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Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor October 13th 2005

- FOOD: Edam and Laughing Cow cheese; rice overload with our great grub at Capitol restaurant; fish overload and good French wine in 'Dead Fish' restaurant. - PEOPLE: Charnt and Paulie our lovely moto men and tour guides; thousands of people swarming Angkor Wat (with their umbrellas); fewer people at the outer temples; imaginative boy selling plates with your photo on; tuk tuk tour amusement; little sellers at every site; more crossing of paths with Tania; Dr. Beat Richner (Beatocello) - a truly inspirational saint of a man. - AREA: Good bus journey past more glorious scenery (with love song karaoke playing in the background); calmer Siem Reap with narrower streets; market with good silk products; the astonishing architecture of the many temples at Angkor (Angkor Wat being the biggest, Ta Prohm being the most fascinating ... read more
Sunset at Angkor Wat
The Gods play Tug o' War
Big Brother is watching you

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor October 6th 2005

Boarder crossing The boader crossing from Vietam into Cambodia was a pretty nice trip along the Mekong Delta, which included a small tour of one of Vietnams floating fishing villages (without my knowledge) it was a nice diversion but it added a hour to the already long trip but I savoured the moment and took in the lovely lush natural landscape and waving, giggling local children. The process to get over the boarder and obtain the Cambodian visa was quite funny the officials have no idea they pretty much stuffed up my second entry visa entry into Vietnam fortunately I noticed just before the boat was about to take off (well thats when I got my passport back - lucky I looked at it) and to my own dismay I held up the boat for around ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor October 4th 2005

{apologies for the late entries, computers in Cambodia leave something to be desired, plus the last week has been a little hectic.} Leaving Bangkok, I was (I thought) prepared for what innumerable travelers had told me would be the hellish path to Angkor Wat. In a country of bad roads, the road from Poipet (the border town) to Siem Reap remained infamous. Leaving the guesthouse at 730 am, I arrived at the bus depot and was rushed onto an 8 am bus (I'd planned on making the 9, if not 930). Already harried, I settled into a five-hour bus ride, and happened to meet a couple of girls from Washington state who were planning the same journey, and decided to tag along with them. The bus ride was rather uneventful, but moments from the border armed ... read more
A Closer View
Through the Centuries
He's Watching You

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor September 21st 2005

I was in Siam Reap from the 21st - 24th September 2005 The temples were in a very large area. I would recommend people to go cycling on Day 1 do the mini circuit and and take a tuk tuk on Day 2 and do the grand circuit. On the 3rd day the Roule temples and the Tonle Sap lake....the floating market....however I feel the USD10 they charge is a little outrageous.... Tha landmine museum is not so big but I feel its worth a visit for the cause...there are many kids whose legs have got blown off and its nice to sit with them and see how they make wrist bands...and do see how they are getting on with their lives. Overall the Angkor Wat temples are nice however I think the Ajanta and Ellora ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor September 14th 2005

When the bus finally pulled out of Phenom Penh I was lulled back to sleep with the itunes blaring. 6 hours later we opened our doors within the French stylized streets and moto drivers with hotel pamphlets shoved in our faces. Battambang! It sounds best if you yell it out loudly, I promise!! Having chosen the hotel just a few moments earlier made the transport choice so much easier. Within moments we were whisked away and settled in our rooms. I joined fellow Brits Oz and Emma for a bite to eat before beginning the tour of the town. Why I ordered Thai food in Cambodia is a bit silly I know, but tom yum soup has become a top ten favourite for me. And accompanied by the grape shake certainly gave the previous watermelon shakes ... read more
Statue 2
Statue 3
Cookin up a storm

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor August 27th 2005

Als erstes: die Stadt Siem Reap und die Umgebung ist von Touristen ueberfuellt und es bleibt einem nichts anders uebrig als mit der Masse zu gehen. Zumindest ist man selten bei der Erkundung eines Tempels alleine, vor allem bei den Sonnenauf und untergaengen. Am ersten Tag habe ich versucht mich ein wenig von der Masse abzusondern und mir auf einer Radtour die meisten Tempel angeschaut: prachtvolle Bauwerde, die mehrere hundert quadratkilometer Land in Anspruch nehmen. An die weiter entfernten Tempel hat mich heute mein Mopedfahrer hingefuehrt. Dafuer sind einige davon fast menschenleer und man hat das Ding fuer sich alleine: herrlich! Gibt es eigentlich eine Methode um nicht dauernd hunderte von Kindern im Schlepptau zu haben? Ich glaube morgen werde ich es mal mit ner Tuete Bonbons versuchen. Ansonsten ist es schon komisch wenn man aus ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor August 24th 2005

Ok so backing up a few days, I left Ko Tao on my 4th day of being there on a 1 1/2 hr boat ride to Koh Pagn Yan which is where they have these super sick ass beach parties (Full Moon Parties).So many types of music that yoou can just walk down the beach and find what you want and dance or start to chill out.Sorry no pics as they warn not to bring Anything for fear of losing it.The amount of drinks People have is insane. 2 small buckets and I was done for the night,but a long night for sure it was (later on that story k) Got up the next day around 10 or so went to go look for my shoe and surong which were either washed out to sea or ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor August 22nd 2005

Pics from Seim Reip - Angkor Temples I know I should have arrived earlier to the temples to avoid the crowds and not having so many package-tourists in these pics, but, hey I was on vacation and for the first time in many days I had AC, so I slept in every day while in Seim Reip, any problem with that?... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 26th 2005

(Note: this is a back-dated entry, we are now in Phuket) Before arriving in Siem Reap, we were beginning to think that some travellers talk a lot of rubbish- we had been told exaggerated accounts of many things in Vietnam, and having spent a few days in Cambodia we could see that the same had happened here. Though there were some people begging and some people trying to sell us things we didn't want, nothing had been as bad as some other travellers had made out- until we arrived on a public bus to Siem Reap! If what we had been told were true, then every journey we made in Vietnam and Cambodia would have ended like this one. This was the only time we experienced this... The moment we pulled into the bus station a ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » North » Angkor July 25th 2005

It's been ages since I took a "real" traveller's bus ride. Somehow buses with air-conditioning and TV, while very nice, just don't give you the same experience! The last few days, we have been in Cambodia. We started out from Bangkok at 7am on a lovely big air-conditioned bus with about fifty other backpackers and spent our time watching a terrible B-rate movie and watching the countryside scenery fly by. After passing through the border to Cambodia, however, things all got very different. After waiting for over three hours to be called to our mini-bus, it was finally our turn. We threw our backpacks through the back window and clambered on and was soon on the road, much to the consternation of the group before us who were still sat on the driveway with a dozen ... read more
Bumpy Bus Ride!
Village Life
Fun on the River

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