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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi November 6th 2017

It was pretty dry the entire day, only for the rains to start up in the evening. The only problem was that there was a party being held in the garden at the lodge, where they put up large speakers, and the music blasted -- alternating between gangster rap and Celine Dion. I'm not kidding. And it was a mostly older crowd in attendance. The music was so loud, it sounded like the speakers were up against your ears, and everything vibrated. This was one day that I actually wished for rain! The front desk was surprised that the speakers were brought in, and told me not to worry, as the rain would put an end to the outdoor music. No rain. I then switched my way of thinking and hoped this was a sign that ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi November 5th 2017

After arriving back to my lodge yesterday from my tour of the lake, the heavy rains started again, and didn't stop for about 24 hours. Around the same time as yesterday, the rains came to a stop, so I decided to do another tour of the lake, this time to visit a Twa community; the Twa are better known as pygmies. Heavily discriminated against, and violence directed at them by other local tribes, the Twa tend to isolate themselves to isolated areas, where they farm and hunt to sustain themselves. They've also opened up their villages to tourists, where they show you their huts, the school, perform a song and dance routine, show you how skilled they are with a bow and arrow, then try to get you to buy their crafts, or at least give ... read more
Twa Village
My guide
Lake Bunyonyi

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi November 4th 2017

Hired a car and driver to take me to Lake Bunyonyi. This is rainy season in Uganda. Shortly after starting out, the rains came fast and hard. Luckily the road was tarred the entire way. The journey supposedly takes six hours, but I was told by the owner of the lodge I stayed at in Kampala to use the following formula when determining actual travel time in Uganda: take the number of hours quoted, divide it by half, then add the half to the original quote to get the minimum travel time. In this case, I was told it would take six hours by car. 6/2 = 3. 6 + 3 = 9. It actually took about ten hours to reach our destination. I don't know how we made it, as you could barely see out ... read more
Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi
Lake Bunyonyi

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi July 24th 2017

Un repos bien mérité avant la dernière ligne droite de notre périple en Ouganda. Ce week-end, nous avons atterri au lac Bunyonyi dans le district de Kabale. Après avoir passé 3 heures sur des chemins irréguliers (« massage africain »), secouées dans tous les sens, nous débarquons au bord du lac. Une barque nous attend pour nous diriger vers notre île. Le décor est magnifique. 🏝🌊🌸 Quelques heures après notre arrivée nous embarquons pour une sacré expérience. 🛶 Munies de rames et d’un canoe traditionnel, seules, nous essayons de naviguer sur les eaux du lac. Comment dire ? Nous avons au moins eu le mérite d’essayer… Nous savons tourner, même très bien. Mais aller tout droit ? Nous n’avons pas encore compris le truc. Nous avons surtout compris pourquoi nous sommes nées dans les montagnes valaisannes ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi January 17th 2016

If I had to be honest, I would say I was taken aback a little bit more than I thought I would be. I wouldn’t say I was over my head, but I would say that I was shocked and even questioned my own fortitude when I arrived at Edirisa on Lake Bunyonyi…Why is that you ask? Well I signed up for a volunteer spot at this non-profit organization with an emphasis on cultural tours and canoe trekking in the Gorilla Highlands (name of the area they want to start using). I was blown off by my original host and welcomed quite warmly into the open arms of Miha, Jane, Owen, Davis, Alex, Shaba, and Tom! I simply wanted to help in some way cuz I like the area and wanted to do something ... read more
for a bathroom
the kitchen!
wood fire oven

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi January 1st 2016

Nothing super special about Kampala, yet, but the internet was pretty alright at the campsite. The next day we arrived at Lake Bunyoni after a million hours and I was feeling quite under the weather. Our guide was ill when we started the trip from Nairobi and I was the first to catch what she had. It was also New Year’s Eve so being sort of sick was extra not fun. We had gorilla trekking permits waiting for us when we arrived and my name was on the list to trek in the am. This again was not conducive to my sickness because you are not allowed to trek if you are sick as the man monkeys have 98% similarities to humans so they can catch our diseases too. Buuuuut I traded with someone else and ... read more
oilatitude? idk what that means...

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi August 8th 2015

Nachdem wir zu Beginn unserer Tour ein ziemlich dicht gepacktes Programm hatten, wird das Tempo allmählich etwas gemächlicher, was wir aber als durchaus angenehm empfinden. Der nächste Etappenpunkt ist der Lake Bunyonyi, wo wir 2 Nächte ziemlich luxuriös im Birds Nest mit tollem Blick auf den See untergebracht sind. An unserem "freien" Tag werden wir zu einer kleinen Bootstour über den See abgeholt. Der See ist zwar nicht groß, aber stark verästelt und an der tiefsten Stelle angeblich bis zu 600 oder 900 m tief (je nach Quelle). Er hat 26 Inseln, z.B. Punishment Island: hierhin wurden bis in die Fünfzigerjahre unverheiratete schwangere Mädchen gebracht und ihrem Schicksal überlassen. Arme Männer, die sich kein Brautgeld leisten konnten, konnten sich dort ein Mädchen abholen. Oder Bwama Island: auf diese Insel wurden bis in die Achtzigerjahre Leprakranke aus ... read more
Mit dem Einbaum zum Birdsnest
Der Lehrer zeigt uns seine Schätze
Bwama Island: Schulgebäude und Schlafräume

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi June 13th 2015

. . . Of Uganda. So in reality, it’s probably nothing like Switzerland at all, but Lake Bunyonyi is incredibly beautiful, so I suppose the nickname works to some extent. Brit and Lena took a couple days off from the goat project to go gorilla tracking, and decided to spend the weekend in Mbarara when Laura, Brendan and myself went on a trip to the lake. Bunyonyi is one of the deepest lakes in all of Africa and has a scattering of tiny islands spread throughout it, giving it a very unique look. This trip was actually my fourth time going to the lake, but it was my first time actually staying on one of the tiny islands. Brendan is originally from the Unites States, but after a considerable amount of time working and going to ... read more
Back in the "canoe"

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi June 19th 2014

This is going to be nice and short, to balance out the last few longer ones! (. . . also the power is out and my battery is going to die.) It's finally time for Leandra and I to have our first free weekend since leaving home, so we decided to take off to beautiful Lake Bunyonyi! Lake Bunyonyi is a short distance away from Kabale and is known for its beauty and having many small islands scattered within the lake (29, I believe). We checked into our oh-so-simple $10 per night room – simple as in it only had beds, and about half a light bulb – and decided to have some lunch and a beer on the patio over looking the lake. My friends know how much I can't resist a chance to have ... read more
How gravel is made, African style
First weekend off!
Minimalist travelling

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi October 10th 2013

We accidentally crossed the wrong border on our way into Uganda (or perhaps the correct one didn’t actually exist outside the map, its debatable) so ended up taking a slightly indirect route. In the first big city we came to, sat at a food stall table, we opened up the Lonely Planet (self consciously, because it’s a bit Gap Year and we like to think we’re cooler than that) in order to pick our next destination. It was in completely the opposite direction to where we were heading, but we were totally sold on the description. Lake Bunyonyi. The name means many tiny birds. Lonely Planet (book of lies) states that it’s the prettiest of the crater lakes in Northern Uganda… 27 islands, misty sunrises over the water. We reckoned we could just about make it ... read more
Canoe of Doom

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