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Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka February 4th 2017

After arriving in Dhaka at 1am in the morning, I took a taxi to my hotel nearby. Day 1: I spent the morning orientating myself, acquiring a sim card and getting some cash. I took a CNG (Compressed Natural Gas -- otherwise known as tuk-tuks in other countries). I arrived at my new hotel (Al-Razza) located in Old Dhaka and in the heat of the day, I decided to rest. In the early evening I headed out and wandered around to get my bearings. Day 2: I walked around Old Dhaka, soaking in the sights. Dhaka wakes up late with the streets relatively empty at 10am, but busy and noisy well past 2am. The streets were narrow and busy. Traffic was crazy and when walking around you had to be ever-present about not getting hit by ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka November 2nd 2016

The final piece of the jigsaw came in the shape of the capital city of Bangladesh, Dhaka, for the record, a huge great sprawling city with no real tourist infrastructure to speak of, and a city which has grown up in such an unstructured way that it now exists as something of a patience test in terms of getting from A to B, let alone a handful of other blights which might stifle the progress of a city of this stature. Population growth has been colossal, and the more well-to-do area of Gulshan is most likely where a visitor would want to base themself in order to tackle the city in the sightseeing realm. For the record, Dhaka is known as the rickshaw capital of the world, and if getting around on a cycle rickshaw comes ... read more
Chowk Bazar (Dhaka; Bangladesh)
Museum complex (Sonargaon; Bangladesh)
Their 'Taj Mahal' (Rural Bangladesh)

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong October 28th 2016

I guarantee that "I'm going on holiday to Bangladesh" could well be as seldomly-heard sentence as "Wasn't that a lovely traffic jam", but hey, there is a lot to be said for pioneering tourism, and a pioneering tourist is destined to pioneer, after all. The first port of call in Bangladesh happened to be the port city of Chittagong, and the country's second largest urban area. You might even be forgiven for thinking that this is a city devoid of actual tourist sights, but then again, we are in a nation which is pretty much devoid of an infrastructure which serves as a magnet for incoming international tourists. For the sake of argument, we'll dub Chittagong as a city of experiences, where cultural tweaks will probably impact upon the visitor the most, and the first port ... read more
Local landmark (Chittagong; Bangladesh)
Bay view (Cox's Bazar; Bangladesh)
Sunset view (St. Martin's island; Bangladesh)

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka March 23rd 2016

General info: Currency: Bangladeshi Taka It was only fly visit to local airport, but maybe soon I will be able to tell more about it. / Generalne info: Waluta: Bangladeshi Taka Były to tylko odwiedziny tamtejszego lotniska, ale może już niebawem będę mogła podzielić się czymś więcej na ten temat.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh January 20th 2016

When you do things from your soul, a river moves through you. Freshness and a deep joy are the signs. ~ Rumi Indeed! What else can give someone such pleasure! And that's why river is always something special! From the beginning of my life I used to hear and say that Bangladesh is a country of River. Truly, it was! Yes it was, cause due to the affect of climate change the scenario has been changed nowadays. However, I had a great opportunity to visit almost all the rivers of my country and it was a remarkable experience in my life! Its not only about river, its about life as well. If someone visit then he/she can see how people depends on it, how their life moves with it. Also you can observe how a same ... read more
PADMA river at the evening
Sunset at PADMA river
PADMA river

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka November 1st 2015

Another week-end, and another blog written in a lounge waiting for a plane. But this time I've been too busy the last 48 hours, so writing this in Bangkok, on my way to Congo. I told you, it's a small world...and it's going to be golfing from one week-end to the next. I have to admit, you can party all over the world, but I'm sure Bangladesh and Congo don't come high on your partying list....till....these week-end are really amazing! Why Dhaka for the week-end? You know I like to venture out...and today, East of India, the only two countries I hadn't visited are North Korea and Bangladesh. I have no intention of spending a single cent to support the mass murdering North Korean regime...and I will never sign a paper saying that I will only ... read more
Kurmitola Golf Course...
Very Dhaka!

Asia » Bangladesh June 8th 2015

Bangladesh Chuyen di Nepal , Tibet, Bhutan, India va Bangladesh Nepal trip Day la trip duy nhat va dac biet tu truoc den nay va la lan dau tien di lau nhat va bay vong quanh trai dat trong 1 thang. Truoc het toi khoi hanh tu My. Tram dung dau tien la bay den Frankfurt. Sau do toi di den Istanbul, Turkey. Ke tiep toi den la thu do cua Nepal. Nhu vay toi di 1/2 Trai dat. Tu Nepal toi di den India, ke den la Tibet Bhutan, Thailand va sau Cung la Bangladesh. Tu do toi ve lai Thai Lan roi ve My bang cach bay qua nua vong trai dat con lai. Throng chuyen di nay , dat biet thu hai la toi di vao ngay le Phat Dan mot cach tinh ... read more
IMG_7254 - Copy
IMG_7259 - Copy

Asia » Bangladesh April 14th 2015

My Bengal of gold, I love you. Forever your skies, your air set my heart in tune; As if it were a flute. In spring, O mother mine, the fragrance from your mango groves Makes mewild with joy- Ah, what a thrill! In autumn, O mother mine, In the full-blossomed paddy fields, I have seen spread all over - sweet smiles! Ah, what a beauty, what shades, what an affection; And what a tenderness! What a quilt have you spread at the feet of banyan trees; And along the banks of rivers! Oh mother mine, words from your lips; Are like nectar to my ears! Ah, what a thrill! If sadness, Oh mother mine, casts a gloom on your face, My eyes are filled with tears!... read more
Bay of Bengal
Kuakata Sea Beach

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka December 21st 2014

It’s taken a long time to write this; I left Bangladesh six months ago. I like to come away from every experience knowing what I learned, knowing what kind of impact it had on me. Bangladesh was just so overwhelming, and I learned so much there, that I am still not sure what impact it has had on me, or what lasting effect it will have on me, for that matter. Living for two years in Dhaka was both not enough and too much. There are so many amazing people to spend time with, and organizations to learn about, that I would have been hard-pressed to get enough of that in two years. I wish I had spent more time learning about the work that Acid Survivors does, the school boats made by BRAC, the medical ... read more
Land or Water?
River Nomads
Brick Work

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet » Srimongol March 14th 2014

We had breakfast at 8.30 with fresh pineapple and a cup of tea. Our means of transportation for the day was a pickup truck, and we rode in the back like the locals, wind in our hair, sun on our face. We had no doubt our families back home would disapprove if they knew, but it felt incredibly liberating. And as long as the pickup doesn’t crash, it really isn’t a safety issue… We started out with a trek through a national forest that hosted a certain species of Gibbon monkeys, snakes, spiders, and wild boar. I was excited for some close encounters with half a zoo, though Rikke was not at all okay with the prospect of running into snakes. After an hour of walking with careful and as inaudible steps as possible on a ... read more
Forest trek
Tea workers

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