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May 18th 2018
Published: May 18th 2018
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Lost !Lost !Lost !

Sunset boat ride, Kaptai lake
Be a traveler in your own country, you can easily be lost without purpose and passport!

Small vacations are actually good to have a short trip in own country ! For me, it’s an opportunity to explore the landscape and characters of my surroundings and be proud of the place where I was born and raised ! I Last week, I took 5 days off to visit Rangamati and Sajek Valley.

Rangamati is the only district of Bangladesh with two international borders of India and Myanmar. Interesting! We enjoyed the overnight journey from Dhaka to Chittagong and it is not that much exhausting if you take AC bus; even better if you take train.

Reaching Chittagong and bus from Oxygen for Rangamati!

After reaching Chittagong,we went to a place called Oxygen mor and took a local direct bus (took tk 100 per person) to Rangamati. I want to add something here: anyone can get good local buses from two places; one is Muradpur, Oxygen and another one is BRTC counter near Bottali railway. I would suggest all to take the direct ones since some buses stop at any place and get overloaded with extra passengers.

So, we bought tickets of a direct one and it took us 3 hours to reach Rangamati. The bus stopped at a place called Kathaltoli where we could see a good number of hotels. The bus stop is right there in fact! We booked a hotel named Hotel Nadisa International and apparently this was the better one comparing to other hotels of that place.

Hanging Bridge

Since half the day was gone already, we decided to go and see the famous Hanging Bridge of Rangamati. In Bengali the name of the Hanging Bridge is Jhulonto Bridge This hanging bridge is established on Kaptai Lake. This is the link way of Kaptai Lake. The total height of this bridge is 335 feet and is the landmark icon of Rangamati. This bridge seemed very special to me because it was giving me a sense of connectivity with all the hills around.

Boat trip to Chang Pang and Shuvolong

The next morning we woke up early to start for Shuvolong Waterfall. It is situated about twenty five kilometers away from Rangamati town. We hired a motor boat from reserve bazar ghat which cost 1500 taka. Prices depend
Tribal food!Tribal food!Tribal food!

Tribal food at Chang Pang Restaurant
largely on your bargaining skills. We tried the best and got the private boat for the whole day :D

The way to go Shuvolong Waterfall by boat is wonderful and I personally felt the journey was better than the beauty of waterfalls since we did not get to see heavy water ☹. On the way we got an awesome restaurant named Chang Pang just beside the lake and it is famous for tribal food.

And of course the sunset boat ride ended up being one of the best experiences I’ve ever had here! The sun was going down behind the mountains and I was lying and enjoying the stunning skyline !

I was predicting this trip to be pleasant one, but that was more than that ! It was worth being lost without purpose and of course with no passport!

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That Moon !That Moon !
That Moon !

Evening boat ride from Shuvolong waterfall to rangamati

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