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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 12th 2005

Hi, yey pictures! If you check the last two entries I've put photos on there now too! Sorry it took so long.Also. sorry this is a really long entry but i've done exciting things and you know i like to ramble!! Am writing this from Bangkok (again) but i've put Cambodia on the location as i think its exciting!! Well Cambodia, where to begin! We left Koh Chang on 8th December and got the mini bus at 7.30am, which we thought at that point was bad enough. The journey to Aranyaprathet which is the Thai border with Cambodia (the Cambodian border down the street is called Poipet), took about 4 hours. I had taken my maleria tablet when I'd got home that night and then another in the morning, both on an empty stomach so spent ... read more
As Poipet passes by .....
Cambodia At Dusk
Having A Drink in Siem Reap

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 7th 2005

Okay, it only rained for one afternoon out of our full 3 days of temple bothering but once you get to our age the damp lingers in the bones. Exploring Angkor has been a fascinating time. I can't imagine another historical site in the world where you are so richly rewarded for covering such a small distance. It seems incredibly shortsighted that tourists are allowed to traipse wherever they please over such precious ruins but it does allow you to get really close to these beautiful structures and fully appreciate the intricate carvings that adorn them. Angkor served as the capital city of the Khmer empire between the 9th and 12th centuries. King Jayarvaman VII (12th century) was largely responsible for the majority of the temples we have seen. He depleted the quarries of the country ... read more
maori greeting, Angkor
Terrace of the elephants, Angkor
Big boy, Angkor

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 6th 2005

Our visit to Cambodia was fleeting and as such we did not in any way do this beautiful country justice. It took the whole three days we were in Phnom Penh just for me to figure our how to spell the name of their capital city, and I am still not sure how to say it! Well, that's not all we did, we visited the obligatory Killing Fields and S21 prison museum and learnt about the horrific period of Cambodian history under the Khmer Rouge. Despite all this the people were the happiest, smiliest people we have met on our whole trip. (Simon disagrees and thinks they smiled more in Laos). We headed straight from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, the base for the famous temples of Angkor Wat. I say straight ... our bus was ... read more
Sunrise on Angkor Wat
The gruesome Killing Fields' Memorial
The Victims

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 6th 2005

Hello All I have finally given up the beaches and headed back to the mainland. I spent a couple of days on Ao Nang but was ill so I can't really comment about what it was like! I then went onto Kanachaburi - The River Kwai. This was a totally amazing place, I went on a guided tour to the Death Valley it was a very emotional place as over 100,000 men died working on the railway during the 2nd World War. I am glad I went but 'enjoyable' isn't quite the word to use. The group I was with were great fun, in the afternoon we were taken to the hot springs. This was in the middle of nowhere & we all jumped in a freezing cold river then straight into the hot springs - ... read more
Hot Springs
Local Traffic in Cambodia
Angkor Wat

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 4th 2005

We'd arranged to be picked up the next day by the motodriver that had hassled us all the way from where the bus had dropped us off to our guesthouse, but that wasn't until 4pm. Had a wander around siam reap, used the net, off loaded a load of photos onto my portable harddrive, got attacked by the rain, wandered through the market (all thoughts of bird flu momentarily forgotten (there are chickens *everywhere*!)), sat in a posh french cafe and had posh shakes (read same same, twice the price (you pay for the orchid)). Back at the GH the usual plans to extort more cash from the tourists began, 'oh we're early, we take you to shop first' yeah...... was fun to see the one girl ring the bell and turn on the lights in ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor December 1st 2005

Yesterday we hired a car (and driver) for a longer and more remote drive out to BENG MEALEA and BANTEAY SREI. BENG MEALEA is truly the Indiana Jones temple experience - in the middle of the Cambodian jungle it is a complete ruin that has been completely over taken by the jungle. Other then a wooden walkway to get you into the middle of the ruin - you are on your own. Following our driver and a local guide we climbed, scrambled and crawled up, around and into dark passages, piles of stone and trees, roots and jungle vines - fantastic. Returning via BANTEAY SREI a small but exquisitively carved and well preserved HINDU temple.... read more
Banteay Srei

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 29th 2005

Well its takem 10 years to come here and the temples are really as fantastic as imagined! Hired Kim Leng our "Remorque- Moto" driver for the day for a quick intro of the many temples of Angkor and around. Off we set early in the morning - befire realising that my camera had no batery No problem we could always rely on Emily's. We proceded past the "Mother of all temples" ANGKOR WAT - we would be returning later - straight through the south gate of ANGKOR THOM with its impressive stone heads and gate tower. We climbed up the BAYON temple with its 216 coldly smiling faces in the early morning sun. Pretty impressive we thought... and this was just the start... Rather than describe everything here you really should visit yourself. Highlights include PREAH ... read more
Angkor Thom
Gate to Angkor Thom

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 22nd 2005

Here are the pictures from the temples of Angor Wat. Its an absolutely amazing place I can’t really say any more more about it than the pictures say for themselves, so here …... read more
Ta Prohm
Reflection of Angkor Wat in one of the ‘royal bathing ponds’ (but no bathing for Royal)
The temples have been heavily looted

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 21st 2005

The half marathon started at 6:30am, so I figured if I was up that early I’d get there a few hours before to see the sun rise over the main temple of Angkor Wat. Possibly enhanced by sheer delusion and exhaustion, it was a truly remarkable experience. The run was amazing. I had seen a few Cambodians exercise in Phnom Penh but it was mostly in jeans, a button shirt and black leather sandals briskly walking with intense arm pumping. I guess based on this I assumed that the run would be almost exclusively foreigners, but to my shock at least half the runners were Cambodian. And since the cause was to raise money and awareness for landmine victims there were a group of amputees that participated as well. Which besides making me feel woefully inadequate ... read more
the crowd
The Tiger ran!!

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor November 16th 2005

Howdy all, Today, we're taking an express journey through Vietnam and Cambodia...two very different places and totally different to Smarmore, Bellewstown, Drogheda, Shannonbridge, Ballycumber or Louisburgh...After deciding not to take a 24 hours bus journey from Vientiane (Laos) to Hanoi, we caught a plane instead (not literally)...Imp not messing when I say that Scotch Hall shopping centre in Drogheda is about 10 times bigger than Laos international airport in Vientiane. Security is very lax and we were walking through corridors that we'd have probably done time for if we walked through them in Dublin airport!!!! We booked the tickets at around 10.30 in the morning and flew at about 4 in the evening... Security tightened up a fair bit in Hanoi airport...On arrival you had to walk by some sort of camera which monitored your body ... read more
Blair Witch Donkey
Jenga, Beer and Pringles
Pressure's for tyres !!!

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