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Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng November 29th 2015

Voila cela fait un mois que je suis au Cambodge à mes yeux le pays du sourire à mes yeux pour le moment! Une population énormément de sourire énormément accueillante les enfants comme les adulte sont très curieux ! Malgré le massacre des Khmer qui ont assassiné toute les têtes pensante du pays leurs joie de vivre et et leurs curiosité leur ont permit et leur permettra de continué à faire du Cambodge un pays ou il fait bon vivre même si ont ne peu pas nié leurs naïveté sur plein de chose a commencer par la santé et l'environnement, la faute à qui... Il y a des millier de choses a voir dans ce pays, ce n'est pas le pays avec les plus beau paysage comparé à ces voisin du sud est asiatique mais il ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng November 28th 2015

Matinée de vélo au aurore pour en finir avec les 70 bornes qui nous attente et rejoindre la ville poste frontière, pas de piste à ce jour seulement de la grosse route le lendemain sera une journée tranquille ou ont apprécira ce balader dans la ville qui n'est pas touristique malgré le fait que ce soit la ville d'avant la frontière! Pas beaucoup plus à dire qu'il est temps de préparer le programme pour le Laos, triste de quitté les terre Cambodgienne mais déjà des frisons dans le do de trouver de nouveaux paysages...... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng May 30th 2015

After having spent a lovely few weeks travelling through Laos I decided it was time to leave for somewhere new - so the next obvious choice was Cambodia. Kate and I got an early morning boat to the mainland where we waited for nearly 2hrs for the bus to take us over the border and south ( remind me again why I got up so early!?) Arriving at the border and being forewarned about the slightly corrupt Cambodian officials! 2 dollars for a ?medical check - which consisted of filling out a form and having your temp taken! And 2 dollars for an exit stamp out of Laos!! Along with the 35 dollars for the visa! With the officials being official and def not in the mood to negotiate we handed over the reddies and had ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng January 27th 2015

Monday morning and I'm cycling again but this time on a 4 hour countryside tour with Grasshopper Adventures. This ride was 30klm long and took us off the beaten track and through the villages and rice paddies around Siem Reap. There were only three of us on this ride, as well as Thy, our guide for the morning. We left Siem Reap at 7.30am, riding good mountain bikes and wearing decent helmets. The roads were little more than local tracks, one way and single file. It was an enjoyable outing even though I'm no stranger to rural Cambodia. I enjoyed tasting deep fried rice patties at a local market, snapping a few photos, and calling out 'hello' in response to greetings from the kids. We arrived back in Siem Reap at 11.30 and were presented with ... read more
Grasshopper Adventures
Grasshopper Adventures
Grasshopper Adventures

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng November 23rd 2013

Wir fuhren die letzten 15km zur laotisch/kambodschanischen Grenze und wollten uns den Austrittstempel hohlen. Die Beamten sahen aber das wir mit dem Motorrad unterwegs waren und sagten es sei nicht möglich mit dem Motorrad nach Kambodscha zu fahren. Wir hatten schon viele Geschichten darüber gehört, taten aber unwissend. Es gibt kein Gesetz das den Verkehr über die Grenze regelt und man ist auf den Goodwill der Grenzposten angewiesen (oder evtl. Geld). Sie gaben auf und sagten wir sollen die Kambodschaner doch selber fragen. Also sind wir rüber zum Kambodschanischen Grenzposten und fragten nach. Zuerst wollten sie nichts wissen und sagten es sei nicht möglich. Vy insistierte und zeigte ihnen wir alle nötigen Papiere hatten, um die Grenze zu überqueren. Die älteren Herren wollten uns nicht durchlassen oder legten es drauf an das wir ihnen noch ein ... read more
Mittagessen auf der Strasse
Jan im Fluss

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng February 15th 2013

I'm now in country number 3! We left Vientiane after 2 fairly uninspiring days. We went to a Buddha park out of town on the second day which was my first real experience of a local bus. Most of the buses we take are VIP and as such, are air conditioned and comfortable to suit the Western travellers. To reach the Buddha park however, there was no VIP option, only the local bus! We worked out we needed bus no. 14 so hopped on and try to confirm that this bus was headed to the park, unfortunately no one on the bus spoke English so we crossed our fingers and hoped for the best! We ended up at a border crossing to Thailand. Not quite what we had in mind! The bus driver made us get ... read more
Our bikes lined up as we enjoyed a much needed coffee. The backdrop of mountains became the norm. 'The Loop', Tha Khek.
Beth and I ruining what was a lovely picture!
Loving life!

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng December 30th 2012

We had booked the Phnom Penh – Siphandon (4,000 islands) bus, which left at 6:45. We got on and had been assigned the seats at the front, which was great (no one reclining on top of us) and the air-con was working and there was even a bathroom on board. We were thrilled! Three hours in we stopped for a short food-and-toilet break, and we were making great time. An hour further down the road, however, a moped came out of nowhere into the middle of the highway and the driver had to drive straight into a huge bank of gravel to avoid him. The tyre had been ripped bare, and the brakes were shot. We stopped and eventually they gave up trying to fix things and we had to wait for a new bus. An ... read more
First breakdown
Sadies crossing

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng July 22nd 2011

The bus had a minor mechanical problem after night fall. It had no head lights! After a little fiddling around, the driver, his assistant and the assistant's assistant managed to get a weak light from the driver side headlight, and stuck a flash light out the passenger side window to make a workable pair of lights. But, we crawled to Phnom Penh, because the flash light only lit up a tiny bit of the road, and the driver could hardly see where he was driving most of the time. I had been near the front of the bus, but moved to the middle of the bus and onto the passenger side, just in case of a collision with a large truck. Most vehicles don't go that fast, but since we were a large mostly blacked out ... read more

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng April 14th 2011

At first glance Stung Treng doesn't have much going for it but it's the northern-most settlement in Cambodia on the Mekong, so we're stopping for a while. We are now nearly 2,610 miles from the source and just 117 feet above sea level - but almost three miles lower from where the river splutters to life on the plains of Tibet. We are the only people who get off the bus. The sun beats down, the market smells - fish paste and rotting fruit - embrace us, and grown women in pyjamas emblazoned with teddy-bears, polka-dots, and flowers, skirt around us on scooters. I think: 'I don't like it here much'. But I figure: 'give a place a chance'. Cycling along the broad expanse of the Sekong (a tributary of the Mekong) that afternoon we pass ... read more
Buying Frogs At Market.
Sticky Rice Production.
Dried Fish.

Asia » Cambodia » East » Stung Treng February 17th 2011

So our journey through Laos has come to an end :(, but now the Cambodian chapter has begun! We crossed over the border with no problems and made our way into Stung Treng, the first major stop in Cambodia. We stayed here for 2 nights after only planning on staying for the afternoon! We really liked it here, the town is still itself with an amazing market, where the locals go about their daily lives, unaffected by tourism. We loved that only four westerners got off the bus here, with the majority going straight to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap", keeping on the "tourist route". We spent our mornings exploring the market, surrounded by fish flapping, chickens dying and the odd woman trying to sell monkeys on a stick (disgusting)! The rest of the day would ... read more
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Photo 4

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