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Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka February 24th 2018

Woolly says – Our second day in Dhaka didn’t start according to plan, Zoe had gone to bed the previous evening with a case of the trots by morning it had turned into the gallops. Having googled the symptoms and discarded Beri Beri, dengue fever and ingrowing toe nails I was left with Montezuma's revenge or Delhi belly, as we hadn’t been to Delhi and it had started in Kolkata it only left the revenge option. The revenge was awful and far worse than any horror film I’ve ever watched, Zoe must have really upset Montezuma to make her this bad! There didn’t seem much that Jo or I could do except offer sympathy and water after she had been dosed up with all the relevant medication that we carry around with us. With nothing to ... read more
View towards the river
Not sure I would want to walk on that bridge!

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka February 22nd 2018

Woolly says – It was dark, and very very early, I hadn’t enjoyed being woken up at 3am to ensure that we got to the airport on time, but it was worth it when we landed in our third country of the trip. Bangladesh was once a notable centre of the global muslin and silk trade and known for its port. As part of British India, the region was influenced by the Bengali renaissance and played an important role in anti-colonial movements. The Partition of British India made East Bengal a part of the Dominion of Pakistan when it was renamed East Pakistan. The region witnessed the Bengali Language Movement in 1952 and the Bangladesh Liberation War in 1971. After independence was achieved, a parliamentary republic was established, and the country was renamed Bangladesh. As we ... read more
Watching from up high
Pretty Rickshaws
Love the arrangement

Asia » Bangladesh October 17th 2017

A few pics illustrating our work with Rohingya Refugees in Bangladesh over the past few weeks. Now over 500,000 new refugee arrivals since 25th August and the influx still continues. In the collective response effort, so far 100,000 shelters constructed, 10,000 latrines built, 1000 hand pump wells installed, 50 footbridges installed and about 5km of new road built, but still much more work remains to be done and the needs are immense. Murray... read more
Rohingya refugees arriving into Bangladesh
More than 500,000 Rohingya refugees have arrived since 25th August
New arrivals at Sabrang entry point

Asia » Bangladesh » Khulna May 30th 2017

The town Khohora, Assam, India had a nice, relaxed feel to it, one of those places where people from all over the world are walking around. We made plans to change to another room for the next night, met a cool father and daughter from California in internet place. Arrangements made to go on safari all day the next day, first on an elephant and then in a jeep. We chilled out in our room for some time in the afternoon, had a hearty dinner with a few beers and then off to sleep. The knock came early on our door this morning at 4:30AM to rouse us for safari. I had one of those moments coming out of REM sleep where I had no idea where I was for a second. We woozily walked out ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka May 30th 2017

Having traveled all night by slow ferry from Patuakali, my buddy Todd and I woke about 5AM hearing sound outside. We seemed in the very early light to be reaching the outskirts of Dhaka. Off of our little balcony, we could hear the faint sound of early morning call to prayer, it was misty and rather cold. We tried to open the door of our room and 4 of the guys who work on this boat were sleeping right outside. We roused them so we could move. Coming into Dhaka at sunrise, I will never forget it. Staring off our ferry at the awakening sea of humanity: cargo boats, huge ferries, little passenger boats, mostly rowed and steered by hand. We had arrived, this place I have in certain ways dreaded, everything I have read said ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh March 11th 2017

I traveled to Bangladesh to support the country team with response to water born disease outbreak emergency in Cox Bazaar. The situation with the Royhinga is really one of the worst I have seen anywhere in the world. It is a situation which has been going on for years and has never received much media attention. With the current flare-up of violence in Myanmar around 70,000 people have crossed into Bangladesh. No Royhinga in Bangladesh have been granted refugee status since 1992, and only 33,000 have refugee status. All others (around 250,000 in Bangladesh now) are classified as 'undocumented Myanmar Nationals'. This means they are completely marginalised, have no rights and are open to any level of abuse including, violence, rape, child trafficking. They are crammed into tiny camps or living in urban areas. Since the ... read more
Refugee camp in Bangladesh
Kutapolong camp
Water pump at Kutapolong camp

Asia » Bangladesh » Khulna February 24th 2017

I took a 3 day boat trip into the Sundarban National Park. It's the world's largest mangrove forest and home to the bengal tiger. It was my second trip into the Sundarbans as I went before on the Indian side. Overall it was a bit disappointing. Chugging down the rivers with music blaring and not really close to anything to see meant we didn't see much. The few excursions onto land we did were well worn paths that see 1000's of people per day (and thus not much wildlife). I did see deer, monkeys, monitor lizards, various birds, and some glimpses of dolphins.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar » Coxs Bazar February 21st 2017

I stayed in Long Beach Hotel, by far the cheapest 4 star hotel I've ever been at. I was recovering from illness so I spent alot of it relaxing in my nice room, and a few short trips out to the areas. The long beach was super crowded and the area very developed with many massive new resorts being built up.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Bandarban February 17th 2017

Day 1: I arrived in the morning in Chittagong city, and after breakfast took a bus into the hill tracts. I took a small tour with my guide around the mainly Buddhist Bandarban area. Day 2: Drive to Boga Lake Day 3: Hiking up Keokradong. "Highest" (but not really) peak in Bangladesh. Got quite sick and vomited on the way down. The nausea and later diarrhoea lasted the better part of 2 weeks. Day 4: Drove back to Bandarban. Day 5: Drove to Rangamati Lake. Day 6: Toured Rangamati Lake by boat. I was still feeling sick so couldn't explore as much as I'd want. Day 7: Bus out to Chittagong and onto Cox's Bazaar.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet February 12th 2017

Day 1: I arrived in Sylhet at about 4:30am from a bus from Dhaka. I went and found a hotel and took a bit of a rest. Later I arranged for a car to take me to a nearby wetland. It took about 1 hour to get there on a mostly dirt road. Hopped on a boat for a leisurely cruise into the freshwater swamp. Saw a few interesting animals including an eagle, a snake and a small monkey troop.The boat guide took me around a bit on dry land as well. Back in town I went out for what was the best restaurant I had on my entire Bangladesh trip. Sylhet is full of families that have connections to London, and apparently many of the famous Indian chefs in London are actually from this area. ... read more

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