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Asia » Bangladesh » Sylhet April 17th 2019

With no real expectations based on other peoples stories because we don’t know anybody who has ever visited nor any proper research we entered Bangladesh and were immediately engulfed by its chaos and the sheer numbers of people living in Dhaka, in what apparently is one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Bangladesh is one of the poorest countries of the region and we have seen some of the worst living conditions. But we have also seen that Bangladesh is an extremely green and fertile country it being one big delta of 700 rivers with rice paddies, tea plantations, rubber plantations, pineapple gardens, a lot of bananas and an unbelievable number of watermelons. A lot of Bangladeshi live under the poverty line and especially in the rural places too many people cannot read ... read more
Rickshaw art
Rickshaw art
Rickshaw art

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka November 16th 2018

November 12, 2018 (Dhaka, Bangladesh) When I say I'm in Bangladesh to work with BRAC, many people wonder what the acronym is. When it was first established it went through several acronym iterations (Building Resources Across Communities, Bangladesh Rehabilitation Assistance Committee, Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee) but now is simply BRAC. Its hot magenta colored loco with lower case letters is familiar in Bangladesh. For its size and impact globally, it seems relatively unknown outside of this region. But it is impressive. Certainly in Bangladesh it is ubiquitous throughout all aspects of the infrastructure. BRAC is an international development organization based in Dhaka. It is the largest development organization in the world employing over 100,000 people (70 percent are women) and reaching 150 million people with its services. Founder url=h... read more
BRAC Humanitarian Relief HQ
BRAC Humanitarian Relief HQ

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar » Coxs Bazar November 13th 2018

November 12, 2018 (Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh) A mass human migration began on 25 August 2017 following retaliation by Rohingya Arsa militants who launched deadly attacks on more than 30 police post. Rohingyas began arriving Cox's Bazaar district of Bangladesh that borders Myanmar after troops, backed by local Buddhist mobs, burned their villages, attacked and killed civilians. Nearly 7,000 Rohingya (including more than 700 children under the age of five) were killed after the violence broke out, and there was widespread rape and abuse Rohingya women and girls reported. Nearly 300 villages were partially or totally burned down in northern Rakhine. Satellite images show many places where Rohingya villages were burned down, while nearby ethnic Rakhine villages are intact. This began a massive refugees escape, reaching Bangladesh with barely any belongings. Happening during the rainy season, t ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar November 13th 2018

November 13, 2018 (Cox's Bazar) Camp 1 of the Rohingya Refugee camp is at the northern end of the camp and the most established one. There are 20 camps and some of them have been split into East and West sides (Camps 1, 2, and 8). The Camp designation has organizational and political structure implications with representative committees, NGO assignments using these designations. The overall management is now coordinated by the United Nations Refugee Agency (UNHCR), but is heavily reliant still on the infrastructure and operational commitment that BRAC established in the initial phases. The job is tireless for the Head of BRAC's Humanitarian Relief Programme (Mr. Salam). On Tuesday morning, escorted by BRAC staff we were invited visit the camp and see the infrastructure, its operational landscape and get an framework for some of the ... read more
A Map of the Rohingya Refugee Camps
Grocery Store
A Camp "Street"

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka November 12th 2018

Nov 12, 2018 (Dhaka, Bangladesh) A little insight about the reason for this trip - something that originated from a discussion I had with Scott Burg, a long term colleague and friend who is a senior researcher for Rockman ET AL. There are three of us on this research trip: Scott, myself and Dr. Nancy Sloan, a primary-care practitioner in Portland, OR with an interest in gender-equality in medical services. Scott conducts research and evaluation studies for education, health, museum and technology clients. An area of great interest and expertise includes the organization and effective deployment of blindness prevention programs and he researches capacity building for eye care in developing countries. Through his research with India's Aravind Eye Care System, he met... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar » Coxs Bazar November 12th 2018

November 12, 2018 (Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh) I think the name url='s+Bazar/@21.622673,91.3071882,8.77z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x30adc7ea2ab928c3:0x3b539e0a68970810!8m2!3d21.4272283!4d92.0058074Cox's Bazar is strange in a cool and exotic way. It was a place I'd not heard of before considering going to Bangladesh on this trip, but a place that has been entangled in a humanitarian crisis of historic proportions since August of last year. It derives its name from Captain Hiram Cox, an officer of the British East India Company. To commemorate his role in refugee rehabilitation work in the late 1700's, a market was established and named Cox's Bazar after him a colonial name that is still retained. It is a popular tourist destinations for Bangladeshis. It is a major fishing port, tourism center and a district headquarters in southeastern Bangladesh that sha... read more
The long beach at Cox's Bazar
Fishing boats on the beach

Asia » Bangladesh » Cox's Bazar » Coxs Bazar November 12th 2018

November 12, 2018 (Cox's Bazar, Bangladesh). The Rohingya are a Muslim sect that make up the largest percentage of Muslims in Myanmar, mostly in in Rakhine state along Myanmar’s western shore. They have their own language and culture (similar to the people in Cox’s Bazar district in Bangladesh) and are likely descendants of Arab traders and other groups who have been in the region for generations. Myanmar is a predominantly Buddhist country that denied the Rohingya citizenship and excluded them from the 2014 census, seeing them as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh. Before the August 2017 migration crisis, thousands of Rohingya had made perilous journeys out of Myanmar to escape communal violence or abuses by security forces. A mass migration began on 25 August 2017 triggered by Rohingya Arsa militants launching deadly attacks on more than 30 ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka November 11th 2018

Nov 12, 2018 (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Left late, but arrived right on time 2:00 am. Smooth flight. Visa on arrival process works smoothly and a concierge was there to meet me with his hand-held sign. Got me to the driver who drove me to the BRAC Centre Inn in about 15 minutes - no traffic this time of night! Nice place, settled in. Meetings begin in 5 hours - fortunately here at the hotel. Now for some REM sleep!... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Dhaka November 11th 2018

Nov 11, 2018 (Dhaka, Bangladesh) The work on this trip is beginning in Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh. Dhaka is ranked as the fifth largest city in the world - all very believable when attempting to get around. The traffic-congested city is known for its cycle-rickshaws, cuisine, festivals, historic buildings and the city's modernist national assembly is one of the largest parliament complexes in the world. A badly needed mass transit system is under construction and planned to be operational in the next couple of years. The bustling economic, educational and diplomatic center of the country is located in the Bengal delta, bordered by four major rivers emptying into the Bay of Bengal, which makes it a major port city and also prone to flooding during monsoon season. Bangladesh is made up ... read more

Asia » Bangladesh » Chittagong May 18th 2018

Be a traveler in your own country, you can easily be lost without purpose and passport! Small vacations are actually good to have a short trip in own country ! For me, it’s an opportunity to explore the landscape and characters of my surroundings and be proud of the place where I was born and raised ! I Last week, I took 5 days off to visit Rangamati and Sajek Valley. Rangamati is the only district of Bangladesh with two international borders of India and Myanmar. Interesting! We enjoyed the overnight journey from Dhaka to Chittagong and it is not that much exhausting if you take AC bus; even better if you take train. Reaching Chittagong and bus from Oxygen for Rangamati! After reaching Chittagong,we went to a place called Oxygen mor and took a local ... read more
Wind !
Tribal food!
That Moon !

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