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Asia » Armenia » North July 9th 2019

Z ubytka vypadnutie okolo 900 Cinan tu mal aj ranajky ale za 1500d to vyzeralo slabo. Pri kruhaci odbacam do dediny, kde ma byt stara ulicka. Ulicka aj je ale domov zhruba tak 4ks, vsetko hoteli, restika, suvenir shop. Domy vyzeraju ako keby boli zo svajciarskych hor. Dvojpodlazne kamenne domy so sedlovou strechou. Vyzeralo to fajn ale, ze by kvoli tomuto sem mali chodit turisti tak to asi nie. V suvenir shope pohladnice za 400d, v jerevane boli za 300d. Zjednavat nechceli. Zajtra musim kupit a poslat domov. Opustam asi 100m staru ulicku a po schodikoch sa napajam na hlavny tah. Podla mapy a i znacenia na strome idem smer vrch yeghjervasar 2599m Najskor stupanie po schodoch cez les. V nom zrucanina stareho altanku na styl grecka. I pri ceste bol maly grecky amfik. Cesta ma ... read more

Asia » Armenia » North July 8th 2019

Noc nic moc, bo ma furt budili prichodzi ludia. Na ranajkach bola aj sikmacka rodinka s malym dievcatkom. To uplne, ze na zjedenie. Sikmacke male deti (hlavne dievcata) su dost roztomile. Po jedle vyplatenie ubytka kartou a smer bus zastavka marsutiek pred kfc na mashtots ulici. Ako som sa blizil k zastavke uz prichadzalo moje cislo 259 co smeruje na severny bus terminal. 259 neni marsutka ale klasicky mhd bus. Jedna cesta stoji 100d a plati sa pri vystupovani vodicovy. Niektore busy tu maju na boku cinsku zastavu. Tieto busy su darom z ciny pre armenov. Nakonec sa rozhodujem ist do dilijan marsutkov, bo vypadovka z mesta je taka seliaka a hlavne ma zacalo bolet brucho, co by fakt neprispelo moc ku komunikacii so sofermi. Na bus terminali (len parkovisko a neaka budova co mozno v ... read more

Asia » Armenia » North » Alaverdi June 26th 2018

Drove along the apparently historic Debed Canyon (this is what the guide book says, but we didn't spot any of the churches that are supposed to line the valley). Very different scenery, green tree covered hills. Very steep and long canyon with a lot of old Soviet industrial factories along the way. Our destination of Alvaverdi town, a very ugly big town that is full of semi-derelict factories, a decrepit looking cable car and two UNESCO world heritage monasteries, Haghpat and Sanahin. Haghpat we felt was the more interesting of the two. Both are from Medieval times with libraries and great stone work. Sanahin was known for the illuminators of manuscripts. The town of Sanahin is the top of the cable car from Alaverdi and is where the factory workers lived, the cable car was for ... read more
Inside Sanahin monastery
Haghpat monastery
Debed valley from Haghpat

Asia » Armenia » North May 10th 2017

Über Nacht ist vor dem Hotel ein blauer Mercedes mit FFB Kennzeichen aufgetaucht und ich frage mich,, ob der Besitzer schon weiß, dass sein Auto gestohlen ist, oder ob er tatsächlich auch in diesem Hotel wohnt. Die Abfahrt war erst um 9.00, weil es das Frühstück nicht früher gab..... Die Fahrt zur Grenze war nicht lang, dauerte aber lang, weil die zahlreichen Schlaglöcher einen höchst kunstvollen Slalom erforderten. Es sah aus der Ferne sehr lustig aus, wie die Autos und LKWs in Schlangenlinien dahinkrochen. An einer Stelle war eine Straßenfräse zugangen gewesen, aber statt das herausgefräste Material wegzuräumen, war es zu Haufen aufgeschüttet worden, wie gigantische Maulwurfshaufen. Das machte die Situation noch verworrener, denn nun musste man auch noch diesen Haufen ausweichen, um 11.00 Uhr waren wir an der Grenze. 80 km, zwei Stunden. Die georgische ... read more

Asia » Armenia » North July 10th 2015

July 10, 2015 – I woke up feeling good today. I even had breakfast – some bread and a hard-boiled egg. Finished packing and went upstairs for the day tour back to Tbilisi at 9:00. There were six others in the group, including Americans. Such a surprise to me that I keep meeting Americans here. Two girls were living and working in Jordan, studying Arabic, and both will go to grad school this fall for related topics. Claire will go to Cairo and Hannah to London. There was also Jeremy, starting grad school in Miami in the fall. Sevi, Greek, was traveling for a couple of weeks here, and then there was also a young German couple. She just finished her degree to be a doctor. We had a large minivan so everyone was able to ... read more
Sanahin Monastery
Sanahin Monastery
Sanahin Monastery

Asia » Armenia » North November 1st 2014

Armenia has 29,800km and 3 million people. It is the safest and easiest Caucasus countries to visit. Around 90% of the population belong to Apostolic church. The Muslim is rare. The Soviet Union invaded the country in1921 and ruled this country until 1990. When Stalin took over the power and the Armenia lived in fear and terror with tens thousands of Armenians were executed. During WW2 about 500,000 Armenian out of 1.4 million population were mobilised and 175,000 of them died in the war. When Stalin died in 1953 Nikita Khruschev became a new leader of the Soviet Union, then the life of Armenia began better. The country regained independence on 8-23-1990 after Gorbachev 's reform began. Trong thang 10-2014 toi du dinh di Qatar va Bahrain nhung vi dich Ebola xay ra vung West Africa ... read more
Truoc train station
Train station

Asia » Armenia » North » Alaverdi September 19th 2012

We had a lazy start in the morning as the hotel cook doesn't start until 9am. This is what holidays are all about - not rushing anywhere. It was the usual breakfast of bread, preserve, eggs, cheese and sour cream. We loaded up the car but Saro discovered that the battery was flat. While he phoned a friend to help him, Rod and I went for a walk in the other direction from the previous day. We found a lovely looking theatre that was being used as a furniture shop and an abandoned playground, another relic of the soviet times. Once we got back to the hotel, Saro had got the car started and we were on our way. His friend invited us for coffee at his home. This is very common in Armenia and it ... read more
Theatre turned furniture shop
Road to Hvenank
Hnevank Monastery

Asia » Armenia » North » Gyumri September 17th 2012

12 hours of sleep and I was beginning to feel human again. I no longer had the feeling that my head would explode. A late start with a leisurely breakfast at 9am was just what was called for. The Berlin hotel is a really peaceful hotel with nice outside areas to sit in and friendly staff. First visit of the day was to Jrapi Caravanserai. It is not complete like the one at Selim but somehow, seeing the ruin helped us to see how the place was constructed -bit like those models biology teachers use. We could see where the animals slept and even holes drilled into the stone where they could be tethered. There was also an interesting church close to the Caravanserai which has been rebuilt using tree trunks as supporting pillars instead of ... read more

Asia » Armenia » North » Gyumri September 16th 2012

Our flight to Yerevan arrived on time, passport control was pretty smooth. I'm glad we decided to get our visas before leaving the UK otherwise we would have had to queue twice - three times if we had to change money. It was great seeing Saro's friendly face in the arrivals lounge. Although it was 12.30 GMT when we arrived it was 3.30am in Yerevan. We then had a 2 hour drive to our first destination - Gyumri. We got to Hotel Berlin but the gates were locked. Our hearts sank as none of us had any sleep. Luckily someone saw us and let us in - it turned out to be Grigor - the father of the family my niece Fi was living with up until about week ago. We are about to have breakfast ... read more

Asia » Armenia » North » Gyumri September 16th 2012

After breakfast we went for a walk while our rooms were being prepared. We were a bit lacklustre due to no sleep but the Armenian coffee had helped to get us in gear. Gyumri was badly damaged during the earthquake of 1988 mainly due to shoddy Soviet high rise buildings. It's been a long time but the city is getting itself together with financial support from the diaspora. Back at the hotel, having a shower made me start to feel human again and after a short nap we regrouped, had lunch and then went to visit Mother Armenia, a giant statue at the top of ridge with great views of the city. We have been invited to Grigor's home so will be going there this evening. In between time I'm trying to keep awake as I ... read more

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