Photos from Angkor, North, Cambodia, Asia

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The Dream
Angkor Wat at dawn.
Bayon Temple
Kiva peekaboo
Tha Prohm
No Rest for the Weary
lovin' Ta Prohm! :)
Angkor Wat
Ta Prohm27
Ta Prohm26
Ta Prohm25
Ta Prohm24
Ta Prohm23
Ta Prohm22
Ta Prohm21
Ta Prohm20
Ta Prohm19
Ta Prohm18
Ta Prohm17
Ta Prohm16
Ta Prohm15
Ta Prohm14
Bayon Faces10
Bayon Faces9
Bayon Faces8
Ta Prohm13
Approach to Bayon6
Approach to Bayon5
Ta Prohm12
Ta Prohm11
Ta Prohm10
Ta Prohm9
Ta Prohm8
Ta Prohm7
Ta Prohm6
Ta Prohm5
Ta Prohm4
Ta Prohm3
Ta Prohm2
Ta Prohm1
Around Bayon4
Around Bayon3
Ta Prohm
Ta Prohm28
Around Bayon2
Around Bayon
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