vietnam which just had litter everywhere. Spent 2 days in the Capital, Phenom Penn. We hired tuk tuks who took us to the Khymer Rouge prison ( or tortue rooms) and the killing fields. Just horrific. Didnt take any photos as didnt seem right. We saw the monument of the dead which actually houses the skulls and bones dug up from the mass graves. You cant really explain the place in words. I dont think we spoke while we were there! After we went to the Royal Palace which is very grand. A real contrast to the extremely poor city. We then moved up to Siem Reap where we have spent ... read more
Bayron Temple
Lots of monks!
More monks

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 13th 2006

I was glad to leave Bangkok after a few days and see pastures new. Caught the early morning bus from Bangkok which took us to the border, where we stood around in the scorching heat passing through various checkpoints. Once over the boarder we were shuttled to another bus and piled aboard, our luggage piled high in the aisle. Within half an hour of boarding the Cambodian bus we broke down, due to overheating, a new fan belt was sent for. The journey from Bangkok to Siam Reap was due to take about 12 hours, an ETA time of 8pm. By the time we stopped for some food it was already 11pm. Next we got a flat tire, and guess what, no spare. Cars were sent for from Siam Reap as we waited around in the ... read more
Siam Reap

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor February 12th 2006

I am not sure what we expected from Cambodia. The French influence is very clear (well you would have to be stupid to miss it when the women almost beat you with Baguettes until you relent and buy one). Having left a paradise island to stepping into (literally) open sewers, dirty roads and begging children gave Lara "culture shock" for the first time since we have left. It was short lived but it took a couple of hours for us to get used to our new "home". Siem Reap is actually all about Angkor and the temples. The town is very run down with little to see or do other than the bars. There is a small strip which has been turned into a mini Khao San Road with loud western music blaring from every door ... read more
The majestic Angkor Wat
The Majestic Angkor Wat
Inside Angkor Wat

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