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Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi June 24th 2013

Well here we are just about to head away from our home for the last four nights at Lake Bunyonoi, Uganda. When we last blogged we had just arrived into Kampala and were ready to head towards Bunyoni which was to be our base for the gorilla trek and our Rwanda trip. The day trip from Kampala was long and tiring about 11 hrs but we stopped at the equator and had the usual photos of one foot on each side but didn't get to test the swirling water theory. The scenery here is amazingly lush and I think if you stuck an ice block stick into the ground it would grow! There are banana, sugar and tea plantations everywhere. What ever it is in the ground that grows big things it has obviously rubbed off ... read more
Butchery Uganda style
Yes we have no bananas
Why do cows have horns

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi February 2nd 2013

I’m not very good at this- pretty far behind, actually. I was taking a stats class, but finally finished it so hopefully I should be able to be in touch more now! For those who don’t feel like reading this whole thing, here are the highlights. *In one day, I --Found out my bed had bedbugs --Got pooped on by a fly (didn’t know that was possible) --Found a dead spider on my pillow (like a big daddy long legs, guess I had cuddled too hard with him last night)*Big Beyond got an application for a person to be a “garden” *I ate “poo beans” out of warn dishes washed with dirt *Got relentlessly laughed at when I attempted to hoe potatoes and grind millet and told that I’d never get a husband in Uganda Yep, ... read more
Amin and I
fruit and beer!  and Pip!
watermelon baby

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi September 9th 2012

Lake Bunyonyi Overland Resort – 25-26 July These 2 days were spent around, on and above the Lake. Lake Bunyonyi is a body of water seven kilometres west from Kabale Town, south-western Uganda. It is 25 km long and 7 km wide, covering an area of 61 square kilometres. The lake's altitude is 1,950 m, and it is surrounded by hills that are 2,200 to 2,478 m high and intensely cultivated. Its 29 islands are concentrated in the central part. These islands have few settlements; they are mostly used for tourist facilities and for a secondary and a primary school. The data on the lake's maximum depth varies; from 44 m to 900 m in parts (although a conflicting sign on the side of the Lake stated that it was 2000m at its deepest). If the ... read more
In around and above Lake Bunyonyi Uganda 25 to 26 July (6)
In around and above Lake Bunyonyi Uganda 25 to 26 July (7)
In around and above Lake Bunyonyi Uganda 25 to 26 July (8)

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi September 9th 2012

Here are the phoitos of the 'Pygmy' Village we visited - but saw no small people only - all we saw were displaced people being trained by tourists to ask for money - very sad!... read more
Pygmy Village Uganda (11)
Pygmy Village Uganda (12)
Pygmy Village Uganda (13)

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi October 16th 2011

We dragged ourselves away from Sipi and set out on a hot, rainy and torturaous journey to Jinja, famous for being the site of the source of the Nile. We went on a second boat trip on to Lake Victoria to view the source, but there wasn't actually much to see, other than a few rapids. The views at Bujagali were alot more exciting, especially watching the Bujagali Swimmers, who jump into the rapids holding nothing but a jerry can and swim right through them. It was also amusing when an asian family asked to take our photo. Initially we thought they wanted us to take a photo for them but it turned out that they wanted to be in the picture with us, as they were very excited because we were the first mixed race ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi December 2nd 2010

There was no need to put on the cult classic CD from the 90’s. The relaxing vibrations were all there to see and hear. The birds chirping followed by silence, a gentle rustling of the leaves. Blue sky ahead - Lush cultivated green hills surround me – Below is a greyish blue lake. I am in an opened air hut that I have paid $15 a night for. Seclusion could be no better. Behind me dark clouds hover over, letting off warning sounds. The breeze picks up and the leaves start creating urgency. The light tapping of rain hits my hut. But I am cocooned under the covers of my bed, sheltered and gradually drifting off to sleep with the sounds of nature reverberating around my day. At last I have found a place in Africa ... read more
My view
3 - local kid
4 - Kabale

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi September 26th 2010

A new day, a new guide, hopefully a better standard of tour... Fidel is not meeting us today, instead the driver will take us to the border and we will switch cars again, we are going to Uganda through Rwanda, good job we get free visas on the border as this wasn't mentioned in the itinerary so we could have been paying double. At the border, the same Rwandan driver is waiting with a new bloke. We finish the border formalities quickly and swap our bags over, then we're off... After 10mins we stop in a petrol station and Fidel appears, he and the new bloke chat for about 20mins, then we get petrol and again we're off. Fidel had told us the Ugandan border is only 90mins away so it should be a short day ... read more
Photo 3
Photo 4
Photo 5

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi January 22nd 2010

Jan 22  Day 7 So we had an ealry wake up today around 5 am so we could get on the road and beat the traffic. We have about a nine hour drive and unfortunately it's pooring out so it might take longer. Hopefully it won't rain when we trek though. We drove from Kampala to Lake bunyoni stopping a few times along the way nothing major except we did cross the equator.   We finally arrived at lake bunyoni around 6 pm so we quickly set up tents and started dinner. Patrick made a campfire and we had a Barbie over it chicken, lamb chops, some sasuages as well as some baked squash and garlic bread. Everything we delicious.  We sat around the fire for a while chatting before we all went off to sleep.  ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi June 14th 2009

Left for Uganda on 6-11. The boarder crossing was amazing. I never seen anything like it. The truck that we are traveling is very large and yellow and screams attention. Every time that we stop we are swarmed with people. The boarder was no different. You can buy fresh water, simosas (my new favorite African food), and you can also exchange your currency with men that are standing at the boarder crossing wearing yellow coats. They looked like stock exchange people. Uganda is so much pretty than Kenya, it is very green and for the most part the roads are a lot better, meaning that there is more pavement here. On the way to Lake Bunyonyi, we stopped in Kampala, the capital and stayed the night in a hostel, called Red Chilies. Nice grounds with show ... read more

Africa » Uganda » Western Region » Lake Bunyonyi May 28th 2009

Yet another Fort Portal power cut on the morning of my departure for Lake Bunyonyi means a hot shower is not forthcoming plus I have to complete my packing in the light from my headtorch. We have been told to be at the bus office for 5:40AM, though the bus doesn't show until nearly an hour later and we don't depart Fort Portal until a further thirty minutes after that. The bus isn't completely full and in fact only one other passenger joins Sonja and I in the five seats at the very back. We learn that Ugandan speedbumps are extremely effective, even at low speeds. The road is never in brilliant condition, and the rougher parts are something of a trial given the slick plastic covering on the seat and the complete lack of handholds. ... read more
Midnight boatboy
Lake Bunyonyi

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