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Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka July 8th 2013

Another adventure in Bangladesh. On Saturday the four students and I went sightseeing. We hired a van for the day and took in the old Hindu Village about two and half hours out of Dhaka. Travel in Dhaka is always longer than you would expect and this day was no different than any other. We were stopped for one hour while construction was being done to a fly over, essentially the same as a clover leaf in Canada. Apparently, the left hand turns has been causing massive traffic delays and the solution is a fly over that allows the vehicles to go around and over the road below and then proceed the way they would have if they could make the left turn. The construction of this major highway is much different than in Canada, there ... read more
All the red brick is hand broken
Alternate modesof transportation
Mosaic tile inlay

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka June 29th 2013

Hello, the monsoon has begun and the rain is amazing. An umbrella makes you feel like you are at least protecting yourself a bit, but the rain comes from every direction and I am wet in no time. Add to this that the most frequent mode of transportation is cycle rickshaw. The rickshaw drives give you a piece of plastic to cover yourself with, however when they hit a pot hole or the car next to them hits a pot hole it is really a waste of time. I went into Old Dhaka with the VCC students, a student from Simon Fraser University and the VSO volunteer. We hired a van and driver from the university to carry the 7 of us around and it was a good thing. The drive from Uttara where we live ... read more
Love nests
Entering Old Dhaka

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka June 22nd 2013

I have been on two field trips with the students. Our first trip was to a brac office an area about 2 hours outside the city of Dhaka. The trip took us through many areas were clothing factories are located. Savar is on one of the areas. brac is a very large organization and not only has micro-financing for women, but also banks, schools and is essentially the shadow government for Bangladesh. They have been in Bangladesh since 1972, following Independence from Pakistan. The tour was designed to show us the effect of brac's involvement in the village. The philosophy is simple - train key people in the community to teach about safe water, hygiene and sanitation and they will build up a core group of women who will teach another core group until the entire ... read more
Microfinance allowed these women to buy a cow
creating the stamps for clothing decoration
brac embroidery room

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka June 19th 2013

Well, we finally made it to ICDDRB, the International Centre for Diarrheal Disease Research of Bangladesh despite all of the hartals that constantly disrupted our plans. There we spent a day observing the different areas of the centre including the emergency triage station, which was somewhat of an overwhelming place. People of all ages who are suffering from extreme dehydration due to diarrhea are brought to the centre for assessment & treatment. Some of the people are so dehydrated that their eyes are completely sunken and their speech and muscle movement is severely impaired. They honestly look like they are just going to collapse and die right there in front of you. The nursing staff is so efficient though, as soon as these individuals enter the centre they are rushed to a cot where an IV ... read more
Sonargaon House

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka June 19th 2013

Hello, I hope that today finds you well. On Saturday all VCC students and me went on a walking tour of the village that is directly beside and behind our apartment. The tour was conducted by a student from Nursing at IUBAT and it took us approximately 2 hours to complete the walk. According to our guide the area is for lower to middle income people. As with everywhere in Dhaka the area is under construction. When asked what would happen if developers came and built in the area and took away their places to live, our guide replied that most families would have to find another place to live - unless they owned the property. The village is home to approximately 25,000 people, but no one is positive how many actually live there. The community ... read more
Betel nut seller
Betel nut
Chilies and tamarind

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka » Dhaka June 17th 2013

It takes time to adjust to heat, humidity and smells of Dhaka. The City slows down between 2 AM and 4:30 AM then it is call to prayer. The sounds from my bedroom window begin most mornings at 0700 and are those of industry - primarily construction. The sound of hammer hitting brick and sand being scooped into a bag. There are very conversations heard on the work site outside my window. My "apartment" is a room with two twin beds, one with mosquito netting and a bathroom. There is a common sitting area and a common kitchen. Breakfast is one I prepare, usually a cup of STARBUCKS coffee (yes I brought two pounds with me)and eggs. The mango fruit is wonderful and fresh and there are varieties I have never heard of before. The road ... read more
My Bedroom
The modern bath
Construction that is going on outside my window

Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet » Srimongol June 5th 2013

I have just returned from a much needed two day break from the city (and schoolwork) to the division of Sylhet. In this region I visited the town of Srimongol and it's lush outlying landscapes that offered an adventure I will never forget... Srimongol is a small town only about 185 km from where my home base is situated, but it takes approximately five hours to travel there given the state of the roads and the overwhelming traffic congestion. According to our guide, we were actually lucky that we didn't hit any "big jams" as the journey can often grow to be a seven hour drive if you do. On the way there we made multiple stops to photograph the scenery and to tour a rice factory. Once we arrived in the town, we stopped to ... read more
At the rice factory
Mosque off the highway
Bangladesh buffalo

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka June 1st 2013

Where do I begin... At the start of the week I visited the FFC (Families For Children) Orphanage here in Uttara. The orphanage was founded by a Canadian woman who recognized the need for a home for war babies that were orphaned after the war of independence in 1971. After the war babies grew up and moved out of the home, other orphans were taken in and now there are two facilities supporting a total of 143 children, 47 of which have special needs. FFC provides them with shelter, food, and education, as well as covers the cost of any required medical expenses. Many staff employed at FFC came as destitute mothers and had no place to go too. The sense of community within this organization is profound. The children are truly cared for, loved and ... read more
School of Hope children
Eye exam station
Growth measurement station

Asia » Bangladesh May 26th 2013

Could someone please tell me the name of budget airlines that can fly me from Lhasa, China to Dhaka, Bangladesh.... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka May 25th 2013

Since my last blog it’s been quite the opposite as it was before... I have been keeping extremely busy! In the days that followed I spent a great deal of time at the University and even got to assist one of the medical-surgical course instructors with her lecture. At the end of that week I travelled outside of where my home base is in Uttara and headed to Savar for an entire week. There was very limited internet access there, hence the gap in blogs. The name may sound familiar to you, as it was the town where the garment building collapsed. It is also the area where one of the most renowned Bangladeshi health facilities exists – CRP (The Centre for the Rehabilitation of the Paralyzed). The centre opened in 1979 and is the only ... read more
Wheelchair workshop
Nurses Meeting
Ibrahim - a famous mouth painter

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