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Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 25th 2007

Well I have now read Nelson Mandela's the Long Walk to Freedom.. what an amazing person and book. Incredible how one man can stand up to what is wrong and do something about it when so many people walk on by.. what makes a person like that I wonder.. Anyhow it has left me quite revolutionary.. so watch out next time I see a bit of injuctice...!! Monday 19th Feb.. lots of purple brusies after surfing yesterday..!! I booked a sweedish massage across from the AVIVA House which was excellent. Very relaxing :-) I then went to District 6 museum - the aparteid museum which was brilliant. It is full of stories from apartied, pictures and shows how rooms used to look and so on. Takes just over an hour, so is quite small but worth ... read more
Mich and Kids
Kids at dinner

Africa » Uganda » Eastern Region » Jinja February 25th 2007

Hello. Seems a long time since I updated you all - a lot has happened again! Arrived on placement a week last Tuesday. Were actually located an hours walk outside of Kayunga town in 'centenary college' which is basically a boarding school. Were living in staff quarters so have 3 rooms between the 4 of us (there's a family of 4 sharing the room next door tho!). They have 2 little boys next door, Opeo who is 2 and big bro Freddie who is 9! We can't understand a word each other is saying but they are so cute it doesn't matter! We have electricty 1/2 the time (yey!), the bore hole is right next door (which trust me is pretty good going) and the pit latrines are clean at least so we've not done badly. ... read more
My Room
My Birthday
My Birthday

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 25th 2007

Without a doubt the fairy would have overslept and missed the full moon if it hadn’t been for Siren - the farm’s grey donkey - braying his usual three o’ clock wake-up-call. A wake-up call that, as usual, turned into a wake-up-jam-session as the aptly named roosters; Posy and Florid, joined in with their cacophonous crowing. The young man was still asleep. Careful not to not wake him up, she sneaked out of the tent. It was pitch black outside, not even the stars could be seen since dark clouds filled the sky. “He must have been mistaken” She thought. “There’s no full moon tonight.” She walked down to the pond where the stone fish lay still at the bottom. The frogs had gone to bed and the pond was as still and quiet as ... read more
The Stone Fish
Splashing in the pond
Pearl Tears

Africa » Egypt » Upper Egypt » Luxor February 24th 2007

Today is Procyon day, which means that the star Procyon reaches its highest point in the skies this night. I had a very very good sleep and this morning after swimming this was translated in these words. I hear your call gently setting directions Past life memories meaningless in my free-will love intentions. I hear your call of new earth arising as written in stone I am dancing this assignment as a child alone, so happy and surprising. I hear your call pulsating in my heart coming into full alignment with all that is, releasing all that was within me at last. I hear your call and I see the flower opening in all its glory white, shining beauty of unditional LOVE Today I will be visiting the valley of the Queens, which I haven't been ... read more
big contrasts here, aaaaarrrgghhhh..
Ali, friend of the Camp and a adolescent warrior

Africa » Kenya » Coast Province » Mombasa February 24th 2007

Hi peeps, hows it hanging. I can't believe i am writing this 5 days after my last one, sorry to not be upto date but even more so i cant believe i arrived in Mombasa a full 6 weeks ago, meaning i am half way through now! Scary but also good how easy it has become. The last week has flown by in a haze of fun and frollics. And it is of these i shall inform you of now, like so. Since the last entry it has been a pretty chilled out yet still hectic packed and fun week. In temrs of going out after work, we have done a lot less the last fortnightbut we still managed to head out to Il Covo for Louisas birthday which was nice, i opted for the more ... read more

Africa » Kenya » Nairobi Province » Nairobi February 24th 2007

Today is Chelly's 24th birthday, and it also marks the end of our first full month in Kenya. It's hard to believe that we arrived all the way back on January 24th, with a little money in our pockets and a lot of hope. The place looked beautiful then, but a little scary for me. Now I feel like I've been here forever--and the family is really helping me to belong--but most of our hopes have been dashed and we're dead broke. It's still beautiful here, and the future's still scary. Birthdays I suppose that everyone on Earth will someday have to give in and admit that Chelly and I make an adorable couple. One of the cute little things we've got is birthdays less than a week apart. Mine was on Sunday the 18th, and ... read more
The Taita homeland, seen from Zighe's hilltop retreat
A view past the house in Mshomoroni
His and Hers engagement rings

Africa » Benin » South » Athiémé February 24th 2007

Because I have some time on my hands...... read more
Long Live Ecotourism
Books are Beautiful
Even the Mayor was Pleased

Africa » South Africa » KwaZulu-Natal » Durban February 24th 2007

Today is a rest day in Umhlanga Today I slept in, ran errands and visited the Durban Ducati shop near the hotel. In the afternoon I took a cab down to the beach and walked north where there were hardly any people. A1 cart racing is on this weekend and I suspect most people are down town taking in all the festivities. I have the beach all to myself and walk for miles without running into anyone.... read more
Ducati Durban

Africa » Ghana » Volta February 24th 2007

Just back from Lake Volta - it's a massive lake about 1 and a half hours drive from where I am staying. It has been so hot today so the tro-tro ride there was as uncomfortable as usual. I went with 2 other volunteers and the local boy who I will be helping over the next couple of years. To get to the lake you have to take a taxi to a town called Kpong, which seemed quite normal at 3pm this afternoon. We then went to a hotel called Afrikiko, which is located right on the lake. It's a really nice hotel and from there you can take a boat ride. There were only 4 of us on the boat so we got good seats and a brilliant view. The scenery is beautiful, and there ... read more

Africa » South Africa » Western Cape » Cape Town February 24th 2007

A mere stone throw away from the Turkish bath was a hair saloon. Moscow Carmine, she read in bright red letters on the door to the saloon, as she opened it. The saloon was empty but for a barber who was busy cutting with his scissors in the air. “Hi.” The fairy said with a hesitant voice. Mr Moscow - the barber - didn’t notice and continued with what he was doing. “I’m looking for the Dreamweaver.” She exclaimed. Mr Moscow froze in mid-air and looked like a petrified starling. He laid down his scissors and turned to the mirror in front of the empty seat where he stood cutting. “We’re done for today.” He told the empty seat, and as the fairy peeked into the mirror she saw a pale woman seated in the ... read more
The Dreamweaver
Princess Radziwill
A vivid weaver

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