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Asia » Bangladesh » Munshiganj » Gazaria October 6th 2012

For someone (such as myself) who has rarely gone on suburban/rural tours around Bangladesh, Munshiganj is definitely the perfect platform to embark on the journey to explore the countryside. Munshiganj is situated on the banks of the Meghna River, possibly the most serene as well as important river for communication. It is the perfect setting on the outskirts of Dhaka, the capital city that gives you the feel of blossoming industrialization in a sub-rural setting. As a result, Munshiganj has earned the reputation of being one of the most well accommodated areas for ship builders. Historically, Munshiganj used to be the political and cultural centre of ancient Bengal. It was the capital city of the Candra, Varman and Sena dynasties, from the beginning of the 10th century AD to the beginning of the 13th century AD. ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka September 30th 2012

Geo: 24.7418, 90.4037After Volunteering, I now feel that I have contributed to the enjoyment and happiness of some of the people's lives I have met and it feels hugely rewarding. Even though I may not be helping them physically or financially I know that, as Brother Jean Jacques had pointed out, that even turning up and showing a presence has more of a positive impact than you would think.As part of our experience in Bangladesh, we had the privilege of helping out with disabled day cares, disabled adults and street kids. On the outside some of these people are very poor and neglected, left to the streets, this is the way of life in Bangladesh. But on the inside, a group of amazing people have come together to help create change, give hope and give these ... read more
Station Club Drawings

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka September 30th 2012

Geo: 24.7418, 90.4037Visiting small villages and locals homes was again a highlight of our time in Bangladesh, and as it seems it is a big highlight for the people we visited. How often would they have the opportunity to invite a foreigner over?We managed a few different trips, but unfortunately due to our strict schedule we were not able to stay over night, but even half a day was better than nothing.One of our first visits was across the river where we went with Alamgir via bicycle. Women don't ride bikes in Bangladesh, so Anna got a few looks. After hitching the local boat across the river we set off on a 30 minute ride through some amazing green countryside with rice paddy fields and small villages. We were visiting a legend and the oldest man ... read more
Walking Home
Crusing On The Bike
Ashish's Father

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka September 20th 2012

Geo: 24.7418, 90.4037Is it possible to love a country after only being there for a few hours or even one day?For me, Bangladesh was this place, an underrated country, an unknown country and a forgotten country where the glamour and allure of India dwarf its smaller neighbor.My previous trip to India and the desire to go back had helped me from the moment we arrived. Just like India, Bangladesh has many attributes that I had forgotten; the traffic, noise, smells, sights, colours, religions, weather and people reminded me of this amazing culture. Within hours of being in Bangladesh I was falling in love and I already couldn't wait to experience a unique opportunity thanks to fate and love.Where to start? Well we were invited to help volunteer with a group called Taize who have been housing ... read more
Taize House Church
Big Soccer Event
Stretching Before A Game

Asia » Bangladesh » Bandarban September 12th 2012

What is the objective of a passionate backpacker? To travel in comfort or to take trouble but getting to see the beauties of the world? If you fall under the category of traveler who will go through difficulties and hardship to get a glimpse of a remote area surrounded with hills, forests, river and massive rocks then Nafakum in Bandarban is the place for you. I was born and brought up in Dhaka and I do not encourage you at all to come and visit Dhaka. Stay away from this city- there is nothing here for tourists- unless you come from a very quiet and peaceful country and want to experience what massive gatherings of people and extreme congestion of traffic means. But Nafakum is a different story altogether. This place is remote and very difficult ... read more
Distance board
Lonely bridge

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka August 24th 2012

My first few days in Dhaka were filled with settling into my new apartment, but afterwards I did make time to go out with some of my new colleagues to explore the city. Since we arrived at the end of Ramadan we found empty streets and many closed shops. Some parts of the city are eerily abandoned. I am enjoying it immensely. Gone are the traffic jams that greeted me when I first arrived at the airport. It is a relaxed introduction to the bustling city: Dhaka Light. For one outing we visited the boat docks where ferries unload passengers and ships unload cargo via little boats. We “rented” a couple boats and paddled around until it started to rain, then boarded empty ferryboats to wait it out. It was fun seeing the city from the ... read more
City Transportation
Docks and Pineapples

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka August 21st 2012

If I can't even rack up the almost mandatory fifteen minutes of fame, does being in close proximity to someone famous count? While at Bangkok airport during a stopover, the passengers waiting to board the flight to Dhaka were in awe of a Bengali, and I was more than curious as to who he was. It seemed everyone wanted to shake the gent's hand and pose for a photo, and he was extraordinarily gracious with his time. There was such reverence on display, surely he couldn't be a politician! After arriving in Dhaka I found out from the hotel owner it was Dr Muhammad Yunus. I described the scene in Bangkok and she pointed to the map of Bangladesh on her wall, and asked if a portrait on it was the person. When I said yes, ... read more
Bengal tiger
Bengali girls
Bengali girl

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar » Teknaf » St. Martin's June 11th 2012

The combination of Bangladesh and Beautiful- it’s tough to believe, right? Bangladesh and traffic jam or Bangladesh and load shedding or Bangladesh and crowd sound like more appropriate combinations. Bangladesh used to be a lush green land crisscrossed with wide rivers; but over the years, to accommodate more and more people and in our mindless desire to increase the size of the concrete jungle, the natural greenery has been destroyed, the deep, wide rivers have now become narrow and shallow. There is hardly any park or water body in Dhaka city; there is hardly any free highway in Bangladesh for long drives- small stalls are scattered beside the highways. There is crowd and filth everywhere! But still, Bangladesh is beautiful- if you have the eyes for it. There are places in Bangladesh where nature awes you. ... read more
Angel Drop Cafe

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet » Srimongol June 4th 2012

Everyone knows that Bangladesh is an overcrowded country and is losing greenery at an alarming rate to accommodate all these people in the cities. But still, as the overpopulation problem is more in cities, there still are some places where there are lush green fields and rivers and lakes -where we can run off to soothe our eyes from the fatigue of seeing traffic congestions and ears from hearing annoying noises that are parts and parcels of city life. I personally hate living in Dhaka city and love to take escapes close to nature. Sylhet is one such place- with rolling tea gardens and lakes and quiet roads that pass through the tea estates. Myself, my hubby and three of our friends had taken a weekend trip to Sreemongol (a part of greater Sylhet) to spend ... read more
Rural Bangladesh
Lush Green Fields

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka May 1st 2012

Many years ago when Hena realized she had to register the births of her two daughters she decided she would make it easier for herself. If she had to make up dates anyway (she couldn't remember exactly when she'd had either girl) she might as well be strategic about it: Johora's, May 1st, Rahima's, May 2nd. One cake, one party to arrange, twice the girly excitement. Everybody wins. In America kids are usually pretty pissed if they have to share a birthday with a relative or a major holiday--it means less attention for them. But for Rahima, who is turning ten, and Johora, two years younger, the formula somehow works. So much so that I'm pretty sure I just witnessed the most fun ever had in one birthday celebration. Dancing on the bed, balloon popping, glitter ... read more

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